Thursday, 21 September 2017

Can Do

Today for a can do I played a knowledge game called free rice. In free rice you can try out nay kind of subject. I decided to chose grammar. As you can see that I've donated 130 grains of rice to poor. I got everything correct except for 3. Here is the link of you wan't to have a go at it.

Smart Comment

Today for blog commenting I decided to comment on Mojtaba's reading. As you can see that I've written a smart comment to Mojtaba.  


LI: To learn how to throw a shot pot. This week for kiwi sport was our last day of Run/Jump/Throw. For kiwi sport I learnt techniques for throwing a shotpot. I also learnt that it includes dirty fingers, dirty neck, clean palm, and elbow up. One of the favourite things I enjoyed was watching my ball go further then I tried the other time. Seoncdavle you will need have you're chin, knee, toe all in a row after that you have go low then high and watch it fly.

Kiwi Can

This week for Kiwi Can we had new Kiwi Can leaders. There names were Mrs Piho and Mr Latu. This week for Kiwi can our big focus was called Re silence. Re silence mean trying your best and never giving up. This Wednesday we played games that would be challenging for people. Our first game we played was milimili. In the game Mr Latu had to be in the middle and when he points at someone saying the word we have to do the actions and make the sound. One of the sounds was rah h for Tiger. The next thing we did was talking all about challenging and also giving examples of you doing it. Eventually we played a hula hoop game. We had to challenge our other class LS1 A. In the game we had to do it individual but working together as a whole team. Each cone represented different type of point. 1st cone was 10 points, 2nd cone was 20 points, and the last cone was 50 points. Mr Ogilivie was the only one to get 50 points but the rest of us got only 20 and 10. I got 10 points because it was easier for me to throw. If the hula hoop rebounds and goes over the cone is still counts. Finally we play General Knowledge Questions for short we called it GKQ. Alex was in the middle that meant that he was the master and he goes around challenging others for questions. If the master got beaten by the person then that person that bate the master is the new master.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Reading Jigsaw

LI: To find and compare similarities and differences between suffragettes around the world.This week for reading I decided to do 2 activities a week. I did a activity called the Jigsaw. For this activity I had to research any suffragette from any country and write down everything for each column. I learnt by giving information about different suffragettes from different country's and I learnt this by using my researching skill and also reading some interesting information about the suffrage movement. The most website that helped me was Wikipedia.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Party Vote Jigsaw

LI: To understand what elections are.This week for inquiry our topic is still between relationships but a bit more exploring. This week our learning is called Elections. Elections is a day for 18+ people to vote for new party leader. I have learnt a lot of things about the electorate and also the leaders for each party votes. I learnt this by watching videos and using some of my researching skills. I also learnt this by attributing the images to help the readers understand where I got the image from instead of just grabbing it. 

Monday, 18 September 2017


LI: To make connections,identify main ideas, summarise, evaluate, and synthesise fact through learning conversations. This week for reading was a group challenge which means to work together as a group. For this activity my group had to first read 2 articles about the suffrage movement and then find 20 important words about the suffrage from the articles we read. After that we had to get together as a group to tell each other the 6 most important words about woman's having the right to vote over the pass few years. Finally we had to use those 6 important words to sum up big 3 sentence using all the important 6 words.