Thursday, 27 July 2017

T Chart + Activities.

LI:Identify actions and factors that can prevent a team from working co-cooperatively.
This week for inquiry I am in Mr Ogilivies inquiry groups. Our focus is all about Relationships/Teamwork. For this task I had to get in groups of 3-4. We had to watch 2 videos and try to think about what makes a team fail and what makes a team effective. We had to make a T Chart listing 10 things on each side. After we had listed our 20 things we got to share it to the whole of Mr Ogilivies inquiry group. We then got to put them order. For example if it was what would make our team fail we had to put it in order starting from really bad decisions. If it was what can make our team success we had to put in order starting from really great.

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