Thursday, 18 May 2017

Character Desription

LI: To write a character description,To investigate figurative language. I learnt that in my character description I had to use the figurative language - understatement,hyperbole,simile,metaphor,personification.I learnt this by looking at one of Mr Ogilvie's examples and trying to get information from it. 


LI: To pose questions of a shared text,To identify questions.
I learnt that predicting is when you try to look at the pictures and try to get an idea of what the book is going to be about. I learnt this by making a poster and noting down some information about predicting, also taking photos of others reading.

Garbage Dreams

LI:To produce the right wast of where it is suppose to be. I learnt that in Cairo they recycle over 80% of garbage they produce every time. I learnt this by going on a website and reading the introduction for the game. In the game you had to put the correct rubbish in the right bins such as you can see Landfill,Paper, and Organics.

Friday, 12 May 2017

Waste sorting

To learn about the amount of waste we use to produce.
I learnt that the amount of waste we produce everyday can be recycled and also can be gone to the landfills. Such as milk cartons we use at school we can also recycle it. Solid types include chipie packets magazines also such more foil wrap.
I learnt this by doing a waste activity and comparing all the rubbish to the right corners. At the far end on the left was the recycle group, at the far end on the right corner was the organic group and at the front of the stage was the 2 solid groups. There were a lot of rubbish in the middle so each group had to take the right rubbish to the right group.

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Measurement Recording

LI: To measure lengths using non-standard measurements. I learnt that 3 ways of measuring is using the length,depth,and the height. I learnt this by making a ruler out of paper and using the ruler to measure a object by measuring the length,depth,and height. 
Measured objectDimensionSizeMeasuring unit
White TableHeight12+3D Cube
Red ChairWidth83D Cube
Timetable- Information StationHeight123D Cube
AbacusDepth73D Cube
Netbook lock up posterheight5+3D Retangle

What is waste?

LI: To identify what is waste,kind of waste, and the sources of waste. I learnt that Hazardous waste is really dangerous for us people. I learnt this by reading a really helpful website and writing information about the kinds of waste until I found one of the dangerous wastes is hazardous

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Story Web

LI: To inference information using QAR strategy.
I had to write the TOPES by writing about the Goggles book in order. I learnt this by using the title,orientation,events,resolution,and the ending using.