Thursday, 27 July 2017

Blog Comment

This week for other I decided to do blog commenting. I blog commented on Peter's and Joel's blogs. I decided to comment on each gender. I used the instructions to a smart comment. In a smart comment you need to include a greeting,connection,questions, and a encouragement.

T Chart + Activities.

LI:Identify actions and factors that can prevent a team from working co-cooperatively.
This week for inquiry I am in Mr Ogilivies inquiry groups. Our focus is all about Relationships/Teamwork. For this task I had to get in groups of 3-4. We had to watch 2 videos and try to think about what makes a team fail and what makes a team effective. We had to make a T Chart listing 10 things on each side. After we had listed our 20 things we got to share it to the whole of Mr Ogilivies inquiry group. We then got to put them order. For example if it was what would make our team fail we had to put it in order starting from really bad decisions. If it was what can make our team success we had to put in order starting from really great.

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Dimensional Shapes

LI: To learn about three dimensional shapes,names and their proprieties. This week we have been learning about three dimensional shapes. For this activity Mr Wong's maths groups had to take photos of a 3D shape and then explain the meaning of the shape and also the name of the shape. For the names of the shapes I named it specific so that people who tracks my blog posts can understand what kind of shape I took a photo of. I learnt that when you look at a pyramid it's actually not called a triangular pyramid. When you pick up one you look at the bottom and see the shape. At the bottom of the square pyramid it shows me that this shape is called a square pyramid because its squared shaped at the bottom.

Duck Overboard

Text title: Duck Overboard
Author: There is 1 video and 2 texts to read and watch so there will be 3 authors to name.
I think the main idea of this text and video is about the group of Rubber Ducks that has travelled around the whole world.
One example of a supporting detail is that the rubber ducks went it different directions and trying to see what kind of places they went to. One of them went to the Arctic Ocean.
Another example of a supporting detail is that all the rubber ducks fell of a Cargo Ship because of a big storm hitting their ship.
It is clear that the main idea is Thousands of Rubber Ducks falling from the Cargo Ship more than 2 years ago.

because Since this story has been going over and over people loved this story trying to write articles videos and more. They've been in newspaper too.
LI:To identify the main ideas of a text.
I learnt how to summarise in my own words also watching and reading videos and articles. We had to read articles and videos about the Rubber Ducks. I also learnt how to summarise main ideas of a text.I learnt this by watching and reading different videos and articles.

Kiwi Can

Since this was our first session for a new term we had to make a blog post about Kiwi Can. In the slides we had to include what we learnt and what we did. Kiwi Can is 2 reliable teenagers that come and teach us about more values we can share at school and also always having fun. Our teachers were Mr Marlu and Ms Lotoya. Every time we go Kiwi Can we learn more new things and play games. 

Tuesday, 25 July 2017


 LI: To show what we already know about the purpose and language of advertising. This week Mr Ogilivie's writing groups will be learning what persuasive writing is. As you can see that I have a image of a heart but simply some words. For this task I had to use Wordale to make this. Wordale didn't work so instead i just used Tagul. I had to write words that I learnt about what persuasive is. Persuasive writing is a kind of writing using words to convince the reader on what the writers opinion is trying to say. I can not publish the whole Tagul on so instead I just took a screenshot of it.

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey-Interviewing My Mother-20: Bonus Activity

This was a bonus activity I had to do this by making another google draw about an family member. I had to pick someone and have a real interview with them about 5 things they love. I decided to interview my mother Elani. As you can see these are the five things she loves doing in outdoor times. She mostly love running.

Monday, 10 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey-Whale Rider-19

For this activity I had to write a summary for a video I watched. After watching the video I got to rate each of the 3 trailers I watched. 1=Bad Movie,2=okay movie,3=pretty good,4=good movie,5=excellent movie.

Image result for whale rider
Photo by RottenTomatoes

This movie is about a girls twin brother had to be the next Chief in the tribe but only men were allowed to. As unhappy the twin brother dies when he was born but the sister still survived. If I rated this I would rate it a 5= excellent movie because it is really good to watch.

Winter Learning Journey-Story-18

It was a beautiful day with birds talking-tweeting and bees gazing all around. There was loads of creatures spending there time around a beautiful garden,but fortuneteller all of the sounds didn't make sounds anymore. All I could hear was rats squeaking. As I though behind the beautiful garden was a bucket full of rats eating the wonderful flowers that kids has planted.There was only one thing to grow the flowers back by using the water I had in my bag. It was as small as a Lego piece. As I got out of bed I though that it was all are dream. But it wasn't. I say to myself nothing has gone wrong. After I thought that it wasn't a dream I ran as fast as I could to somewhere that I would see everything like the view. I saw a big container and started to climb it. All I could see was a Jet plane. I remembered I had a speaker in my bag. I grabbed it out and shouted loud to the pilot making loads of sounds. They came over and grabbed me saying how I got stuck there. I say to them ''I had no idea how''. It was just a dream.

Winter Learning Journey-Matariki-17

For this other Winter Learning Journey I had to read about the Matariki Festival at Te Papa and choose my best three events.
This is the three events I picked:

Matariki Dawn-Special opening weekend

Balloon Workshop with Zappo
Touring Exhitbitons

Winter Learning Journey-Description-16

On your blog, post a video or write a description about your week. What have you learned? What did you like about the trip? What didn’t you like? Was there anything that surprised you?

To earn full points for this activity, you must talk about what you learned, what you liked and what you about your great kiwi road trip.

Throughout this week with the Winter Learning Journey I have learnt loads about New Zealand. I have enjoyed doing the activities that Rachel did for us. My favourite activity was taking a photo of myself doing something relaxing. I learnt that some New Zealanders didn't know that Traditional Maori meant Hangi. I also love pretending to visit/travel to places. I didn't like seeing whales die from people fishing them by accident. There was something that surprise me which is when I got feedback from Rachel saying that I was welcome back to the Winter Learning Journey again. My great kiwi road trip was really good to adopt animals.

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey-Poem-15

For this activity I had to write a poem.
I had to image that I went on the first waka to arrive at Shag Point. You had never been to New Zealand before and you had no idea what to expect. Write a poem describing how you would have felt when you arrived in New Zealand. Would you have been excited or scared? I would have felt pretty nervous, I reckon…

I felt so frighten

As I arrived the sun was so brighten

Lots of people talking

When I started walking

There had been no on I knew

As someone came behind me saying boo

Scaring me away

I had a terrifying day.
Written By Mele Latuila

Winter Learning Journey-Farwell Spit-14

For this activity I had to write my opinion based on should fishing be banned in Farewell Spit. I think it should because the more people fish the more Whales swim anywhere they want to which makes the fishers kill them.

Winter Learning Journey-Visiting Places-13

Image result for rangitoto island
Today I did another activity for the Winter Learning Journey. For this task I had to travel to Rangitoto Island, KareKare Beach and Tane Mahuta. I had to read along about the 3 places ad then pick which one I enjoyed the most and why. I enjoyed visiting Rangitoto Island because I got to walk in to the opening lava tube.

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey-Swimming with the sharks-12

For this activity I had to read about a place called Farewell Spit. It has been in the news based on some whales accidentally swam into the spit and got stuck on the beach. They didn't have enough time to sim out because the water was very shallow. The local people tried to save them but unfortunately sadly many of them died.As you can see the local people did this to save them:

  • Put wet towels/clothes on them
  • Pour buckets of water on them

  • The local people added bowls,water bottles, chilly bins, pots with water and poured them over the dead whales.

Winter Learning Journey-Favourite activities-11

1. Going to Rainbows Ends

2. Base Jump
3.Trip to the Memorial Museum
4. Tree Top walks
5.Playing at the beach fields

For this activity I had to watch a video called Auckland City Video Guide.After I watched the whole video I had to list down 5 of my favourite activities I love as my favourite. 

Winter Learning Journey-Keep our neighbourhood clean-10

Image result for rubbish
3 Reasons on how to keep my neighbourhood clean.
1. My whole neighbourhood should pick up rubbish everyday.
2. If my neighbourhood wanted to take care of our streets than it would be easier that we can just pick up rubbish from our own lawns.
3. If we wanna throw rubbish on the floor we should think before we throw cause then maybe we can recycle.

This is another activity I did for the Winter Learning Journey. For this task I had to give 3 reasons based on how I should keep my neighbourhood clean. As you can read my 3 reasons it would be good if you would love to give me feedback on my reasons. To make it better I added a photo of eagles eating our rubbish that we might wanna recycle or not.

Winter Learning Journey-All Blacks Haka-9-Bonus Activity

This is my 8th task for the Winter Learning Journey. For this task I had to 3 All Blacks haka videos of All Blacks. After I had watch the 3 videos I had to put the videos in order from best to worst.At the top it shows you the videos maybe you can go ahead and watch it. As you can see at the bottom it goes best to worst videos.
#3 Rugby World Cup 2011-All Blacks vs France/#2 All Blacks vs South Africa 2016/#1 World Cup 2015- All Blacks vs Argentina.

Winter Learning Journey-Adopted Animal-8

Image result for Crowded bird kakariki
This is another activity. I am trying to do more than 5 activities each day. This time for this activity I had to go on a website called Adopt a Critter page and start adopting one pet I would love to adopt. I decided to adopt this Red Crowned Kakariki.
This animal is a kind of bird. They eat Consume flowers,fruit,seeds,leaves, and buds. They usually live on a branch.

Winter Learning Journey-Relaxing-7

Something Relaxing-Drinking Hot Chocolate on winter time.
For this activity I had to take a picture of myself doing something relaxing. Since I had my hot chocolate near me I decided to take a photo of me drinking hot chocolate. In winter time it is really cold. It was a really big cup.

Winter Learning Journey-Bonus Activity-Otago Central Cycling-6

Image result for cycle
I would like to cycle the Otago Rail Trail.It sounds really interesting to join. It sounds fun because when it is summer time I can just wake up after my long sleep and cycle the Otago Rail Trail excising myself.
This is my other actvity for the Winter Learning Journey. This is my 7th task. For this activity I had to tell people whether I would like to cycle the Otago Rail Trail one day. Does it sound like fun? Why or why not?

Winter Learning Journey-Famous New Zealander-5

Image result for Sonny bill williams
Name:Sonny Bill Williams
Born:3rd August 1985-Auckland
Why is he famous?
He played for the Sydney Roosters first for Rugby League and then started playing for the All Blacks which was one of the best Rugby Union Teams.

2 Facts about Sonny Bill Williams.
1.His current team is the Blues-Rugby Union Team.
2.Sonny Bill Williams is a Rugby player and a heavyweight boxer.