Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Sky Tower Visit

Today for inquiry the year 3 - 8  students were lucky enough to visit the Sky Tower. The reason why we visited the Sky Tower was because our inquiry topic was based on structures. There were 2 groups that Mrs Anderson split us into. Mrs Anderson group went up to level 51 to see the deck. It was really exciting because we each got booklets to fill in. Everyone loved jumping on the glass, even though it looked scary. What made it even better was when we got see others sky walk and sky jump. Others said that it looked scary to try it, but once you've tried it more than once you'll get use to it. Then we went down to the safe room. This room was located at level 46. This room was built for different types of emergencies such as: earthquakes, fires, and etc. There was also a orange cupboard that was filled with a first aid kit, lollies, puzzles, and colouring's. Finally we took the elevator to the theatre. In the theatre we watched a 10 minute video about the Sky Tower. The video explained lots of information about different structures, even what happened back in the days. The interesting fact that I learnt was that 6,000 elephants can fit into the Sky Tower. Another interesting fact that I learnt was that it takes 29 minutes for a person to walk down all the levels on a Sky Tower. The Sky Tower can change it's colour every time it's a special day. For example when it's Christmas they change the Sky Tower colour to red and green. If it's Chinese New Year they change it's colour to red and golden.

A huge thank you to Douglas Bates for donating money for our Sky Tower Trip. I also want to say a huge thank you to Mr Dobson for volunteering to help as a parent during our trip. 

Sleep Presentation

Throughout the previous weeks my reading group worked collaboratively together to create a DLO about Sleep. Today my group presented our sleep DLO to everyone.The type of reading we used to create our DLO was reciprocal reading.We also used a strategy called inferring. Inferring means reading between lines and combining clues from a particular text and using our prior knowledge to get an idea. We all used our great researching skills to find interesting information and facts about sleep. At the end we summarised our DLO. I think the I did great, because I spoke clearly to the audience.

Monday, 20 August 2018

Scale Drawing

Last week was a maths week. Last week we did our own types of scale drawings. First everybody searched for a image that was easy for them to draw, then they sent it to Ms Kirkpatrick so that she could print it out. From there we started drawing the grid lines on our printed image. The 1 requirement before drawing our scale drawings was to finish our test images, so that Ms Kirkpatrick could see if our drawing skills were great. We drew our images on a piece of A4 paper, but before doing that we were to rule up our grid lines again. The ratio of the scale drawing was 1:2. The scale factor of our scale drawings is 2. The maths we use in our scale drawings were multiplication and division. The best part about scale drawing for me was getting to use my drawing skills to draw my personal passion. The part that I found hard about drawing my image was trying to draw and colour the flames. Next time I will find a better image that will be easier for me to draw. 

Friday, 17 August 2018

Tech Reflection

Today was my third session at Tamaki College Digi Tech. Our tech teacher today was Mrs Anderson. This week at tech Mrs Anderson tech group were finishing off uncompleted work. Some people were working on their surveys and their design idea decisions.  We spend about 10-20 minutes doing each task. Most of them were starting to do their story animations. Some are drawing their sprites on google slides, but some are just using sprites from scratch. 

Thursday, 16 August 2018

Waterview Tunnel and Gotthard Road Tunnel Comparison

This term for inquiry we have been learning about structures. A structure is a piece of building that includes several parts to make it. This term for inquiry we have been looking at different structures of different tunnels. The 2 main tunnels that we were focusing on was the Waterview tunnel and the Gotthard tunnel. First we watched 2 different videos about both tunnels and then we created a DLO in our groups. In this DLO we were to create a venn diagram comparing the 2 tunnels.

Kiwi Sport - Snag Golf

Image result for snag golf logoImage result for snag golf

Today was our first session of Snag Golf with Miss Morris. In this sport there were 2 partners at each station. Myself and Viva were working together. Today was all about aiming the balls at the number 1 in the middle of the board. The first we did was to roll the ball and try to aim it on the 1 3 times because there were 3 balls. Next we tried bouncing the ball on the hula hoop before it touched the snag board. Finally we used the snag golf sticks to try and hit the ball to the number 1. Myself and Viva managed to get it about 3 or 4 times. The goal of using the goal sticks to hit the number 1 is to be shoulder with the part. 

Kiwi Can

Image result for kiwi can

This week for Kiwi Can was a another session with our Kiwi Can tutors Miss Lily and Mr Matt. This week for Kiwi Can we have been learning about problem solving. Problem solving is our new theme this term. Problem Solving means solving the problem. Our topic this term is still goal settings. Goals settings is when you set challenging goals for yourself to achieve. All the game we played was all about problem solving and working together as a team like communicating and talking. The game we played was called tangled. In this game there were 2 teams competing. The goal of the game was to untangle our hands and collaborate at the same time. The other game we played was called rock, paper, scissors. The point of this game was to see the last man standing. The last game we played was a activity that included Mr Matt and Miss Lily holding the rope. The point of this game was to use our thinking skills to help our class mates get over the rope without touching it or going under it. My teams strategy was to make one person go on their knees while the others climb on that person and jump to the other side. Finally we played a game of GKQ.