Friday, 22 February 2019

Tech with Mr Naicker

Today was another session of Tech at Tamaki College. Our tech teacher is Mr Naicker. This term Year 8 B is doing metal working, by completing a cake server or a pizza cutter. I decided to make a cake server. Today some students were gluing their projects together, while others were filing theirs to make it smooth. We started off by creating the handles of either our pizza cutter/cake server. The handle is suppose to be smooth and soft. We filed the sides of the handle and the top of the handle. The year 7's are with Mr Grundy doing wood work, while the year 8 A is creating clocks with Ms Ferguson.

Thursday, 21 February 2019

Kiwisport - Ki O Rahi

Today we completed another session of Kiwi sport. Our Kiwi sport for the next few weeks is Ki O Rahi. Ki o Rahi is a game that was retelled in the words of the Legend of Rahi story. Our coach was Shanice. Today was all about being fair and honesty. There were 2 teams for the game that we played today. Before playing Shanice explained to us about the parts in this game in Te Reo Maori. We were to run to the right place. This included active listening. After doing this we carried on with the session, by getting into 2 teams. These 2 teams were called the Taniwha and Kiamo. Taniwha's job was to run with the ball and touch all poles. We were not allowed to enter the ice bridge. The guards were the only ones that could enter this bridge. This game was similar to golden child, but the Kiamo's job was to try and hit the ball onto the Tapu while the 2 guards were trying to block them from getting it.

Kiwi Can

This week we completed another session of Kiwi Can. Our tutors were Mr Alipati and Miss Paige. Our theme for this term is positive communication and our topic is positive relationships. Positive relationships means a connection between 2 people. Positive communication means a group of people sharing their ideas and opinions. Most of the challenges that we played included active listening. Active listening is when people is always listening at the right time. One of the challenges that we played was Chop Suey. We were to follow the 5 commandments. They were 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. We can show positive communication, relationship, and active listening wherever we go. The catchphrase was " Talk to me, so you can see me, someone with positivity.

Monday, 18 February 2019

Tech with Mr Naicker

LS2 has started their first sessions with their new tech teachers. Our first session was great, as we got into our new groups for tech. It was very new to me, because the year 8's were given 2 groups, which meant that there was year 8 a and b. The year 8 A is with Ms Ferguson and the year 8 B is with Mr Naicker. I am with Mr Naicker, which means that I get to do metal working. For our first session we completed the context of creating a cake server/pizza cutter. We were to say who we'd make it for and why. 

Friday, 15 February 2019

Summer Learning Journey Assembly

Today's assembly was a special assembly, because we were lucky enough to receive a visit from Sophie and Hazel from the Summer Learning Journey team. The Summer Learning Journey is a program that students are able to use during the holidays. This program includes a lot of activities about the whole world. Sophie and Hazel came along to present the prize winners and participants of the Summer Learning Journey. The statistics were amazing. Panmure Bridge School completed 1275 blog posts altogether and 2376 comments. We also received a special visit from Evelyn ( NZ Sailing Trust). Since Alex placed 1st and I placed 2nd we received a free voucher to the NZ Sailing Trust. Alex places 1st, I placed 2nd, and Victoria placed 3rd. The spot prize winners were Marieta, Florence, Chavda, and Sakina. The prize's were outstanding. Most of us received a bag with treats, colouring books, and more, which was great. One of the prizes was for the most participants class, which was awarded to Learning Space 1. This class received a bean bag. As a school we received a Pohutukawa tree to plant. Congratulations to Alex who was awarded a prize for the top blogger in the cluster and the school, even out of the whole world. A huge thank you to Hazel and Sophie for presenting these prizes and certificates to us.

Thursday, 14 February 2019

Kiwisport - Ki o Rahi

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This week LS2 enjoyed their first session of Ki o Rahi. We were lucky enough to have a coach teach us about Ki o Rahi. Her name is Shanesse. To understand more about Ki o Rahi we watched a video that explained the legend of Ki o Rahi. This legend explained how Rahi tried to get to the other side of the forest, suddenly Te Puhuru had cast a spell, which made the trees rise. This meant that Rahi couldn't get over. Te Puhuru kidnapped Rahi's wife called Te Ara. For the first week we just played a few games, as we start playing Ki o Rahi next week. He decided to make a huge kite that helped him get to the other side of the forsest. 

Kiwi Can

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This week LS2 had their first Kiwi Can session. Our kiwi can tutors are Mr Alabati and Ms Paige. So far we have been learning about Positive Relationships and Positive communication. As a class we came up with different ideas of what these 2 values meant. Positive relationship to me means someone who shows dignity to another person. Positive communication means a group of people that works collaboratively to share their ideas/opinions. We can shows these 2 values in school and out of school all the time. We also show these key values whenever we're in the playground or when we're playing sports. For the last part of Kiwi Can we evaluated ourselves, by going outside and playing a few games, so that everyone could participate.