Saturday, 7 July 2018

My Rugby Match

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Today was our 4th to last game until our rugby season ends. Today my team ( Under 13 girls) played against Manurewa Marlins at Leabank park. Half of my team were at Fiji for a netball tournament with my coach, which meant that there were only 8 of us playing on the field. In a actual game for our team there is suppose be 10 players a side playing. Today it turned out to be 8 of us playing this meant that everyone in our team couldn't sub off and on. Everyone in my team managed to play for 80 whole minutes, even though the other team had 10 players on. Our supporters were cheering really loud. On the first half  our team managed to score 4 tries and the other team managed to score 3 tries. Even though we were winning we still needed to work on the defense so that the other team could stop scoring more tries. On the last half our team managed to score 3 more tries. I was lucky enough to get one of the tries in the last half. Our supporters were really happy that we were winning, even though we had less players than the other team. The props were really tired so I decided to go in and do some tackling and big hits. There was only 1 more minute,until our game had ended. My team managed to use that minute really good and scored one more try. As the ref blew the whistle for full time all of our supporters started running onto the field and started hugging us with excitement. Our supporters were really proud of the hard work we did, even though we had 8 players. This match was to see who placed 1st. Finally it came to the awarding part.The point of this part was to award money to the top 3 who done really well in this match. I managed to get player of the day including $20. My parents, team, and manager were really proud of me.

Thursday, 5 July 2018

Stormy Lighthouse Story

Today we did another challenge with Mr Johnston. This challenge was set yesterday but was worked on today. To complete this task we were to go on a website called That Lighthouse Photo and read a story about a huge storm that smashed a lighthouse in the Northwestern coast of France, near Brittany. In my DLO I added a image of the lighthouse, summary about the story, and interesting facts about the story. There was also a video on the website that I watched. I was really surprised that no one got injured and the lighthouse wasn't smashed down. 

Pro's and Con's


Today we did another collaborative challenge in our lighthouse groups. The challenge was to note down the positive and negatives of you living in a lighthouse in the sea. Each person from each group presented there notes to the whole class as Mr Johnston wrote them down on the board. One of the con things that my group discussed together was that if you were living in a lighthouse on a ocean and you ran out of toilet paper what would happen. One of the pro things that my group discussed together was everyday being a holiday because there was no school, work, or meetings. Above shows you the DLO that my group created together about the Pros and Cons of living in a lighthouse. 

Chicago Sports Teams

This week Mrs Anderson arrived from her trip and it sounded like fun. Since she went to Chicago we were to create a DLO about the main Chicago sport teams. The main teams we were creating a DLO about were: Chicago Bulls ( Basketball), Chicago Cubs ( Baseball), Chicago Bears ( American Football), Chicago Blackhawks ( Ice Hokey), and White Sox ( Baseball). The DLO we have created includes 3 interesting facts, uniform kit, home ground, and a logo of there sport team. 

ASB Getwise

Today we were lucky enough to get a visit from Jayden ( ASB Getwise Worker) who teached us different types of information about how to save our money. First we tried a test with our hands. This test was to see if we were good with our money or bad with our money. Some people got different answers to the test. At the end we all told Jayden if the test was either false or true. We found out that the test was false because how can we know that we are good or bad with our money. To end this visit with fun we played a activity. In this activity we were not allowed to go over the budget price. Budget means the money that is available for us to use. We were all in groups to make this activity work. Our budget was 18,00 and we included: passport, flights, accommodation, insurance, food, shopping, and activities. The main thing of this game was to teach us about our budget plan that will help us save up for something big like a play station 4. Our group managed to choose some good choices but at the end our group was out because we did not buy our insurance which made us loose all of our cash. 

Lighthouse for Sale Advertisement

This week in LS2 we have been learning different types of history about lighthouses in New Zealand. Last week we have been creating advertisements about lighthouse for sale. To complete this DLO I had to go online and find a lighthouse that was for sale. The lighthouse I chose to advertise about was Burnham High Lighthouse in the United Kingdom. In my advertisement I included a image of the lighthouse. I found this lighthouse on a website that was full of lighthouses that were for sale in the United Kingdom. I decided to choose this lighthouse because I loved the layout the inside of it and, even the furniture that was provided. 

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Matariki Ceremony

Today Panmure Bridge School decided to come altogether and do a Matariki ceremony. We celebrated this Matariki ceremony by sharing items, performances, and food. First we sang a waiata with The first performance was from the senior kapa haka. They performed 4 items and one of them were with the wooden sticks. The next performance were the drummers. The drummers did a wonderful work even though they only started practising it today. After that the junior kapa haka group performed 2 items. One of there performances were about the Matariki sisters. Next we had another performance from the ukulele group. They played the song called lean on me. They did really well even though it was only 3 of them performing. The last performance was from the Pacifica group. The girls looked really good in there lava lava's. They were learning how to do the swing side to side. At the end of all the performances Whae Odie prayed. To finish the celebration everyone received 2 sausages each. Did you know that the main thing about this ceremony is to hope that the Gods will give us great hope for the next harvest season. I just want to say a huge thank you to Whae Odie for bringing us together to this wonderful Matariki celebration.