Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Decimal Quiz

This week for maths we have been learning how to solve subtraction problems by using the decimal strategy. Today Mrs Anderson maths group played a game called mathopolis quiz. In this game we were to find out the answers to different decimal questions using the columns. 

Click below if you want to try this game out:

Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Sky Tower Visit

Today for inquiry the year 3 - 8  students were lucky enough to visit the Sky Tower. The reason why we visited the Sky Tower was because our inquiry topic was based on structures. There were 2 groups that Mrs Anderson split us into. Mrs Anderson group went up to level 51 to see the deck. It was really exciting because we each got booklets to fill in. Everyone loved jumping on the glass, even though it looked scary. What made it even better was when we got see others sky walk and sky jump. Others said that it looked scary to try it, but once you've tried it more than once you'll get use to it. Then we went down to the safe room. This room was located at level 46. This room was built for different types of emergencies such as: earthquakes, fires, and etc. There was also a orange cupboard that was filled with a first aid kit, lollies, puzzles, and colouring's. Finally we took the elevator to the theatre. In the theatre we watched a 10 minute video about the Sky Tower. The video explained lots of information about different structures, even what happened back in the days. The interesting fact that I learnt was that 6,000 elephants can fit into the Sky Tower. Another interesting fact that I learnt was that it takes 29 minutes for a person to walk down all the levels on a Sky Tower. The Sky Tower can change it's colour every time it's a special day. For example when it's Christmas they change the Sky Tower colour to red and green. If it's Chinese New Year they change it's colour to red and golden.

A huge thank you to Douglas Bates for donating money for our Sky Tower Trip. I also want to say a huge thank you to Mr Dobson for volunteering to help as a parent during our trip. 

Sleep Presentation

Throughout the previous weeks my reading group worked collaboratively together to create a DLO about Sleep. Today my group presented our sleep DLO to everyone.The type of reading we used to create our DLO was reciprocal reading.We also used a strategy called inferring. Inferring means reading between lines and combining clues from a particular text and using our prior knowledge to get an idea. We all used our great researching skills to find interesting information and facts about sleep. At the end we summarised our DLO. I think the I did great, because I spoke clearly to the audience.

Monday, 20 August 2018

Scale Drawing

Last week was a maths week. Last week we did our own types of scale drawings. First everybody searched for a image that was easy for them to draw, then they sent it to Ms Kirkpatrick so that she could print it out. From there we started drawing the grid lines on our printed image. The 1 requirement before drawing our scale drawings was to finish our test images, so that Ms Kirkpatrick could see if our drawing skills were great. We drew our images on a piece of A4 paper, but before doing that we were to rule up our grid lines again. The ratio of the scale drawing was 1:2. The scale factor of our scale drawings is 2. The maths we use in our scale drawings were multiplication and division. The best part about scale drawing for me was getting to use my drawing skills to draw my personal passion. The part that I found hard about drawing my image was trying to draw and colour the flames. Next time I will find a better image that will be easier for me to draw. 

Friday, 17 August 2018

Tech Reflection

Today was my third session at Tamaki College Digi Tech. Our tech teacher today was Mrs Anderson. This week at tech Mrs Anderson tech group were finishing off uncompleted work. Some people were working on their surveys and their design idea decisions.  We spend about 10-20 minutes doing each task. Most of them were starting to do their story animations. Some are drawing their sprites on google slides, but some are just using sprites from scratch. 

Thursday, 16 August 2018

Waterview Tunnel and Gotthard Road Tunnel Comparison

This term for inquiry we have been learning about structures. A structure is a piece of building that includes several parts to make it. This term for inquiry we have been looking at different structures of different tunnels. The 2 main tunnels that we were focusing on was the Waterview tunnel and the Gotthard tunnel. First we watched 2 different videos about both tunnels and then we created a DLO in our groups. In this DLO we were to create a venn diagram comparing the 2 tunnels.

Kiwi Sport - Snag Golf

Image result for snag golf logoImage result for snag golf

Today was our first session of Snag Golf with Miss Morris. In this sport there were 2 partners at each station. Myself and Viva were working together. Today was all about aiming the balls at the number 1 in the middle of the board. The first we did was to roll the ball and try to aim it on the 1 3 times because there were 3 balls. Next we tried bouncing the ball on the hula hoop before it touched the snag board. Finally we used the snag golf sticks to try and hit the ball to the number 1. Myself and Viva managed to get it about 3 or 4 times. The goal of using the goal sticks to hit the number 1 is to be shoulder with the part. 

Kiwi Can

Image result for kiwi can

This week for Kiwi Can was a another session with our Kiwi Can tutors Miss Lily and Mr Matt. This week for Kiwi Can we have been learning about problem solving. Problem solving is our new theme this term. Problem Solving means solving the problem. Our topic this term is still goal settings. Goals settings is when you set challenging goals for yourself to achieve. All the game we played was all about problem solving and working together as a team like communicating and talking. The game we played was called tangled. In this game there were 2 teams competing. The goal of the game was to untangle our hands and collaborate at the same time. The other game we played was called rock, paper, scissors. The point of this game was to see the last man standing. The last game we played was a activity that included Mr Matt and Miss Lily holding the rope. The point of this game was to use our thinking skills to help our class mates get over the rope without touching it or going under it. My teams strategy was to make one person go on their knees while the others climb on that person and jump to the other side. Finally we played a game of GKQ. 

Tuhi Mai Tuhi Atu - Blog Commenting

Today I decided to do more smart commenting to 2 students at Paparoa Range School. A smart comment includes: a formal greeting, question, encouragement, and advice. Today I commented on Jack's camp reflection, but on Tuesday I commented on Caitlyn's holiday with her family. The 2 things I loved about there blog posts were the images they took. 

Click below to access to Jack's and Catilyn's blog:


Today we did another HIIT session with Mrs Anderson and Mr Ogilvie. Today we did our workouts for 12 minutes. We managed to do 4 sets of  push ups and star jumps. We did 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off again. Some people managed to increase there heart rates to the colour red. To make it better again we all got into lines of 5 like we did the other time. The style we used to do our HIIT training was the tabata style. Everyone also managed to get pau te hau - get puffed. Thank you to Mrs Anderson for being a wonderful encouragement to us during our HIIT session, even Mataio, Zane, Tiava, and Lyric for leading us throughout the HIIT session today. Remember that energy given is energy shared.

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

CARE Awards - Confidence - Bullying and Cyber Bullying

As part of my care awards I have finished my last activity for silver attitude and my entire silver booklet. Today I created a task on my own. I created a google draw to share my learning. To complete this DLO I needed to research facts and tips about both cyber bullying and bullying. 

Monday, 13 August 2018

2 Blog Comments

This week for blog commenting, I decided to do more smart commenting to 2 students in my class. I decided to write a smart comment to Jack and Nyjah. I commented on Jack's HIIT blog post and Nyjah's Sleep DLO. A smart comment is a comment that contains a question, encouragement, greeting. 

Friday, 10 August 2018

Read and Learn Facts about Sleep

Past the few week Mrs Anderson reading group has been using our researching skills to find out why sleep is important. We used reciprocal reading for our DLO's. We also used our inference skills in our reading. Before creating this DLO my reading group read different types of sleep that will answer our questions. The most important question to me was trying to find out if our ancestors got more sleep than us. Once we finished reading different sites we gathered our information altogether to make a DLO. 


Today was our second session at Tamaki College Digi Tech. Our instructor today was Ms Anderson. This semester Mrs Anderson tech group was starting to create there animated stories. Today some people were creating surveys for others to fill out. Since I wasn't at tech last week I catched up by completing my 3 designs ideas like: story ideas, sprite ideas, and the backdrop ideas. 

Whare Haoura

Yesterday was a very special day, because Panmure Bridge School was lucky enough to get a Whare Haoura built on our school field. Since the weather forecast was drizzling we decided to do this event in the hall. We listened to people who sponsored our Medicube like: Starship foundation, Starship for children, Barfoot Thompson and more. First we had a prayer (karaki) from Sir Peter Thompson - Head of the Barfoot Thompson. Next our sponsorship's stood up and started sinning a song called Te Aroha. Then Mr Johnston presented a speech welcoming our special guests to join our Medicube event. There were 2 guests who spoke to us about what they do as their career. The best part was when we got to see Sarah Williams open our new Medicube centre.

Thursday, 9 August 2018


Today we did another HIIT session with Mrs Anderson. Today we did our workouts for 20 minutes. We managed to do 4 sets of squats, tap steps, push ups, and star jumps. We did 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off again. Some people managed to increase there heart rates to the colour red. To make it better again we all got into lines of 5. The style we used to do our HIIT training was the tabata style.I liked it how everyone got Pau Te Hau - Get Puffed. Thank you to Mrs Anderson for being a wonderful encouragement to us during our HIIT session. Remember that energy given is energy shared.

Monday, 6 August 2018


Today was HIIT sessions with Mrs Anderson. Today we did our workouts for 12 minutes. We managed to do 4 sets of mountain climbers, tap steps, high knee sprint, and star jumps. We did 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off. Everyone managed to increase there heart rates to the red colour again. To make it better again we all got into lines of 5. The style we used to do our HIIT training was the tabata style. I liked it how everyone was encouraging others to get into the colour red. Everyone also got Pau Te Hau - Get Puffed. Thank you to Mrs Anderson for being an encouragement to us throughout our HIIT session. Remember that energy given is energy shared.

Thursday, 2 August 2018


Today was another session of HIIT with Mrs Anderson. HIIT is a acronym for high intensity interval training. Today  we did HIIT for 15 minutes. We managed to do 4 and 20 seconds of mountain climbers, split squat karate kick, high knee sprint, and star jumps. Everyone managed to increase there heart rates to the red colour. To make it better we got into lines of 5. The kind of style we used to do our HIIT training was the tabata style. Everyone also managed to get Pau Te Hau - Get Puffed. Thank you to Mrs Anderson for cheering us throughout our HIIT session. 

Tuesday, 31 July 2018


Yesterday was another session of HIIT with Mr Ogilvie. HIIT is a acronym for high intensity interval training. Yesterday we did HIIT training for 15 minutes. We managed to do 4 sets of squats, star jumps fast, tap steps, and high knee sprint. Everyone managed to increase there heart rates to the colour. The resting part made some of our heart rates go down to 80% and 70%. To make it better we did our exercises in our 5 lines. To know if we were doing great we kept on looking at our heart rate results. Everyone also managed to keep in time with Mr Ogilvie's speed. I liked it how I saw everyone getting pau te hau ( puffed), because it shows others that they've been working hard.

Friday, 27 July 2018


Today for inquiry we worked on careers. The 2 differences between a career and a job is that a career is something that you work for living like for example: Midwife, Policemen, Nurse, and more. A job is something that you start once you are in secondary school or teenager adult like for example: Countdown, Pak'nsave, New World, and more. To start off everyone completed a careers quest that was full of 87 questions. These questions was needed to be answered either no interest, neutral, fairly interested, and very interested. This quest helped us lead to the right career we might of liked when we leave secondary school. When I finished my career quest my results were 100 careers to choose from. I was more interesting in biology and health questions. I chose to be a Midwife because my mum is a midwife and I know all about what Midwives do in order to take care of the baby and mother. 

Thursday, 26 July 2018


Today was our second session of HIIT. HIIT stands for high intensity interval training. HIIT is when we do training different types of exercises 15 minutes. Today at HIIT we did 3 sets of star jumps, tap step, and high knees. Everyone managed to increase there heart rates to the colour red. When we were doing our exercises everyone managed to get puffed - pau te hau. This week we made it better by getting into 5 lines and doing our exercises altogether at the same time. It sounded better because everyone was encouraging each other. This was one of my best HIIT sessions because the lines we got into made me get more space to do the star jumps and tap steps. I just want to say a huge thank you to Mataio and Tiava for leading all the exercises for us. 

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Who wants to be a Mathionaire? - Maths Multiplication Quiz

This week for maths we have been learning how to use the algorithm grid to solve our addition maths problems. I got 2 attempts and one of them was me being a million. To be a mathionaire you need to get all of your maths questions right. At the begging the question are very simple, but once you start increasing higher it will start to get complicated. There were 4 options to choose from which were: A, B, C, or D. This game helps us improve in our multiplication skills. 

Algorithm Strategy

This week for maths we have been learning how to use a algorithm strategy to figure out 3 digits addition problems. The first box shows you my number story, the other box shows you what I will be teaching you and the last box shows you how I solved the maths problem out. I created this google drawing to show you how to solve a addition problem using the algorithm strategy. We also used the HTO column to help us remember how to use the algorithm strategy. I decided to work out 368 + 446. 

Saturday, 7 July 2018

My Rugby Match

Image result for howick hornet

Today was our 4th to last game until our rugby season ends. Today my team ( Under 13 girls) played against Manurewa Marlins at Leabank park. Half of my team were at Fiji for a netball tournament with my coach, which meant that there were only 8 of us playing on the field. In a actual game for our team there is suppose be 10 players a side playing. Today it turned out to be 8 of us playing this meant that everyone in our team couldn't sub off and on. Everyone in my team managed to play for 80 whole minutes, even though the other team had 10 players on. Our supporters were cheering really loud. On the first half  our team managed to score 4 tries and the other team managed to score 3 tries. Even though we were winning we still needed to work on the defense so that the other team could stop scoring more tries. On the last half our team managed to score 3 more tries. I was lucky enough to get one of the tries in the last half. Our supporters were really happy that we were winning, even though we had less players than the other team. The props were really tired so I decided to go in and do some tackling and big hits. There was only 1 more minute,until our game had ended. My team managed to use that minute really good and scored one more try. As the ref blew the whistle for full time all of our supporters started running onto the field and started hugging us with excitement. Our supporters were really proud of the hard work we did, even though we had 8 players. This match was to see who placed 1st. Finally it came to the awarding part.The point of this part was to award money to the top 3 who done really well in this match. I managed to get player of the day including $20. My parents, team, and manager were really proud of me.

Thursday, 5 July 2018

Stormy Lighthouse Story

Today we did another challenge with Mr Johnston. This challenge was set yesterday but was worked on today. To complete this task we were to go on a website called That Lighthouse Photo and read a story about a huge storm that smashed a lighthouse in the Northwestern coast of France, near Brittany. In my DLO I added a image of the lighthouse, summary about the story, and interesting facts about the story. There was also a video on the website that I watched. I was really surprised that no one got injured and the lighthouse wasn't smashed down. 

Pro's and Con's


Today we did another collaborative challenge in our lighthouse groups. The challenge was to note down the positive and negatives of you living in a lighthouse in the sea. Each person from each group presented there notes to the whole class as Mr Johnston wrote them down on the board. One of the con things that my group discussed together was that if you were living in a lighthouse on a ocean and you ran out of toilet paper what would happen. One of the pro things that my group discussed together was everyday being a holiday because there was no school, work, or meetings. Above shows you the DLO that my group created together about the Pros and Cons of living in a lighthouse. 

Chicago Sports Teams

This week Mrs Anderson arrived from her trip and it sounded like fun. Since she went to Chicago we were to create a DLO about the main Chicago sport teams. The main teams we were creating a DLO about were: Chicago Bulls ( Basketball), Chicago Cubs ( Baseball), Chicago Bears ( American Football), Chicago Blackhawks ( Ice Hokey), and White Sox ( Baseball). The DLO we have created includes 3 interesting facts, uniform kit, home ground, and a logo of there sport team. 

ASB Getwise

Today we were lucky enough to get a visit from Jayden ( ASB Getwise Worker) who teached us different types of information about how to save our money. First we tried a test with our hands. This test was to see if we were good with our money or bad with our money. Some people got different answers to the test. At the end we all told Jayden if the test was either false or true. We found out that the test was false because how can we know that we are good or bad with our money. To end this visit with fun we played a activity. In this activity we were not allowed to go over the budget price. Budget means the money that is available for us to use. We were all in groups to make this activity work. Our budget was 18,00 and we included: passport, flights, accommodation, insurance, food, shopping, and activities. The main thing of this game was to teach us about our budget plan that will help us save up for something big like a play station 4. Our group managed to choose some good choices but at the end our group was out because we did not buy our insurance which made us loose all of our cash. 

Lighthouse for Sale Advertisement

This week in LS2 we have been learning different types of history about lighthouses in New Zealand. Last week we have been creating advertisements about lighthouse for sale. To complete this DLO I had to go online and find a lighthouse that was for sale. The lighthouse I chose to advertise about was Burnham High Lighthouse in the United Kingdom. In my advertisement I included a image of the lighthouse. I found this lighthouse on a website that was full of lighthouses that were for sale in the United Kingdom. I decided to choose this lighthouse because I loved the layout the inside of it and, even the furniture that was provided. 

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Matariki Ceremony

Today Panmure Bridge School decided to come altogether and do a Matariki ceremony. We celebrated this Matariki ceremony by sharing items, performances, and food. First we sang a waiata with The first performance was from the senior kapa haka. They performed 4 items and one of them were with the wooden sticks. The next performance were the drummers. The drummers did a wonderful work even though they only started practising it today. After that the junior kapa haka group performed 2 items. One of there performances were about the Matariki sisters. Next we had another performance from the ukulele group. They played the song called lean on me. They did really well even though it was only 3 of them performing. The last performance was from the Pacifica group. The girls looked really good in there lava lava's. They were learning how to do the swing side to side. At the end of all the performances Whae Odie prayed. To finish the celebration everyone received 2 sausages each. Did you know that the main thing about this ceremony is to hope that the Gods will give us great hope for the next harvest season. I just want to say a huge thank you to Whae Odie for bringing us together to this wonderful Matariki celebration. 


LI: To understand the meaning of Matariki.
Today my group worked collaboratively to create a google presentation about the understanding we have of Matariki. We communicated and shared ideas while doing our work. First we watched a video about Matariki and then we were to set a 3 minute timer and note as many facts as we could about Matariki in 3 minutes. My group managed to write 6 interesting facts about Matariki. We all used our smart searching skills to find interesting information about Matariki. Using our smart researching skills helped us a lot. 

Tuesday, 3 July 2018


On Monday we had another HIIT session with Mr Ogilvie. HIIT stands for high intensity interval training. HIIT helps us improve in our exercise skills. HIIT is when we do different types of workouts for 15 minutes. Everyone got 30 seconds of exercise and 10 seconds of rest. This week we changed our rotation. This rotation was all about our speed. This week our new rotation were mountain climbers, high knees, fast star jumps, and split squat kick. This time we managed to do 4 sets. Everyone managed to try hard and make there heart rate pump to the color red. 

Maths Kahoot

Today for maths everyone decided to create a different kahoots game for everyone. Kahoot is a video game that can be played with lots of people. You need to create a kahoot with questions so that others can answer them. You invite them by giving them the number code for your game. Today each group created kahoots collaboratively based on different type of maths questions. Today everyone got to try other peoples kahoots that they created. At the end of the game there is a leader board showing the people who placed either 1st, 2nd, or 3rd. Today Mrs Anderson decided to make it more better by keeping track of the group that got most ticks for each kahoot game that we played. The group that gets the most ticks gets to have digital development time. 

Thursday, 28 June 2018

M&M Question Slide

Last week Mr Johnston was our teacher, since Mrs Anderson and Ms Kirkpatrick was at a teacher conference in America. Mr Johnston created tasks that helped us work collaboratively in our groups that we were put in. Today for maths I worked collaboratively with Jack, Fraidon, Junior, and Jay- Don. The task was to create a presentation including our personal thoughts about M&M's, 2 different graphs, history of M&M's, interesting facts about M&M's, and our answer to the mars company statement. The point of the personal thoughts part was to tell others the most common colour we thought would be the best and the amount of M&M's that will be inside a M&M packet. The person who got the closest answer to the correct answer was Junior. In total there were 55 M&M's in the packet, but Junior thoguh that there would be 50 in the packet. The fun part about this was when we got a chance to eat the M&M's. Everyone in my group got 11 M&M's each. I preferred blue as my colour because for me it's such an appealing colour to my eye when I look at it.  Yesterday some groups started presenting there DLO's to the class. Today my group presented our collaborative DLO to the whole class. Did you know that 2 billion M&M's are produced every 8 hours. Did you also notice that peanut M&M's came out in 1954. 

The Inchacape Rock

This week our teacher was Mr Johnston, since Mrs Anderson and Ms Kirkpartrick went of to Chicago for a teacher conference. This week for reading Mr Johnston created tasks that will help us work collaboratively in groups of 5. We learnt all about what a ballad poem is and what is included in a ballad poem. A ballad poem is a poem that tells a long story. To complete this task I created a google draw showing the verse that I chose to write about from the ballad poem. Everyone were to read out there verses one at a time in front of the class. To make my google draw better I decided to add a image and the meaning of the verse and words. 

Tuesday, 26 June 2018


Image result for m&ms

Today for reading we have been completing challenges that hep us work collaboratively in groups. Today for our reading task we have been learning information about M&M'S. Collaboratively means talking and communicating with others so that they understand that you have ideas to share to our challenges. Today for our M&M tasks we worked in a group to find out a lot of information about M&M's like who invented M&M'S. 2 facts that I found interesting was that peanut M&M's were invented in 1954 and over 400 million M&M's are made every day.