Thursday, 31 August 2017


LI:Structure of an argument. This week for writing we have been focusing on agreements/disagreements. For this task we had to make a video about agreeing or disagreeing about having technology at school. For this task we used a helpful site called Flip grid. Flip grid is a site where you can record things you want to say and take a photo say that others know who you are. First we had to write a statement saying that we should/not have technology school. I worked with Angela and Alice writing a hypothetical statement about why im against it using what my point of view would be. Click on the link and it will take you through to everybody in my groups statements about what they think.


LI: To Scissors kick when jumping. Today for Kiwi sport we focused on jumping over the holds. First we played our warm up game called Octopus. Octopus helped up by developing our skills when we run or drive through others. The next thing we did was practising skills for scissors jumping over something. The skills were when you jump you use left arm left leg/right arm right leg. One of the skills was bent knees as well. The last thing we did was jumping over the holds. Congratulations to Julian for jumping the highest out of all of us. Students got to pick which one they were use to the most.

My School Made 3D Shape

LI: To create my own 3D shape with a different capacity from volume. This week for maths we are focusing on how to make our own 3D shape out of cardboard. I learnt how to make one and where the tabs generally need to stay in. I learnt all of this by watching a video and trying to see what the net will look like and how it will work out. I worked with Nyjah and Chavda. Nyjah was the camera/editor and Chavda was the person that gave me the equipment to use. In my shape I included the capacity and the volume. The capacity is an object that can hold something.

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Kiwi Can Poster

This week for kiwi can we are still focusing on Self control. Self control is having the ability to control our emotions/feelings that we have inside just like expressing them out. Our first game we played was called Bip,Bob,Bounce. The game was to say bang before the teacher said the whole phrase. The next game we played was a game hand. We had to get into a circle and then we had to put our hand over the persons hand next to us and the other persons hand next to us. The main of the game was to focus/concentration. In the game we had to go around in a circle and then once we we start from someone we had to tap our hand on the floor using the correct hand.

Possum Poster

LI:to separate fact from opinion.
LI:to identify the main ideas in a text.
This week for reading we are still focusing on fact from opinion. Today I have learnt a lot of facts about Possums. I have also learnt that possums can be different from possums in Australia by the predators. I learnt this by researching using all the skills I have read of a book called Possum Problems. Our task was to make a poster about possums being free or getting rid of them. As you can see that I've wrote my own statement in red and facts that can back it up in black. Read it and try to understand why I want to get rid of them for.

Blog Comment To Luakah

Today for blog commenting I decided to comment on Lukah's maths blog. I commented on his blog because I really love the photos he's taken and the operations he's used. As you can see that I've made a smart comment to Lukah. A smart comment can be used in any kind of comment.

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Raz Kids

            LI: To answer questions and understand what we are reading. Today for raz kids I              read a book called Fire Fighters. I learnt this by using a site called Raz-kids. As I                told you that raz- kids is a reading site that helps you read and answer the                        questions about it. At the end of the story I got all of the questions marked and                right and got 50 starts. At the moment I have more than 2000 stars.

Tables Conga-Can do

​Today for a can do I decided to play tables conga. I did my 9 times tables. Before I started I practised over and over again using repetition. In the game I had to lead my red robot to in the order of 9 timetables with out the viruses (X Grey) touching me. 

Keyboarding Drills 3-Daily 6

   LI: To learn touch typing. Since there is only 3 levels of keyboarding drills I decided to      go back and start again with keyboard drills level 3. I had to copy each row of letter
   typing in the correct letter even using the correct fingers. 

Hauora Video

LI:  To identify the 4 pillars and them meaning of it. This week for inquiry we are focusing on Hauora. Hauora has 4 pillars to it. Meaning there is a maori name in it too. Taha Hingenargo, Taha Wairua, Taha Whanau, and Taha Wairua. Today our task was to get into groups of 3-4 and then make short videos or animations that show the positive and negative scenarios that is part of the 4 pillars. While the video is going we explani to you telling you what the Maori and English name is for each of the 4 pillars and also the explanation of it.

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Point of View Charts

My Problem
Dear Teacher,
I am sick of people being late and then missing out on their work. Why?maybe they live far away or maybe there is dozen of different excuses for being late. I decided to start school at 10:00 am. For no better reason either then just wasting maximum of time to learn. Students can be late because they slept it in. For more advice you should tell your parents to set you an alarm. I think that being late is such a slack for people who are being so lazy not attending to school everyday 100%.

Starting school at 10:00 am

That shows students that it is not fair for people that comes in early needing to tell others what they need to do. So instead of students trying to wake up early and lives far away e.g we should be starting school at around 10:00 am.Students want more time to have breakfast and sleep. During that time students should have a little play before starting to learn new/old things. Parents that don't go work have more time to nap before driving their kids to school.  

LI: What is a point of view.
This week for writing we are focusing on point of views. A point of view is telling the person what is the point of the story you/I read. I learnt this by reading 3 articles about trying to find the point of view and backing up some facts and opinions. I also learnt what the point of view would be if you read a story. I learnt this by working in groups and filling in a sheet of paper. It helped me by filling the piece of paper and trying to find the back ups of the fact from opinion. The task was to write about a topic including 2 pieces of paragraphs in it. Once you are finish we had to make sure that the other members in our group disagreed or agreed on out topic.


LI: To jump and land like motorbike.
This week for kiwi sport we are still focusing on run,jump,throw. Today I learnt how to jump using techniques. I learnt it by practising over and over again like repetition. Our first game we played was octopus-warm up game. The taggers were Myself and Julian. It was really good to play for a warm up game/fitness. Our next warm up we played was the techniques for jumping. We kept on practising as I already said. bent knees,swing arms, and shoulder with the part. Our final game was rock paper scissors. Unfortunately I dont have a image of it but I can tell you how to play it. The game was to have spots lying in a oval. You will need to get into 2 groups. You also need to use the jumping techniques when you jump. Once you get to the middle of the oval you need to play rock paper scissor with the other team member. Whoever wins gets to keep on going while the other team member joins in.

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Hauora wall-Taha Wairua

LI: To create a hauora wall. This week for Mr Ogilvie's inquiry group we focusing on hauora. I learnt that hauora has 4 meanings to it. Spiritual, Social, Physical, and mental/emotional. I learnt this by watching a video about hauora and finding information about it as well. Yesterday our task was to get into groups of 4 and pick which wall you were going to create out of the 4. I decided to draw the spiritual health wall.


LI: To create my own 3D shape with a different capacity from volume. This week and next week we are focusing on creating our own 3D shape with a different capacity and volume. I learnt how to draw a basic plan to form my 3D shape making capacity different from the volume and the volume different from the capacity.I learnt this by reading an example of what a basic plan should look like for maths. It helped me by figuring out what my plan should've been like. As you might no see clearly that I have written down a schedule of what im gonna be doing for the next 2 weeks about my 3D Cube shape.

Kiwi Can Post

LI: To control our feelings when others are with you.
This week for kiwi can our theme is still focusing on resilience. Resilience means bouncing back and coping with other challenges. Our first energiser we played was called defender. The game was to use one of your hands to be a defender. So you had to get into groups and then someone has to have the ball in their hand. The person with the tennis ball has to try and get it between there legs. If they get it between there legs that person is out. Our next energiser was questions. Mr Malu had to ask questions and then we had to write the answers down. After writing down the answers we then had to get 2 students from each group to present the answer. Finally the last game was sit doge ball. Mr malu had to count us off and then we had to form a big circle. Mr Malu had to call out a group number then, that group number had to run in the middle and the people in the circle has to try and throw the ball to the group in the middle.  

Main Idea Summary

Text title: The Island
I think the main idea of this text is That Jordan encourages Lincoln about how to get what you want not what you need,
One example of a supporting detail is Jordan tells him it is a little bit part of kindness and charms.
Another example of a supporting detail is that a voice said remember to be pleasant and polite when entering our Island.
It is clear that the main idea is That Jordan encourages Lincoln about how to get what you want not what you need

because Jordan tells him it is a little bit part of kindness and charms. A voice had spoken saying remember to be pleasant and polite when entering our Island.

LI:To Separate fact from opinion. This week we are still focusing on Fact or Opinion. Fact means something that is true and has been proofed and Opinion is something that we feel and think. I learnt how to give the main idea while watching videos. I learnt this by watching short segments and writing the forms of fact from opinion. It helped me by watching the video 2-3 times trying to memorise some facts and opinion listing them down. Our task was to watch videos and then after doing that we had to list down some facts and opinions. After doing that we had to fill in the main idea summary and write down more things about it.
The Island Video

Monday, 21 August 2017

Free Rice

LI: To donate rice to the poor. Today I played free rice. Free rice can be played in and type of subjects. Today for this game I played the subject maths. As you can see I've donated about more than 400 grains of rice.

Keyboarding Drills 3

Keyboarding Drills Level 3

Copy each row of letters on the row below. Use the correct fingers.

zxcvb /.,mn /.,mnbvcxz zxcvb /.,mn /.,mnbvcxz
zxcvb /.,mn/.,mnbvcxz zxcvb /.,mn/.,mnbvcxz
z;xlckvjbh /a.s,dmfng z;xlckvjbh /a.s,dmfng
z;xlckvjbh /a.s,dmfng z;xlckvjbh
Z? X> C< VM BN NZ MX <C >V ?B
Z? X> C< VM BN NZ MX <C >V ?B
man van can cab ban nab men no box cob mob mom come
bun bane vane mane maze mix mine zone cave vine no one
man van can cab ban nab men no box cob mob mom come bun bane vane mane maze mix mine zone cave vine no one
Been Mean Cane Main Nice Vein Vain Zone Bunny Baby Money Yummy Nunn Bobby
Been Mean Cane Main Nice Vein Vain Zone Bunny Baby Money Yummy Nunn Bobby
“Bright vixens jump; dozy fowl quack”
“Sphinx of black quartz, judge my vow”
The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.
''Bright vixens jump; dozy fowl quakc''
'' sphinx of black quartz,, judge my vow''
The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.
LI: To learn touch typing. I learnt to use the correct fingers while typing on my keyboard. I learnt this by going back and using repetition practising over and over again. It helps me/others understand what they are typing without looking at the keyboards but at there screens trying to focus.

Blog Comment

LI: To blog comment using the smart comment techniques. Today I smart commented on Perenara's blog. I commented on a yr 7 student from Tamaki Primary.

General Knowledge

LI: To learn about the world around us. I learnt to give more information based on what country I have been focusing on. I learnt this by researching using more of my country skills. Today the country I picked for T3W4 I decided to gather information about Canada. I worked on my own doing a lot of research about the country Canada. 

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Advertisement Video

LI: To create our own advertising. This week for Mr Ogilivie's writing groups we are all focusing on advertising. Advertising is trying to convenience others to buy your product. The Techniques we used for our advertising video was special offers, great words. We used techniques by looking back at some other brand of tv ads and trying to get some techniques off it. We worked together making a plan on a piece of sheet and also writing down the description based on what our shoes is called Hikes and why.

Vote Me For President

LI: To demonstrate understanding of persuasion influence. This term for inquiry we are focusing on Relationships. I learnt that influence means convincing others on what you think they should do. For example if I heard the jingle im loving it I will know that McDonalds is open. I learnt this by doing different activities to help on media of persuasion. For this must do today I had to make a poster about convincing other to pick me to be prime minister of New Zealand.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Kiwi Can

LI: To self control out body. Starting from 3 weeks out topic is called Resilience. Resilience means bouncing back and coping with other challenges. All of the activities we played included self controlling ourselves. The first game we played was Bip Bop bounce. So the game is someone has to be the caller in the middle and they have to say big bop bounce pointing at the person. The opnoment has to say band before the teacher says BOUNCE. If they say bounce and point at you, you are not allowed to say anything. If you're slow you sit down-OUT. Our next game we played was called rabbits and rats. There will be 4 bean bags and then once the talker calls you team that team will then run, grab it and then run back to there place. If the other team tags you when you're about to touch the bean bag you loose. 

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Fact Or Opinion

LI: To separate fact from opinion. I learnt what fact from opinion is. I learnt it by watching a short videos telling others what fact or opinion means. Fact mean something that is true and needs to be proofed/evidence and opinion means something that you feel or think that can't be proven. For our session we worked together in our group.At first we all watched a video and had to write down the facts for it and the opinions of it. Our task was to watch two short segments and note down 4 for each type.


LI: To unfold a 3D shape into a net. This week Mr Wong's maths groups have been focusing on nets. Net is when you unfold a 3D shape from the corners/sides. I learnt that a net can happen in 3D shapes only. I also learnt how to unfold a shape. I learnt this by watching a video about nets and forming the right follow ups based on how to make a net from a 3D shape. As you can see that I've drawed 3D net shapes. A square pyrimaid,Traingluar prism, and a trianglur pyrmaid. Our session with the class was to figure out what a net was called and also find out how to draw it. Together as a class we did some work about nets.

Monday, 14 August 2017

Keyboarding Drills 2

Keyboarding Drills Level 2

Copy each row of letters on the row below. Use the correct fingers.

qwertyuiop poiuytrewq qwertyuiop poiuytrewq
qwertyuiop poiuytrewq
qawsedrftg p;olikujyh qawsedrftg p;olikujyh
qawsedrftg p;olikujyh qawsedrftg p;olikujyh
paosidug qhwjekrlt; paosidug qhwjekrlt;
paosidug qhwjekrlt; paosidug qhwjekrlt;
we too rip were equip quit yet tyre you peer pewter wore
two pie row toy retire pottery quite wire trip yew
we too rip were equip quit yet tyre you peer pewter wore two pie row toy retire pottery quite wire trip yew
Pretty Owe Wrote Pet Your Pore Tower Rot Yoyo Out Witty
Tree Wet Our Require Io Up Ore Poetry Top Tour Putty
Pretty Owe Wrote Pet Your Pore Tower Rot Yoyo Out Witty Tree Wet Our Require Io Up Ore Peotry Top Tour Putty
LI: To earn touch typing. This week I learnt how to use the correct fingers when spelling on keyboards. At the moment I practiced my keyboarding drills number 2.It helps me understand how to write without looking at my keyboard. I am good at doing it. For example if it was because I would be finished in 1 second after. 

Blog Comment

LI: To blog comment using smart comment techniques. This week I decided to blog comment on Sanujan's Beef cob blog post. I made a smart comment by using all of the techniques. I blog commented on Sanujan's because it was someone that wasn't my mate and I really wanna get to know them by collaborating together. We had a spreadsheet full of name from Tamaki Primary room 10 and P.B.S room LS2 to comment on during this year.

Raz Kids

This week for other I decided to go on Raz- Kids. As some of you that have already met my blogs know that Raz-Kids is a site for kids their own age to read books that suit there levels. You can get stars once you've finished reading the whole book. Together with answering the questions you get bonus points.I read a book called Puppets. In the book it has set of instructions based on how to make a puppet stick. Puppets are a animal or person that has been made and moved using strings or moved by your hand.

General Knowledge

LI: To Learn about the world around us. I learnt to give more information all about Egypt saying facts about it and more knowledge about it. I learnt this by Researching other website for more knowledge about Egypt. I worked with Sakina. We each got 1 slide to do. The first thing to do was to pick a country form week 4 sand start off by Finding the flag of Egypt and the capital city of Egypt.

Friday, 11 August 2017

Keeping Ourselves safe

LI: to make safe decisions.This weeks Mr Wong's inquiry groups are focusing on keeping ourselves safe.I learnt to give straight point ideas for posters that includes bullet points. I learnt this by seeing 3 examples of what kind of written poster we should do. For this task today I worked with Marieta and Ellenora. We had to make a poster showing how to keep ourselves safe. As you can see that my sentences are straight and succinct. The photo will visualise your understanding once you know what to do when you meet a stranger.

Thursday, 10 August 2017


LI: To understand where and what to do when running in starts. This term for kiwi sport we will be focusing on Run,Jump,throw. Last week we worked on sprints but for this week we are working on how to start a run. Our first game was warm up. The line we were standing on was here, the middle line was there, and the line at the really end was where, and the final option was everywhere which meant we had to run everywhere. Andy had to call out here,there,where or everywhere while we were running to the right spots. Next we played another game called spots. Instead of using spots we decided to use cones. So the game was to face to you partner and once Andy claps we have to get up run to our cones and come back with it to the middle ile. Who ever wins out of the 2 partners they get a point for their whole team-Group A & B. We all were winners today. After that we learnt how to start a race. The words to start was On you marks,set, go. You are not allowed to look side to side otherwise someone comes at the side of you and finishes the race. Boys had a practise and then girls had a practise.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Kiwi Can Post

This week in Kiwi Can we have been learning all about what we feel in the inside of ourselves. Today our Kiwi can leaders were Mr Malu and Ms lotoya. I learnt how to control my feelings when others are in front of me. It helped when we started doing energisers and activity based on physical emotions. For the past few weeks our catch phrase haven't change. Kiwi can says emotions are what we feel, let others know, whats the deal. Our first energiser was called selfie sticks. So the game was to get into a square. Next Mr Malu had to call out a emotion pointing at the group that had to do it. The group that got picked had to get up and then act out the emotion with one person holding the selfie stick. However if one of the teams dosent act out the emotion fairly there team will be illuminated.Our next game was called emotional papers. Everybody had to work together sorting out the feelings from worst to good. We weren't able to sort it out at the first time. Potentially if Mr Malu sees anything that is not in the right place he would take it out of the order and then we will need to replace back to the right place.

Skimming and Scanning

LI: To identify the differences between skimming and scanning. This week we had to skim and scan through an article called Duck Overboard. I am putting this up on other. We had to find photos and write information about the differences further from skim and scan. An aeroplane is an skim object because it flys straight and an helicopter is a scan object because it hovers. 

Tuesday, 8 August 2017


LI: To scale 2D shapes using times tables.This week Mr Wong's math groups have been focusing all about scale. Our session with Mr Wong to learn about what scale is and scale the shapes Triangle by 2,square by 3, and hexagon by 4.Our task was to draw 4 sided irregular polygons using scale factors for a partner but from a different group.After that we had another task to do. The other task was a choice. We got to either make a video,slide with voice instruction, or an graphic. I decided to work with Sakina and Victoria. I had to work together with Sakina and Victoria writing down set of instructions on how to scale a shape on a grid.I learnt how to draw irregular polygons and trying to make it bigger using divisions. I learnt this by doing a class session with Mr Wong's group and starting off with some simple irregular shapes.


Name of product
Subway Long Foot
Who do you think the intended buyer is?
Family, Kids, teens, People who like eating subway.
What kind of advert is it?

TV                           Radio                  Magazine           Poster
How do they try to persuade you to buy it?

With pictures      

With words        

With music

With questions

With jokes

With catchphrases

With jingles

Other: ____________________
Do you think it is a good advert?

           Yes          No

Why? Because the person’s channel doesn’t say subway.
Would you buy the product?     Yes                      No

Why? Because when I watch the subway add I feel hungry and I just want to eat

Do you think the advert is honest?  Yes                      No

Why? Because the channel is not the actual subway channel.

What words do they use to sell the product? Hungry

LI: We are learning to be able to identify what makes an effective advert. This week we have been learning all about advertising. We had to complete 5 of them but blog post 1 of our favourite. My favourite advert was the Coca Cola one because my favourite sport is ruby and it seemed like the bears were playing rugby by sliding and bumping others off. We also had a checklist of questions to complete as well. I learnt about giving more detail to questions on adverts. It helped me develop more ideas to verify if it was real or not. I learnt it by watching adverts and trying to match it to the questions based on what has happened in the video.