Monday, 26 February 2018

Winter Olympic Comparison

Today for Inquiry Jonathan,Christopher, and myself created a Winter Olympic Comparison. In this Comparison we all worked together to write down some information about the values in Panmrue Bridge School and the Winter Olympics. 
 After doing that we had to look back to both of the circles and see if any of them had similarities. I created this Venn diagram by using google drawings. 

Blog Analysis


Today I created a Blog Analysis showing others how to create their own blog post record. First I created a google spreadsheet. In the spreadsheet I added the data from my blog (this was the total number of blog posts we have done each year). I have been blogging for 4 years since 2015. In 2015 I got 230 posts, 2016 I got 265 post, 2017 I got 286 posts, and in 2018 I have only got 71 posts at the moment. Altogether I have published 852 blog posts. My goal is to be the first person to get the Panmure Bridge School 1000 Club badge.

Friday, 23 February 2018

Silver Respect Badge

Today at assembly, I got my Respect badge. To get this badge I had to complete 5 tasks and then get it signed by a school leader,teacher and our principal.  Once I finished getting it signed off I booked a appointment with Mr Johnston telling him about what I did and what I learnt. Today at assembly I received my Silver respect badge. 

Here are the links to the tasks I completed for this badge on my blog:

Thursday, 22 February 2018


Today for Softball was our first session. Our instructors name was called Alison. Today for Softball I learnt how to throw a ball using the L shape and the monkadileabb. My partner was Miki. First we started of with throwing and catching the ball. The person who was throwing had to have their writing hand at the back, Their left leg back with their right leg in the front. The person that was going to catch had their hands ready like a butterfly.Once we finished practising we went further back. The last partners to be standing wins. We the same thing but with the monkadileabb. It means acting like a monkey and when the ball come you have to walk side to side like a crab.Once you catch it you act like a crocodile trying to bite something. 

Panmure Bridge School Whakatauki

Today LS2 learnt about their School Whakatauki. In this task others learnt that they had a Whakatauki in our school. This created google drawing shows you the Panmure Bridge School Whakatauki and what it means. The white is what each Whakatauki means in English. 

Kiwi Can

Today for Kiwi Can was our 2nd session. Our Kiwi Can teachers today was Mr Matt,Ms Lily, and Mr Latu. Our topic we are learning this term is Fairness and Fair play. Our theme this term is positive relationships.Today I learnt how to follow rules. I know that we should follow the rules because it will just make others think that we aren't playing fair even if were cheating. For example if I was playing tag and I pushed my friend Marieta it wouldn't be fair because my friend will feel sad so that's why we should listen and follow the rules.Today in Kiwi can we played 2 games. The first game we played was a action game. In this game Mr Latu had to point at us and say a word. If we do the right action were in but if we do the wrong action were out. For example if Mr Latu said Buffalo we have to shout it out and do the action. The next game we played was a game with 2 balls. In this game everybody had to make a circle and spread their legs to touch the others as if they were trying to do the splits. The person with the ball had to try and aim it between a persons legs. The last game we played was part of power walking. Everyone was in a circle. Ms Lily numbered us off. Once she calls a number group that group has to run around the circle, go back to their spots and then jump into the hula hoop. Last person in the hula hoop sits back down in their spots. 

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Place Value Subtraction

This week for maths we learnt how to use a Place Value Strategy. For this task I created a digital learning object showing a number problem I wrote and the thinking I used. In this created slide I wrote down a number problem, and then I made a video showing you how to work it out. Today I learnt how to use a Place Value Strategy to solve a 3 digit number by doing subtraction.