Friday, 13 April 2018

Tech Reflection

Today was our last session at Tamaki College Tech. Our instructor today was Mr Grundy. Mr Grundy's class learnt all about doing pewter casting. Today some students were sanding their pewter casting. My first pewter casting I did was a pregnant woman. I chose to make this for my mum because she is a professional midwife. Last week I polished my pewter casting. I was the first student to finish off my pewter casting. 

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Skiing or Snowboarding

Today for reading I completed another task. I read article about the differences between Snowboarding and Skiing. For this task I had the choice to chose snowboarding or skiing as my favorite winter sport. After that I created a Google Document with 3 reasons based on why I chose Snowboarding. 

Pencil Code

Today for maths I used a drawing website called Pencil Code. For this Pencil Code task I used coordinates to create a shape. I drew a 3D rectangle shape by using numbers and angles. First I wrote in the coordinates and then I pressed the play button. Once I clicked the play button a little turtle draws my shape. 

Here is the link to Pencil Code:

10 Beginner Skills

This week for reading Magenta and myself watched a video about 10 beginner skills in snowboarding. For this task myself and Magenta wrote down the easiest to hardest beginner skills on a google document. At the top it shows you the 10 beginner skills we watched. 


LI: To learn how to measure a angle in degrees using a protractor. Today for maths I created a poster about angles. This poster shows the different types of angles that we use with a protractor. A degree is the size of a turn or a angle. A protractor is a measuring object that is used for measuring angles. We use a protractor to measure the angles in degrees.

Monday, 9 April 2018

Read Theory

This is a image of my progression I have made in Read Theory. Read theory is a reading site that helps me develop my reading knowledge and language. First you need to read a text and then answer some questions. If you get questions wrong you will stay at your current level, but if you get every question right you level up. At the moment im on grade 4. 

Thursday, 5 April 2018

Kiwi Can

Today for Kiwi Can was our second to last session. Our teachers were Mr Matt and Miss Lily. Our topic we are learning this term is Conflict Resolutions. Conflict means 2 people or a group of party arguing between something. Resolution means solving the problem. For example if Marieta told me that she was going to have a fight with someone I need to inform the teacher into it. In Kiwi can we played 2 games. The first game we played was called bang. In this game everyone was in a circle. Once Ms Miss Lily calls someones name out that person has to sit down and the 2 people on the left and right side of that person needs to point and shout bang. The second game we played was the wink game. In this game everyone needed to close their eyes. After that Miss Lily and Mr Matt tapped one of us on the shoulders. That person need to blink at the rest of the people . At any point Miss Lily will stop the game and ask us if we know who the master is. 

E-Ako Maths

This week for maths I used a website called E-Ako Maths to help me learn my basic facts. In this game I answered 25 questions about how to make tens. This activity helped me get 103 points. E-ako maths helps other learn their multiplication, addition, or either subtraction. If you want to play e-ako maths ask you teacher first before playing. 

Click here to play e-ako maths.