Friday, 23 September 2016

The Scary walk

The Scary walk
One spooky morning their was a girl named Shamaine. After school Shamaine walked and she saw a lot of road signs. Their was a sign called the Spooky forest and she decided to walk in that direction. As she walked in that ile she
Was all alone with trees and leaves surrounded. As Shamaine Kept walking the road had ended. When the road ended there were only mud and as she Was Walking  she saw footprints so she followed it. She was following the  footprints it had ended and she stopped at a 2 story house. She knocked on the door and a kind Women showed up and said ‘’hi do you need any Help” shamine replied back and said “ Yes please I am lost do you know Where the exit is? So the lady hand Shamaine the telephone and Shamaine called her father. The father told Shamaine to give the phone to the lady so she told the father where to go.Ten minutes later The father shows up and drove back home and ever Since they have been in contact with the ladie.

LI: to write a procedural text. we had to choose a prompt and write a narrative about it. Their were 6 prompts to choose from. I     

Thursday, 22 September 2016

connect 4 factors

Today I and Angela played connect 4 factors. In the game you have to get 4 connectors on the bored. we each played 2 games. I won both of throunds. 


Today I played studdylader. I did my 8 timetables. Also I got 8 correct.

Independent reading tasks

LI: to find the most important (main) idea in a text.

This week for Mr Wong's reading group we had to do a Independent reading tasks. we had to do at least 6 tasks. I did Alternate title and cover page, Text type,Audio-book Narrator, lights, camera, action, and Tell the future.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Pita Taufatofua

Since we have finished rotating in our groups for Inquiry, 

our class wanted to do 1 more DLO. This week we mostly 

had to research for skills. we had to add some images and

videos. I searched about Pita Taufatotua and It  was really 

intresting answering the 5 w's and 1 how.   

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Problem Solving addition & subtraction

LI:To choose addition or subtraction to solve word problems.

Today for Mr Wong's maths groups we had to use addition or subtraction to solve word problems. Their were addition or subtraction equations to solve out. Then we had to write down some problems for These equations.

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Basic subtraction

Today I played a maths game called Basic subtraction Level 4. foThis week we had to play play a maths can do about what we learnt for our maths skill.

How To make a Poi-Procedural text

How to make a poi
Screenshot 2016-09-14 at 17.11.44.png
  • High density foam
  • Wool
  • String
    • Scissors
  • Sticky tape
  • thread & noodle

To assemble:
  • Tin cans
  • Plastic containers



  1. Take your Scissors and you have to cut out the ball from the square.

2. Cut out all the lines and turn a minecraft into a ball.

3. Start edging the middle then Keep turning the ball round and round

4. Get your string then add it to the palm of your hand then to you elbow.

5. Repeat this eight times

6. Grab your pom pom you made with the tin can and get your eight strings you made and put it threw the pom pom

7. Get your your pom pom to the middle and tie a knot with some string on the pom pom.

8.Braid your string all the way until you finish from the top and leave some space at  the top.

9.Tie a knot at the top of your string then

10. Grab your ball of foam and cut a little hole in it so the string can fit

11.  Get your plastic bag and wrap it around your poi and put the end of the plastic bag in the little hole with the string inside

12. For extra protection put on a bit of sticky tape on the hole.

LI: to write a procedural text.

This week we had to watch and listen to a video on how to make a poi. while th

video was on we had to listen carefully

so that we could list down some specific 

words and verbs.

Wednesday, 14 September 2016


For Inquiry our topic was the Olympics. each teacher had a topic that relates to the Olympics. This week foMOgilvie group  we talked about Traning.


LI: to solve word problems using subtraction

We had to solve out some problems then We had to make a DLO on the maths skill We learnt. What I need to Work on is to solve out more harder problems using subtraction.

Thursday, 8 September 2016


This Week for Mr Ogilvie's group We had to Write facts about muscles around a body and anwser questions that Mr Ogilvie told us. As a group We had to discuss What physical activity means. Mr Ogilvie shod us a presntation While We Wrote doWn notes about th muscalar system.

Basic addition

Today I played basic addition level 3. I got nonwrong and that  lots right. what I need to work on is trying to play a had level.


LI: to solve word problems using addition. We had to make a DLO to explain what we learnt for our maths skill. We had to go on studdylader and solve out some problems about addition. The main thing we were learning about was to to solve word problems using addition. What I need to work on is to get better at knowing how to solve word problems using addition.

Procedural Text

LI:to understand the role of verbs in procedural text.
We had to make a DLO and explain what
we did for our writing session. We had to watch a video about how to make a Ham and Cheese sandwich then we had to list down some verbs. What I need to what I need to wok on is to understand the role of verbs.

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

The Robber's Mask

LI: to find the most important (main) idea in a text. This Week We had to Work together as a group on Word Webs. The main Idea was to find the meaning of the Words. On the next slides we had to find the synonyms and the antonyms. what i need to work on is to try and find the most important text in a idea.


Friday, 2 September 2016

Basic Subtraction Level 4

LI: to subtract by using ones and tens (place value).

We had to go on transum and play Basic Subtraction Level 4. We have to learn how to subtract by using place value materials. What I need to improve on is understanding how to subtract using ones and tens using place values.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

How to play marbles

LI: To identify the structure and language features of a procedural text. We had to read a text called how to play marble. After that we had to find some structure features  and language features of a procedural text. What I need to improve on is to identify the structure and language features. 


LI: To Summarise a text. We had to skim and scan for keywords and facts about at comet. Every time we find a fact and a keyword we get a dice. At the end we have to roll the dice altogether and see how many points we get.