Friday, 28 October 2016


Today I did a activity on studdylader.  I did a word problem on Division. It was really fun using multiplication and division to solve word problems


Today I did a can do on division maths. I did this because this week my maths group was learning about division. I really enjoy doing division. 

Blog Commenting

Today I did blog commenting. I commented on Savelina and Angari's blog. I really enjoy blog commenting on other peoples blog, and remember to blog comment.

Thursday, 27 October 2016


LI: To tell our current knowledge about flight. 
For session 1 I had to do the kwl chart and write down what I know about flight and more info you need about flight, But today we had to look at some useful links and look up for what is force and what are forces on flight. 

Problem Solving

LI: to choose multiplication or division to solve word problems. Their were so many problems to solve, but really interesting to do. I had to write down if the problem was Multiplication or division.

General Knowledge

LI: To find information about the world around us. Today for my reading Must do I got to do a Can do since Mr Wong didn't teach us our lesson. My country was Tonga and I worked with Angela. It was really interesting learning about Tonga.  

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Times Tables

Today I did any can do. I did my times tables on transum. I got 100% for getting every thing right. I need to get on my next level for times tables.

Blog Commenting

Today I did blog commenting on Koloa, Savelina, Angari's blog. Commenting was really fun but next time I will try and do more blog commenting.

compounds, complex, and Simple sentences

The Scary walk
One spooky morning their was a girl named Shamaine, after school Shamaine walked and she saw a lot of road signs. Their was a sign called the spooky forest so she decided to walk in that direction.

When she walked in that direction she
Was all alone with trees and leaves surrounded, and Shamaine Kept walking for 30 minutes until the road had ended. When the road ended there were only mud and she kept walking until she saw footprints so she decided to followed it.

As she was following the footprints it had ended and she stopped at a 2 story house. She knocked on the door and a kind Women showed up and said ‘’Hi do you need any Help” shamine replied back and said “ Yes please I am lost do you know Where the exit is? So the old lady hand Shamaine the telephone and Shamaine called her father.

The father told Shamaine to give the phone to the lady so she told the father where to go. Ten minutes later the father shows up and said a big thank you to the Ever since Shamaine and the lady has been contact with each other Shamaine has been thinking about her on the day she was lost.

LI:to use a variety of simple, compound, and complex sentences.
 Today we had to edit our narrative and highlight compounds, complex, and Simple sentences. we had to read through the text to find compounds, complex, and Simple sentences.  

emoticon Story

LI:to infer information about characters in a text.
Today ruapehu group had to read a text called Oops. we had to write down how the character feels and what it says in the text. At last we had to find emojis on how they feel and also we had to attribute the photos.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016


LI: to identify division word problems and solve using times tables.

Today Group waikato had to identify division word problems. I had to do my 10 time tables and 2 division word problems. I got 100% for getting all my 10 times tables right.

Monday, 17 October 2016


LI: How society and environments impact on and are influenced by technology past,present and future. Today we had to get into groups of 3 for our migration 4 lesson. we had to go on padlet and list down animals that migrate. There was a image in the middle and it was a image of a earth that shows where God wits migrate to and finding Facts about God wits. On the last slide we had to choose any other animal that can migrate.

Friday, 14 October 2016

Migration 3

This week for Mr Ogilvy's group we had to do another google slide on Migration 3. Part of Migration 3 we had to take a photo of 10 scenario cards and tell them what kind of factor it is and why is that your reason. I really enjoy learning about Migration and also reading a lot of scenario cards.

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Prototect Stage 4

This week for maths waikato group had to do a lot of problems solving using times tables. Since I finished my Must do's our group can do was to play prototect stage 4. I need to improve knowing my 5 and 10 times table off by heart.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016


LI:How technology expands human development
How society and environments impact on and are influenced by technology past, present and future.

This week for Mr Oglivie's iniury group we had to describe 7 photo's including what we see, what we think, and what we wonder. On the last slide we had to make a poster on migration.

Migration- Flight

LI:How technology expands human development
How society and environments impact on and are influenced by technology past, present and future.

Today we learnt about Push and Pull factors. This time since Mr Olgivie got to choose our groups we got to choose our own groups but at least their were 4 in each group. Also we had to make a pull factor and push factor poster. In the poster we made a info-graphic which means that it has more photos then more information.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016


LI: to learn what inferring is.
This week ruapehu group had to infer some problems. Infer means being able to 'read between the line' when the author implies something but doesn't exactly state it. we had to infer about who the character might be, what kind of person the character is, how the character is feeling at the moment and where and when the situation is. Their were 3 problems. I had to use the clues from the paper to get the answers.

Writing editing

LI: to write narrative paragraphs using Topic sentence, Details, Concluding sentence.

Today Group Te Ika a Maui group had to take screenshots of the Tee.
of our narratives we wrote about last term.
we took a lot of screenshots before editing and
after editing. we used the (Tee) Tee stands for
Title,e stands for event and e stand for the ending


LI: to identify multiplication word problems and solve using times tables.

This week for Mr Wong's groups we had to 5 must do's and 1 maths can do. This week I learnt my 10 and 5 timetables. I got everything right 100%. I had to do 2 multiplication word problems using times tables. In this task the main thing we were learning about was learning our five and ten timetables also solving word problems using times tables.