Friday, 24 November 2017

Athletics Day

Today Panmure Bridge School had their Athletics day. Athletics is when you play games sports, and more. There was teams- Colour red,green,yellow, and blue. Everybody had to wear clothes that was suitable for running,jumping, and throwing. Each year grade group had a teacher to go with and do one station at a time. The first station that we went to was the egg and spoon race. In this game we had to get into our colour teams. The person at the front needs to have a spoon and a egg. The egg needs to be placed on top of the spoon. When the instructor says go the person at the front needs to zig zag around the cones, walk over a long stick, and then stand on the pad using 1 leg for 10 seconds. Whoever dropped it had to wait for 5 seconds. There was 9 stations to go through. My favourite station was the sponge race. The most think I liked about this was rolling and getting wet. Each team won a session. I would love to give a big thank you to the Tamaki College helpers for helping us out on these events. At the end of this my team-green and team blue had a tie which means both teams won. After lunch it was the finals for sprints. I felt like I was going to finish last because my leg but at the end I came first.

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Kiwi Sport

LI: To practise different skills through badminton.
This week for Badminton we learnt a different skill with Kevin. The first thing we did was play a warm up game. This warm up game was called everybody it. In this game everybody was in running around, if you tag at the same time you need to do rock,paper,scissors, the person that is out sits down. If the person that tags you got out you can stand back up. We did the same thing as last week but actually using backhand serve. One person had to serve and the other one had to catch. After doing that we did 5 serve rally each. The last game we played was a competition. It was the same game as last week. This game was called doubles in's and outs. Each partners had to verse each other. First one to get 2 points win, and the other team goes to another station while the the winners verse new partners. Winners get to serve. 

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Free Rice

Today for other I decided to play free rice. In this game I donated 80 grains of rice. I had to match the similar words to the word that I had to find out. 

Flying High Racing Subtraction

Today for can do I played a flying racing subtraction game. In this game I was flying. I had to write in the correct answers and If I get it correct I will move forward.

Blog Commenting

Today for blog commenting I commented on Jack's Fire Visit blog post. As you can see that i did s smart comment to him. Go ahead and check his posts out.

Kiwi Can

Today for Kiwi Can our theme is Respect. First Ms Latoya put us into 4 groups and then she told us to recap what we learnt back from last week. The first game we played was stinky sock. In this game Ms Latoya put 4 hula hoops around the classroom. Ms Latoya had to clap and make a beat, then she had to say a number. When she says the number we need to put the amount of feets in the hoop. The next game we played was a bean bag game. In this game there was attackers and runners. This game was just like a netball game. The attackers had to pass it to their team mates and try and tag us while we were running. The last thing we did was General Knowledge Questions.

Survey Test

LI: to compare and contrast a probability test with a statistical survey. This week for maths we learnt all about Statistics and also the survey test. For this task we had to create a DLO and talk about the survey test we did. The whole class had to use their maths books first to go all around the class and ask them to pick a number from 1/12, or 1/20. My survey questions was pick a number between 1/12.