Friday, 19 October 2018

Niue Language Week

This week is Niue language week. This meant that at our school we were to speak Niue in assembly. Today we were to create google slides based on information about Niue. Today myself and Marieta created a google presentation based on information and facts about Niue. In our google slides we contained information about the Niue colours, animals, fruit, phrases, numbers, and their national anthem. At the end of our google slides we decided to create a screencastify to show you how to pronounce each word. 

Basic Facts Boxes

This week for maths we completed a maths challenge that was set by Mr Wong. Last week we completed the addition up to 100, but this week I completed the subtraction up to 100. I managed to get everything correct. 

Kiwi Can

Image result for Kiwi Can

Today for Kiwi Can was our first session of Term 4. Our teachers were Ms Paige, Mr Latu, and Mr Matt. The point of going to Kiwi Can is to learn about key values that will help us develop new skills in learning. Not only do we show these key values at school, but we show it everywhere we go. Our new theme for this term is called respect. Respect means showing appreciation to both your teachers and leaders. This means that we need to treat our teachers and leaders the way we want to be treated. I will use respect whenever someone's talking to me. I will also use it wherever I go. For one of our activities we played a debate. A debate is when a group of people argues over a topical issue. The debates that we were given to argue over were about having school rules or no school rules, and being able to bring fizzy drinks to school or not being able to bring fizzy drinks to school. The point of this game was to stand up for our own rights and speak up. I think that we should have school rules at school, because it shows other schools that we can follow the rules that we are given to follow.

Tinkercad Design

Today for tech was our first session of term 4. Today our tech teacher was Ms Ferguson. Before going on Tinkercad we were to plan our design on a piece of paper. The designs that we chose were either from thingiverse or drive.  At the moment I am not finished, but I have imported my character so far.   On tinkercad we also used different types of shapes, files, and holes.

Thursday, 18 October 2018

That was Winter Illustration

This week for writing we have been learning about language devices in poetic writing. Before drawing our illustration we were to read a poem about summer and highlight the interesting vocabulary and the verbs. After doing that we were to create a poem about winter or spring. My poem was based on winter. Everybody's poem was to include the 5 senses. At the end of this we were to illustrate one of our stanzas. I decided to illustrate my last stanza. It was did you remember that time when the wind blew past your face and you made a cringey look. 

New Zealand Shakeout

Today myself, Marieta, and Chavda collaborated together to find out information about the New Zealand Shakeout day. We worked together and we were able to  find facts about the New Zealand Earthquake, information about the NZ National Shakeout Day, facts about the Hawkes Bay earthquake, the 5 w's and 1 h, information about the shakeout day, and a image of how to prepare when a earthquake happens. Today our school participated in the Shakeout day drill. This was a great thing, because not only did we learn how to drop, cover, and hold, but we were able to know when to get prepared. Remember to always be prepared when an earthquake happens. Always remember Drop, Cover, and Hold. 

Friday, 28 September 2018


Today for Graphics we used Tinkercad to create our own characters. We were to choose one of the teachers or students in our class to create. I decided to create Ms Ferguson ( Tech teacher). Today I only had time to draw Ms Ferguson's legs, shoes, pants, head, and her shirt. To create these characters we were to use workplace, holes, and grouping.