Thursday, 24 August 2017


LI: To jump and land like motorbike.
This week for kiwi sport we are still focusing on run,jump,throw. Today I learnt how to jump using techniques. I learnt it by practising over and over again like repetition. Our first game we played was octopus-warm up game. The taggers were Myself and Julian. It was really good to play for a warm up game/fitness. Our next warm up we played was the techniques for jumping. We kept on practising as I already said. bent knees,swing arms, and shoulder with the part. Our final game was rock paper scissors. Unfortunately I dont have a image of it but I can tell you how to play it. The game was to have spots lying in a oval. You will need to get into 2 groups. You also need to use the jumping techniques when you jump. Once you get to the middle of the oval you need to play rock paper scissor with the other team member. Whoever wins gets to keep on going while the other team member joins in.

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