Friday, 26 May 2017

Letter to the Once-ler

Who- Once-ler
What- Once-ler cuts down the trees for more money.
Write a letter about the once-ler including what he should reduce,reuse,and recycle

Dear Once-ler

It's me the Lorax, I speak for the trees and I take responsibility for everything. I heard that you have been chopping down the trees with your special machine. You need to quit using machines and stop cutting my Truffula trees down. We can't move to new places so instead we can reduce all the waste that has been made. How? We can use the seeds and plant more trees together. I give you a command to stop cutting down trees and plant more Truffula Trees. You can change by selling more machines and making new machines to clean up the pollution you have made.

The Lorax

 LI: To persuade using reduce,reuse,and recycle arguments.
This week the whole class had to write a letter to the Once-ler on how he is going to change. I worked with Jayden and Xavier. We all had to work together. We also had to include a plan in our letter. After we got our letters checked we got to hand write it on a paper template. There was a picture of the Once-ler and the Lorax and a picture of the Lorax. We got to pick one of the paper templates. I really loved the activity.

Settings Description

LI: To write a setting description. In this activity I had to use the 5 scenes to write a description about the zoo photo. I had to right the tell description and then the show description. The 5 scenes we use it taste,smell,hear,sight,and touch. There was a boring sentence and a fun sentence

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Raz Kids

Today I read a book called Dogs at Work. It was a really interesting book to read and find out what kind of dogs do things. I learnt that baseball dogs are dogs that always runs and catch a baseball ball if it lands anywhere far distance where someone throwed if from. I learnt this by reading a paragraph fact about it.

Making Connections and Synthesising

LI: To make connections and synthesising.
I learnt that making connections mean is when we make links between what we already know using our Prior Knowledge. I also learnt what synthesising means. It make me add my information together and also use my prior knowledge to propose more ideas and understanding of my self. I learnt this by getting an example of poster and trying to figure out what those posters mean to me.

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Character Desription

LI: To write a character description,To investigate figurative language. I learnt that in my character description I had to use the figurative language - understatement,hyperbole,simile,metaphor,personification.I learnt this by looking at one of Mr Ogilvie's examples and trying to get information from it. 


LI: To pose questions of a shared text,To identify questions.
I learnt that predicting is when you try to look at the pictures and try to get an idea of what the book is going to be about. I learnt this by making a poster and noting down some information about predicting, also taking photos of others reading.

Garbage Dreams

LI:To produce the right wast of where it is suppose to be. I learnt that in Cairo they recycle over 80% of garbage they produce every time. I learnt this by going on a website and reading the introduction for the game. In the game you had to put the correct rubbish in the right bins such as you can see Landfill,Paper, and Organics.

Friday, 12 May 2017

Waste sorting

To learn about the amount of waste we use to produce.
I learnt that the amount of waste we produce everyday can be recycled and also can be gone to the landfills. Such as milk cartons we use at school we can also recycle it. Solid types include chipie packets magazines also such more foil wrap.
I learnt this by doing a waste activity and comparing all the rubbish to the right corners. At the far end on the left was the recycle group, at the far end on the right corner was the organic group and at the front of the stage was the 2 solid groups. There were a lot of rubbish in the middle so each group had to take the right rubbish to the right group.

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Measurement Recording

LI: To measure lengths using non-standard measurements. I learnt that 3 ways of measuring is using the length,depth,and the height. I learnt this by making a ruler out of paper and using the ruler to measure a object by measuring the length,depth,and height. 
Measured objectDimensionSizeMeasuring unit
White TableHeight12+3D Cube
Red ChairWidth83D Cube
Timetable- Information StationHeight123D Cube
AbacusDepth73D Cube
Netbook lock up posterheight5+3D Retangle

What is waste?

LI: To identify what is waste,kind of waste, and the sources of waste. I learnt that Hazardous waste is really dangerous for us people. I learnt this by reading a really helpful website and writing information about the kinds of waste until I found one of the dangerous wastes is hazardous

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Story Web

LI: To inference information using QAR strategy.
I had to write the TOPES by writing about the Goggles book in order. I learnt this by using the title,orientation,events,resolution,and the ending using. 

The Golden Eggs

LI: To identify the parts of a narrative.
I learnt that the story web helps us create the title,orientation,problem,events,resolution,and the ending. It learnt this by using the parts of the narrative and writing down the story in order using TOPES. 


LI: To inference information using QAR strategy. 
I learnt that author and you means when the answer is not in the text and you have answer the question without the answer being in the book. I learnt this by looking at the book and writing down question that doesn't have the answer in it.

Friday, 5 May 2017

Awesome Ants

My learning intention was to identify the parts of an ants body.
I learnt that that the drawers open and close like scissors just like a crab. When they pick up their food they use their draws as well. It is also used for cutting and carrying things.

I learnt this by looking at the contents and trying to find out where I could find the parts of their body page. I clicked on it and it had a lot of facts about the parts of their body

Screenshot 2017-05-05 at 9.32.37 AM.png

Thursday, 4 May 2017

The Lifted Lorax

LI: To identify the responsibility,connection,and causation on the issue
Today for this activity we read the book called the Lorax. We had to write down the Responsibility, Connection, and Change for the story Lorax about what the Lorax invented and why he invented it. My opinion for the responsibility was that the Once-Ler should've took responsibility of the nature before the Lorax chopped down the whole nature.

Maths vocabulary words

LI: To learn the vocabulary of geometry and measurement. I learnt that the 1D,2D, and 3D stands for dimension. Dimension means how many different ways can you make that shape. I learnt this by searching up the definition and drawing a picture of how it looks like.

Story Organiser

Story organiser

  • Copy and paste paragraphs of The Kite’s Tale into the correct section.
  • Tell how each section helps the reader (the purpose of each section).

Copy and pasted story

The Frog's race

The name of the story
One day, a group of frogs decided to make a race and get to the top of a high tower.
A lot of people came to see them and give them their support, but the race had just begun and everybody was already saying that the frogs would not get there: « It doesn’t make any sense going on! You’ll never reach the top of the tower! »
The 5 w's
  • Who is in the story
  • Where it happens
  • When the story is happening
  • What is Happening
Little by little, the frogs felt disappointed and discouraged, except for one of them that continued to run. And everybody cried out: « Give up! Give up! You’ll never get to the top! » Listening repeatedly to these negative words led the frogs to abandon the race after all, except for the one frog that, despite what people were saying, and though alone and with great pain, continued to run and finally reached the top.
Something bad is happening
deeply astonished, the other frogs wanted to know how she had managed to do it. They came to her and asked her what her secret was.
And it was then that they found out that… she was deaf!
The character is going on a adventure to fix the problem.
Take a healthy life attitude: Never to listen to people who are negative in their intentions. Be deaf to discouraging words and always follow your dreams to the end.
Solving the whole problem in the story
LI: To learn the parts of a narrative. Today I had to read a narrative called the frog race. I had to read the narrative from the site and write the Title,Orientation,Problem,Events, and the Solution. I learnt this by using a story organiser to add the TOPES.

Word webs

LI:To self- monitor our understanding
Today for this activity I had to read a story called the carrot top and write down the words I dont understand. I learnt that prodded means poking something. I learnt this by getting the definition of every word I didn't understand.