Friday, 30 June 2017


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Florence's Blog
This week on our must do task list there was another column to fill in as always. I decided to comment on 2 different gender students in this classroom. Since I've learnt how to post a smart comment I know better now. In a smart comment we include a greeting,students name,positive attitude, advice/suggestion on their question. As you can see there a links to Alex's blog and Florence blog. If you'd like to click on it to see more of their work you are always welcome to comment.

Angle Degree

LI: To measure angle using compass. I learnt how to use a protractor to measure something. A protractor is a different kind of ruler that we also use in schools for learning. I also learnt how to use a protractor when measuring a piece of fraction. I learnt this by using a protractor. It helped me by knowing where to start measuring from the little circle at the very bottom. We had to work with a pair but I was absence so I decided to join Marieta and Florence's group. To make it more faster we wrote down the answers first and then took the photos at the end.

Thursday, 29 June 2017

5 Questions

Questions to Billy-
  1. Do you love playing with animals?
  2. Would you pay dozens of money just for a Grubber Shop?
  3. If you had a grubber store would you eat some candy before work starts?
  4. Do you love eating candy everyday?
  5. Do you love playing sports?

Questions to Duke-
  1. Would you have a guard dog to guard you everywhere you go?
  2. What entertained you to become a duke?
  3. How much years have you've lived in your house?
  4. Do you have any grandchildren?
  5. Do you love your windows staying clean?

LI:  To interact and comprehend a range of narrative text . I learnt to give more than 4 questions to encourage the characters answer that contains a yes or no. I learnt this by
reading a book called Roald Dahl- The Giraffe The Pelly and Me. I decided to only write questions to the Duke of Hampshire and Billy. We had to write opened and closed questions. Opened and closed questions are simply questions that people needs to answer a yes or a no.

Wednesday, 28 June 2017


LI: To develop an understanding of the difference elements of Matariki. To make Text to Text,Text to World,Text to Self. Connections. I learnt to give less information to the festivals/celebrations in Americas.In Americas they celebrate Thanksgiving and St Patricks day. I learnt this by learning what an infographic meant. A infographic is a poster that needs less information but more images.   

Friday, 23 June 2017


LI:To use BRAIN acronym to identify possible changes to a technology piece or system. I learnt that BRAIN stands for B-Benefits, R-Risks,A-Alternatives,I-Initiatives,N-next or nothing. I learnt this by using a google slide and writing the B-R-A-I-N- of 2 systems and 1 piece.

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Smart Comment

This week for cybersmart we've been learning how to smart comment on other people blogs. This week I had to comment on a Panmure Bridge School student in LS2 and a student from Tamaki Primary School. I decided to comment on Frances from Tamaki Primary and Sanujan From LS2. In a smart comment you include a greeting,advice sentence, questions and more.

Character Web

To interact and comprehend a range of narrative texts.
I learnt that a character web is something that tells the audience about the characters,feelings,looks,acts and personality. I also learnt that in a character web you include the photo of the person in the middle and connecting lines to the boxes. It's just like a brainstorm.
I learnt this by reading a book called Roald Dahl and finding out what he acts like and more things. I also got a example from a image but with no writing on. At first I didn't know what a character web was. So I went on this image to see what it looked like.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Units of Time

To Identify the units of time in order from shortest to longest.
I learnt to give more information on the units of time running the length of a hall and netball court. I learnt this by working together with my maths group and using the stopwatch online.
Mele3310Miliseconds = 208
Jayden2210Seconds = 63
Te Pounamu3310
Netball Courts
Te Pounamu721

Commenting on Narratives

LI: To buddy conference to start edit and check writing.
I learnt to give more advice to more people on their narrative work. I also learnt how to highlight what they need to work on and click comment.
I learnt this by editing and checking other people's narratives. It helped me by giving other people advice to check their work and them giving advice to my work.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

The Grubber Shop- Activity

LI:To interact and comprehend a range of narrative texts. I learnt that a grubber shop back in the olden days was called a grubber shop. But now it's called the sweet shop. In a sweet shop is is full of sweets that kids love. A grubber store can be short length.

I learnt this by reading a book called Roald Dahl- The giraffe and the Pelly and Me. I also learnt this by using a google draw to make describe a setting which I choose the Grubber store.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

paragraph Story

LI: To write a exciting hook.
This week I learnt how to write a exciting hook. An exciting hook is a word like onomatopoeia words.Such as Kapow,Bang,boom. I learnt that a hook comes first in a story and also an onomatopoeia words can be anywhere in the story.
I learnt this by getting into groups of four and Mr Ogilvie telling us a story about someone.It helped me when I had to listen to the story and figure out a exciting hook and sentence for that story.

Liquid Containers

LI: How to measure liquid volume.
I learnt that every mL and Litre I write I need to convert the mL to L by dividing by 100 and convert the L to mL by timesing it by 1000. We had to find a picture of liquid volumes and write down the attribution and the measurement convert.
I learnt this by getting an example on what we divided and times when we learn our mL and Litres.

Compare and Contrast

LI: To identify the differences and the same between a piece of technology and a technological system.
I learnt to give more information on the differences of a technological system and a piece of technology.I learnt that compare and contrast means when you give information about 2 different things that will combine in a lot of similarities.
I learnt this by making a T chart and listing down all the Technological system and Piece of technology systems in LS1. It helped me when I had to pick 2 things from the T chart and write information about how we use our things.

Words that describe Billy

LI: To interact and comprehend a range of narrative texts
I learnt that every word I spelt down described Billy on his actions.I also learnt that the words that described Billy some of them are Feelings.I learnt this by looking at the image of Billy and also reacting to what Billy was doing in the book. It helped me when I scammed through the book looking for what Billy was like. I read the book called The Giraffe,Pelly and me.

Monday, 12 June 2017

Technological System

LI: To identify a piece of technology and to define a technological system. I learnt that a system/process is something that transforms an input and a output. I also learnt about what a piece of technology is. I learnt this by hearing great ideas from other pupils in my class and trying to figure out what they were trying to say. It helped me when I had to communicate together with my group and putting 22 photos in order as where it belongs. The piles was Piece of technology and a system/process technology.

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Blog Commenting

For this week I chose to the Blog commenting on 2 different Gender students in my class. I chose to do Jack for Male and Victoria for Female. I learnt that blog commenting helps me encourage others that need any feedback from their work. I learnt this by practising on a class slide and commenting on 1 persons. 

Meaning of the words

LI: To interact and comprehend a range of narrative texts
I learnt that each word I don't understand helps me learn more and more. I learnt that Porcelain is a white and blue designed vase that comes from China.
I learnt this by using a google draw and finding 10 words in my book that I don't understand.It helped me a lot when I searched up the definition of Porcelain and looking at the image.


LI: To find the Volume and work it out.
I learnt that the volume is the amount of space it covers the face. The volume can be on any kind of 3D shape. The volume on a square contains the whole thing on the side.

I learnt this by using my times tables and Centimetres on a ruler.It helped me times my numbers of the weight,length,and depth.

The creepy Monster takes over Halloween

I learnt that TOPES means Title,Orientation,Problem,Events,and Solution. The title comes at the beginning of the story, Orientation is like the Introductions Events is what is happening in order and Solution is sorting the Character Descriptions and Basement,Swamp,Streets
I learnt this by using a Narrative Plan template and writing the TOPES in order of where it belongs. The orientation helped me remember the characters,when it happened, and also where the story took place.

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Raz Kids

Today I read Spare the Turkey. I learnt that in this book Jessica's family had always eat Vegetarian. When it came to thanksgiving day Jessica invited over his friend which did not like vegetarian at all. I learnt this by reading this book on a website called Raz Kids. 

POV and MC Charts

LI: To make connections and synthesising.
I learnt that making connections mean is when we make links between what we already know using our Prior Knowledge. I also learnt what synthesising means. It make me add my information together and also use my prior knowledge to propose more ideas and understanding of my self. I learnt this by getting an example of poster and trying to figure out what those posters mean to me.

Narrative Plan

LI: To plan a narrative. In this activity I had to write three titles for the Jack,Jill,and Monster story. my best one was Creepy Monster takes over Halloween. First I had to to do a character description based on my own character that I wrote down. I also Included the Settings. I picked streets and had to do Show don't tell.Settings Description and Character Description

Times table and Area

LI: To identify the area of a rectangle and to measure it. 
I learnt that the area of a shape contains the inside of a shape. For  example the inside of the square is an area. I also learnt my 7,8 and 9 times table. I learnt my times table by adding more place value drawings to each of the slides. I learnt this by using a grid paper to draw my rectangle squares on and also measuring each rectangle by timing the lengths together.