Friday, 24 November 2017

Athletics Day

Today Panmure Bridge School had their Athletics day. Athletics is when you play games sports, and more. There was teams- Colour red,green,yellow, and blue. Everybody had to wear clothes that was suitable for running,jumping, and throwing. Each year grade group had a teacher to go with and do one station at a time. The first station that we went to was the egg and spoon race. In this game we had to get into our colour teams. The person at the front needs to have a spoon and a egg. The egg needs to be placed on top of the spoon. When the instructor says go the person at the front needs to zig zag around the cones, walk over a long stick, and then stand on the pad using 1 leg for 10 seconds. Whoever dropped it had to wait for 5 seconds. There was 9 stations to go through. My favourite station was the sponge race. The most think I liked about this was rolling and getting wet. Each team won a session. I would love to give a big thank you to the Tamaki College helpers for helping us out on these events. At the end of this my team-green and team blue had a tie which means both teams won. After lunch it was the finals for sprints. I felt like I was going to finish last because my leg but at the end I came first.

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Kiwi Sport

LI: To practise different skills through badminton.
This week for Badminton we learnt a different skill with Kevin. The first thing we did was play a warm up game. This warm up game was called everybody it. In this game everybody was in running around, if you tag at the same time you need to do rock,paper,scissors, the person that is out sits down. If the person that tags you got out you can stand back up. We did the same thing as last week but actually using backhand serve. One person had to serve and the other one had to catch. After doing that we did 5 serve rally each. The last game we played was a competition. It was the same game as last week. This game was called doubles in's and outs. Each partners had to verse each other. First one to get 2 points win, and the other team goes to another station while the the winners verse new partners. Winners get to serve. 

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Free Rice

Today for other I decided to play free rice. In this game I donated 80 grains of rice. I had to match the similar words to the word that I had to find out. 

Flying High Racing Subtraction

Today for can do I played a flying racing subtraction game. In this game I was flying. I had to write in the correct answers and If I get it correct I will move forward.

Blog Commenting

Today for blog commenting I commented on Jack's Fire Visit blog post. As you can see that i did s smart comment to him. Go ahead and check his posts out.

Kiwi Can

Today for Kiwi Can our theme is Respect. First Ms Latoya put us into 4 groups and then she told us to recap what we learnt back from last week. The first game we played was stinky sock. In this game Ms Latoya put 4 hula hoops around the classroom. Ms Latoya had to clap and make a beat, then she had to say a number. When she says the number we need to put the amount of feets in the hoop. The next game we played was a bean bag game. In this game there was attackers and runners. This game was just like a netball game. The attackers had to pass it to their team mates and try and tag us while we were running. The last thing we did was General Knowledge Questions.

Survey Test

LI: to compare and contrast a probability test with a statistical survey. This week for maths we learnt all about Statistics and also the survey test. For this task we had to create a DLO and talk about the survey test we did. The whole class had to use their maths books first to go all around the class and ask them to pick a number from 1/12, or 1/20. My survey questions was pick a number between 1/12. 

Keyboarding Drills Level 1

Today for Daily 6 I did keyboarding drills level 1. I already know what to do but im still practising on my other levels.

Summarising Changes

LI: To use a range of comprehension strategies to go deeper into a text. This week for reading we did the same thing but this time we had to do a bit changes to it. I only changed the parts of my junior,middle, and senior fiction slides. I had to take images of the part I was actually talking about. I added a video and then more images using webcam.

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Fire Station Visit

LI: To learn more about what Fire Fighters experience. Today the seniors was welcomed to visit the Mt Wellington Fire Station. They taught us really well. I already knew that Fire Fighters worked 24 hours a day. There was a lot of tools that Firefighters use. There was a pump rescue that cut people from cars and to put out fire. In the truck there was a giant toolbox. There were 2 sides that was full of them. There was a huge building where people practised what to do in order to become a firefighter. The routine is like if any of the fire fighters get called they need to get everything on straight away and leave. They have a lot of things to put on and a lot of equipment to carry. The last thing to wear is your gloves and also the face mask to help you breathe air instead of smoke. They said that when they put the mask on they use there controller to turn it on and once it makes a beep sound that's when they start breathing more air. Fire Fighters told us that we use smoke alarms so that when a smoke happens it beeps and alarms us that something bad is happening. If anyone is in trouble and someone is in there call the fire fighter straight away and they will come and sort everything out. If you left your toy or teddy in there do not go back inside and grab it remember leave it there they will get it for you. The most interesting thing I experienced was the types of hoses they use when working. Yell fire fire to alert others that are inside if there is enough time to get out. The last thing to remember get down,get low, and get out.

Friday, 17 November 2017

Scenario Video

LI: To convert the number of chances probability into percentage probability. My scenario was called the pie fraction game. My probability was equal chance because we weren't allowed to do absolute chance because it was 100% percentage.  In my game I was the winner but my opponent was the looser.These three videos are a bit similar to each other. My video showed me getting a equal chance to Sakina using pie fraction bars. There was 2 greens and 2 oranges. 

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Police Visit

Today for a fun time the Constable Cyrus invited New Zealand polices to come over. The best thing I experienced was the parts of the helicopter and also good things about what dogs do. The dogs name was called Kahu. The owner of it looks after him very well and teaches him really great things. One thing I learnt is that helicopters use it for when people need help or if there lost in a forest e.g.. The best thing that happened was getting to see the bad guy get bitten by the dog Kahu.

Free Rice

Today for can do I played free rice. I donated 150 grains of rice. Today my subject was called grammar.


LI: To identify trades. This week for inquiry we did a different topic. We did trades. For this task we had to do the same thing from last week but different types of works. This time we had to make a group of 3 girls and 3 boys, and in that group we had to partner up with a girl and boy. In this task is was mostly all about researching. 

Kiwi Sport

This week for Kiwi Sport we played Badminton. The first thing we did was a warm up game. We all decided to play stuck in the mud. After that we practise with a buddy doing for hand and back hand. Next we started practising over the nets with our buddy. We had to remember to pinch the shuttle cock and keep it far away from us just like a stinky sock. Finally we played double in's and out's. In this game we had to go on with our partner and verse the other partners. Whoever gets 2 points first has stays in the games and the looser swap for another buddy.


       Today for commenting I did a smart comment. I decided to comment on brothers animation            work. I commented on his one because he didn't have that much comments. At first I watched it and it looked really great with all the drawing. 

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Kiwi Can

This week for kiwi can our theme was all about positive communication respect. The first thing we did was a energiser game. This game was called knights,gentleman, and horses. Ms Latoya had to say any on these options and we had to do the correct action with a partner. The last pairs to do it gets out or dosent have a partner. After that Ms Latoya added octopus in it. When she says octopus
1 person had to stand in the middle while eight has to stand outside. The next thing we did was val cones and valleys. In this game 2 teams were competing each other. There were cones spread everywhere. One team had to flip it over while the other team had to put it back. We only had 2/1 minutes to do it. At the end we did GKQ- General Knowledge Questions.

Keyboarding Drills 1

LI: To use the correct fingers.This week for daily 6 I did keyboarding drills level 2.I decided to do this because I needed to practise more and more.
Keyboarding Drills Level 1
Copy each row of letters on the row below. Use the correct fingers.

asdf gh jkl;’ asdf gh jkl;’ asdf gh jkl;’
asdf gh jkl; asdf gh jkl; asdf gh jkl;
fa fs fd ff fg j’ j; jl jk jj jh da ds dd df dg k’ k; kl kk kj kh
fa fs fd ff fg j' j; jl jk jj jh da ds dd df gh k' k; kl kk kj kh
sa ss sd sf sg l’ l; ll lk lj lh aa as ad af ag j’ j; jl jk jj jh
sa ss sd sf sg l' l; ll lk lj lh aa as ad af ag j' j; jl jk jj jh
ask dad slash glad fall sasha lash salsa shall jag haha lag
flask dahl gaga salads ashfall laksa khaf gall lall shad flags
asd dad slash glad fall sasha lash salsa shall jag haha lag flask dahl gaga salads ashfall laksa khaf gall lall shad flags
Ask Dad Slash Glad Fall Sasha Lash Salsa Shall Jag Haha Lag
Flask Dahl Hall Salads Ashfall Laksa Khaf Gall Jaffa Flags
Ask Dad Slash Glad Fall Sasha Lash Salsa Shall Jag Haha Lag Flask Dahl Hall Salads Ashfall Laksa Khaf Gall Jaffa Flags.


Martin Luther King Jr Speech
What is the main idea about Martin Luther's speech?
Martin's speech it talking about him having a dream.
How it is trying to persuade people?
This video is trying to persuade americans to know freedom should be happening and also wh he is dreaming should be happening in America.

Does this speech have a rhetorical Question?
Yes- So let freedom ring- It's asking us should we let freedom ring or should we not.

Did he use eye contact?
Martin did use eye contact he never read off anything he just kept on looking at everybody while saying his speech.

Was he speaking clearly/fast?
Yes he speak clearly/loudly, but he wasn't talking fast he slowed it down so that others could understand what he was actually telling others.

How it made me change my mind?
All I did was keep on repeating the video because when I first started the video I didn't understand it that much. Afterwards I could listen to him speaking very clearly. It was making me know that it was a dream for him. I changed my mind when he said that And if America is to be a great nation this should become true. There were many keywords and phrases that made me change my mind. It made me feel different emotions when watching it. It made me feel sad when he said that his four children will one day live in a nation where they will not judge by the colour of their skin.

LI: To understand how to deliver a speech/What techniques can be used when speaking. This week for writing we did speeches. First we had to get into our groups and then after that we had to discuss which speech we were going to summarise about. I decided to pick Martin Luther King Jr. His speech sound really interesting. For this activity I had to create a summary including the main idea about the speech, how are they trying to persuade people, and then good things about them. I used a google document to note everything down. 

Raz Kids

This week for other I decided to read a book called Totem Poles. It sounds really interesting. At first I predicted about what the story was going to be about. 

Screencastify - Summarising

LI: To use a range of comprehension strategies to go deeper into a text. This week for reading we had to do the same task but instead we had to use screencastify to record ourselves saying it. I tried practising 2 times and then I started doing it. I did a few changes before recording it as well. My strategies video was called summarising. So if you need to know anything about summarising just go ahead and click the triangle button to watch.  

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Kiwi Sport Term 4- Badminton

Kiwi Sport Term 4
This week for Badminton is was our 2nd session with Kevin. First we played everybody's it. In the game everybody had to be the tagger. If 2 people tags each other at the same time that means they will need to do rock,paper,scissors. We had only 2 rounds. To get back in the game if the person that tags you get out that means you can stand back up. Next we got into partners and then we started practising using the backhand and the forhand. The last thing we did was to let one of your partners throw the shuttle while the other person hits the shuttle.

Raz Kids

This week for other I did raz kids. I read a book called Raven and the Flood. It was a really interesting story. I didn't answer the questions but next time I will.

Tables Conga

Today for can do I did tables conga. I did my 8 times tables but next time im gonna try and not do a mistake.


This week for commenting I decided to comment on the Manaiakalani Films. I did this because Mr Wong told us to comment on Tamaki Primary's sugar rap so I kept on commenting on different films from different schools. 

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Keyboarding Drills

Today for Daily 6 I did Keyboarding Drills Level 2. I know that I did really great because I've been practising throughout the weeks.I learnt how to use the correct fingers. I learnt this by putting the correct fingers where it belongs.


LI:To use a range of comprehension strategies to go deeper into a text. This week for reading we made a modelling book.First we had to get into our reading groups, after that we had to discuss the strategies we have already learnt. Next each group had to stand up and say which strategies they were going to do. I was the first person im my group to choose. I chose summarising because I already planned what I was going to do before we started saying it. I created my own modelling book. I had to include a Fiction and Non Fiction book for a Junior,Middle, and Senior. I also had to use a book and make my own way of any of the summarising tasks. 


LI: To identify different Professional. This week for inquiry we learnt all about Professional workers We got into 6 groups and then we had to decided who to work with in our 6 groups. I worked with Marieta. We each did one of the followings. Lawyer,Accountant,Doctor,Educator,Business man, and Pilot. I did Pilot while Marieta did Doctor. The thing that had change was to find out if the fact that our teachers wrote down was reliable. After that Myself and Marieta went to our school library to find 2 books about our topic.

Monday, 6 November 2017

3 Wheel Decides

LI: To learn about probability using number of chances. This week for maths we learnt all bout probability but using number of chances. The first spinner at the top is who is your favourite rugby league player. For the wheel deciders we had to pick any 3 topics. The top one needed 1/5 chances which means it needed 5 chances. The middle spinner needed 1/10 chances. I did What is your favourite subject. The last spinner was many chances. I decided to do favourite food. All you need to do is just spin the wheel and see what you get. If you would want to make your own do it.CLICK HERE

Friday, 3 November 2017

Safety Rules about Firewoks

To be more safe always be with your family members while doing it.
LI:To create a DLO on showing how to be safe with fireworks.Today LS1 and LS2 gathered altogether to do a really important task. We learnt how to stay safe and also why we celebrate guy Faweks. First Ms Anderson read some things out to us and also showed us a video. After that we had to get into groups of 4 and start answering questions about Fireworks. Finally the last thing to do was to create a DLO showing people how to be safe while litting fireworks. I worked with Marieta and we both did something. While Marieta was writing I message I wrote the safety rules. To be more safe always be with your family members while doing it.
Remember stay safe. 


Today for commenting I commented on Sakina's Kiwi can post. As you can see that I've made a smart comment to her.

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Structure and Language

LI:To revise recount writing. Today for writing we had to make a poster about one of the 7 rubrics. It was either Ideas,Organisation,Punctuation,Spelling,Vocabulary,and Structure and language. I decided to do Structure and Language because I needed to work on the events going in several orders. I decided to add a image and making the letters big. 

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Keyboarding Drills

 Today for daily 6 I did Keyboarding Drills level 2. I had to use the correct fingers while writing.

Emergency Services

LI: To identify different emergency services. This week for inquiry we learnt all about emergency services. For this task we had to get into groups of 5. After that we had to get into pairs from our groups. I worked with Florence. We had to each do one of the following emergency services. Police, Fire, Ambulance, Search and Rescue, Surf Lifesaver, or Armed Service. I decided to do Police while Florence was doing Ambulance.

Kiwi Can

This term for kiwi can our focus is all about Respect. Our catch phrase is Respect find out what it means to me. The first thing we did was recaping on what we did last week. After that we play a tangled game. For this game it was girls vs boys. Everybody had to put there right hand up and hold someones hand opposite to them and do the same with there left hand. The next thing we did was 10 down. The aim was to pass it to your group member and they have to try and tap it on the floor. If they pass it and each person does 10 down then there group wins.

QAR Questions

LI: To use a range of comprehension strategies to go deeper in a text. This week for reading we did QAR questioning. The results I got for well being was 10 correct and the last one incorrect. On the leadership topic I got 4 correct and 7 incorrect. In reading I learnt how to use the 4 main questions while reading. 

Friday, 27 October 2017

Badminton Recount

''Boom'' as I entered the hall. I couldn't believe badminton had come back for kiwisport this term. I didn't know who was going to be our instructor, but I was pretty sure everybody was feeling excited about badminton. Our instructors name was called Kevin. I never thought he would be a master at balancing the shuttle,'' but guess what he was just like a ninja''. We started of with a warm up game. When Kevin said that we were going to play stuck in the mud everybody was shouting as if the whole world has begin to erupt. Myself and Nyjah were the taggers. We were happy that Kevin had picked both of us. As Kevin was counting down ''1,2,3'' everybody was getting ready although me and Nyjah were thinking of who we were tagging first. It was funny at the same time because some students decided to save their friends rather than saving others.

After that we got to use the rackets and the shuttles. The rackets made me strum it like a guitar. Firstly everybody had to stand on the white line while Kevin was teaching us multiple things. He teached us the most two important words in badminton. It was called back hand and front hand. Some students found it trying to hit it and at the same time focus on where the shuttle goes. Next Kevin showed us how to do the backhand. To be honest the backhand was really difficult for me to control. The next thing we did was trying to hit the shuttle multiple times by using backhand and front hand at the same time. My face turned red as I knew that I hitted the shuttle 24 times.

Eventually the next thing we did was trickshots. When Kevin said that work trickshots I couldn't believe him. The first trickshot we did was using the racket to hit the shuttle at the back of ourselves. I was practising a several of times and there you go I did it. Suddenly a Few moments later we did another one.  We had hit the badminton between our legs. It was a bit hard but although I kept practising it made me get better and better. Everybody had to try both of the 2 trick shots together. I did it once but tried to do more. Some students could do it even Kevin.

Finally it came down to a show down. Everybody was excited. The competition was to see who could  juggle the shuttle for the longest which means who would be the last person standing. We had 2 rounds to see who would be our two winners. Julian was our first winner and Jonathan was our second winner. Me and Jonathan were still going but unfortunately he won against me. It was finals for Julian and Jonathan to vers each other. Everybody counted down ''3,2,1''. They both started at the same time but a few seconds later Jonathan lost control and lost. Julian was the winner of all. Everybody took their rackets and shuttles back to the stage and lined up to go back to class. The whole class smiled with enjoyment shouting '' thank you Kevin''.   

LI: To revise recount writing. This week for writing we decided to do another 40 minute recount based on our badminton session. We decided to do this because since our writing test is nearly coming up we need to really organise what we need to include in our writing. In a recount you need to include ''TREE''. T Title, R Reveal, E Events, and also E Ending. If I reflected/mark my own work I will say that I did really great because the overall score I have is actually my real score for my own year group, but I know im gonna do more better in our real test.

Thursday, 26 October 2017


LI: To learn different techniques for badminton.
This week we had a new sport instructor teaching us badminton.His name was Kevin. This first thing we did at Badminton was a warm up game. For group B we played stuck in the mud. Me and Nyjah were the two taggers.Kevin decided to change it to his rules. The rules were if you get tagged then you need to stop, keep you legs wide open, then someone that didn't get tagged yet can come and clap between there legs and touch their hand. Eventually I got to tag lots of people.The next thing we did was using the shuttle and racket. First we had to find out the two names for badminton. It was called front hand and back hand. Next we started to juggle it practising the front hand. The other thing we did was practise the back hand. After that Kevin showed us some trick shots. One of the ticks was bouncing it and then hitting it between our legs. The other trick shot was hitting it at the back of ourselves. Finally we had a completion show down.The competition was to see who would be the last person standing for juggling the shuttle on the racket. We had to rounds.

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Equivalent Fractions

LI: To identify many different ways to show how fractions are done.This week for maths me and my partner had to publish our equivalent fractions poster. Fractions can be showed in different ways by the size and the numerators and the denominators. For example if you wanted to convert 3/5+2/8 to get the answer you have to times 2 and 8 which is 16, and then times 8 and 3 which is 24, and then times 5 and 2 which is 10. Add up the 2 answers (24+10=34) so obviously the answer would be 34/16.

Free Rice

Today for other I decided to play free rice. For this game I decided to play free rice. I donated 80 grains of rice. My subject was grammar. 

Tables Conga

This week for my can do I decided to learn my 8 timetables.I did this because since our maths test is coming I really need to practise it. The viruses had to try and catch me while I catch the 8 times tables. 

Blog Commenting

This week for blog commenting I had to comment on someone's blog. I decided to comment on Marietas recount about our school production.As you can see that I've simplify all the things that a smart comment needs.


Image result for maori
This week for Maori we learnt all about different places in the South Island and the North Island.Our Maori teacher's name was called Ms Whaea Odie. She was a really great Maori teacher.Today for our task we had to use a pencil,sheet work(places), devices, and mostly important google maps. On the sheet of paper was a picture of the map and at the top was list of Maori name places. We had to search them up in the search button on google maps. After doing that we had to zoom the map out and try to find what number it is and where it belongs. On top of that we had to write the Maori name and the English name for each place. I was the first student to finish everything off.

Keyboarding Drils

Today for daily 6 I decided to do keyboarding drills. I did this because I needed to practise using the correct fingers. Sometimes when I type I dont use the correct fingers and I make a mistake. I decided to do keyboarding drills level 1.

Well Being

LI:To use a range of comprehension strategies to go deeper into a text.This week for reading we had to the same task but different topics.Since each partner worked together on the same topic this week we had to separate and read different topics that we haven't read before.I had to do 3 frame ideas. The first slide was main ideas about the text,the next slide was summarising about the text, and finally that last slide was evaluating the text.I decided to read the text about well being. I learnt that balancing the 4 walls of hauora can help you be a lifelong learner. 

Friday, 20 October 2017

Recount- The Production

The Production
''Yahhh'' as I heard that it was Panmure Bridge School's 60th anniversary. Last term Panmure Bridge School decided to celebrate our 60th anniversary buy dancing through the decades. To create our dance Zoey ( Dance Instructor) showed us what to do and Mr Ogilvie gave some great feedback on what will should change. I felt so happy knowing that my group was dancing to the song Single ladies. The rest of our class was either doing Gangnam Style,Party Rock,Harlem Shake, Dougie, or Whip and Nae Nae. Each class had the time to go with Zoey nearly every Tuesday to practise their dances. We had been practising how to get on the stage and also how to get off. We celebrate this whole thing buy using bright/colourful costumes.

Eventually our whole school decided to get together just to have a little practise because Mrs Burke was busy purchasing our costumes, but on the next week since everybody was ready we had to try our whole costumes on with the whole school.Kids were nervous and also excited at the same time. On wednesday it was going to start. We started off with the mainteen. The mainteen included some audience just like we had some small children coming to watch us. Each class did a dance at several times while other classes were busy watching. We had a few of students at Panmure Bridge School that couldn't talk, but mostly Lyndon.His name was called Lyndo Live. Before entering the hall you had to show your tickets. Some parents weren't able to come inside and see their kids.

On Wednesday night everybody was proud of what they were going to show their parents. Pacifica and Kapa haka had to get changed in the library and the rest of the others had to get changed in their class,but the girls and boys were separated. There were 16 dances altogether. Here were all of the dances that each class danced to. Rm1-War,Rm2 and Rm4-Jailhouse,Rm3-Mambo Mambo 5,Rm5-Bad,Black or White,Billie Jean,RmLS 1-Single ladies,Gangnam Style, Party Rock, Whip and Nae Nae, Harlem Shake, and Dougie,LS2-Staying Alive,I see red, and Footloose.It was difficult for others to get changed after their class dance to their other clothes. We all danced in the hall but on the stage. The dancers sat on the floor and our family were sitting on the chairs.  

Finally it was the last day for Thursday Night. When I got dressed I said to myself '' I appreciate my family coming to watch me dance through the decades''. There was lots of lights flashing while dances. Parents were enjoying and laughing while taking videos/photos of their kids. On stage everybody looked great in there costumes just like they looked great with different costumes. Junior/Senior Kapa haka had items to show,also our Pacifica group. I enjoyed it it really fairly and all I want to say
Happy 60th anniversary Panmure Bridge School!

LI: To create a recount using TREE.
 This week for writing we had to write recounts about Panmure Bridge School's 60th anniversary.Each student had a rubric sheet marking the 7 levels of our production recount. After marking it they had to pick the best person with the highest score. I got picked and after that our teacher had to check it. I know I did great because as I looked back at my recount and then back at my results I see that I've received results higher then my usual level. The most thing I need to work on is all of the 7 rubrics but maybe more higher levels.

Local Community

LI: To identify about our Local Community around me.This week for our must do we had to make a relationship diagram. We had a middle,inner,and outer circle. Each circle represented a person.We had to fill in each of them with people we see everyday, people we see regularly, and also people that influence like jobs. This week our new topic was all about our local community. I made this by using google slides.

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Fractions Add and Sub

LI:to add and subtract fractions of the same unit size.For this weeks must do we had to make a tutorial video showing how to add and subtract fractions. I learnt this by doing different form of activities using fraction pieces and bars. I also made this by using screencastify. Before I started saying anything I practised. 

Wednesday, 18 October 2017


Today for other I decided to do raz kids. I read a book called Yellow Stone. It sound so interesting and I also learned some new facts about it.

Tables Conga

Today for a can do I decided to play a maths one. Tables Conga was good for me because I decided to practise my timetables. Since the time is going very quick I have to start practising a lot. The Viruses was hard for me because when I kept on getting the right ones I grew longer and longer. 


Today for commenting I decided to comment on Josh S Camels Explanation. As you can see that I followed some steps of a smart comment but mostly not that much. I've used a greeting at least. 

Keyboarding Drills

Today for keyboarding Drills I did keyboarding drills 2. It was not that difficult for me because I was use to look at the screen then typing more.For this daily six I decided to do keyboarding drills. I had to cop the writing and also use the correct fingers was the main thing.


LI: To use a range of comprehension strategies to go deeper into a text.This week for reading we had to focus on using Rugby League. There was 3 main things to it. Resilience,Well being, and also Leadership. Me and Fau worked together on Resilience and the rest of the other students either did Well being or Leadership. I learnt that Resilience means that you have the ability to recover from difficulties.

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

PBS Blogging- Bonus Activity- Day 5

Today was our last day. I really enjoyed doing these activities. It helped me acknowledge information when I get back to school. For this task I had to create a Venn diagram writing down the differences and similarities between the Harbor Bridges. I made this by using a google draw.

PBS Learning journey-Day 5- Activity 2

Adult- $165
Child- $135
Minimum Age- 10 yrs and older.
Weight- 35kgs
Maximum weight-150kgs

Today for day 5 I did my second activity. For this activity I just used blogger straight away. The task was to find out the cost and requirements I have to meet up to have a go at bungee jumping.I learnt everything by searching it up. 

PBS Learning Journey- Day 5- Activity 1

Today is our last day for the PBS learning journey. As you can see that I've started my first activity for day 5. For this task I had to make a DLO showing facts about the Auckland Harbor Bridge- When was it built?, Who Designed it?, and How long it is?. I made this by using a google slides and also attributing one image of the Auckland Harbor Bridge. I wrote everything down on one slide.

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Photography Exhibition

Today for my bonus activity I never gave up even though it was my bed time. For this activity I had to pick one of the exhibitions and write 5 exhibitions about it. I decided to do a photography one because it was a easier one for me to do and write down at the same time.

Vocaroo-PBS Blogging-Day 4

Today for this task I had to record myself noting when is the Parade at Auckland Mesuem held and why it's held for. This was my 2nd activity for day 4. I decided to use a different app called voice recorder on a phone. 

PBS Blogging- Day 4- Activity 1- Mesuem

Fact 1-The Turkish waved a white flag. They decided to free clean the body's of theirs. I find this interesting because it feels like when you wave a white flag it makes people know what to do.

Fact 2- When ANAZC people were leaving
 they had to add sandbags to their shoes so that when they do anything there wouldn't be any noise. I found this really interesting because if you walk then it will make no noise. For example my point of view is that if I was trying to sneak out then I would use the sandbag to put it in my shoes.

Fact-3Austro Hungary a empire defensed war on Serbia and also got supported by the Germans, then the Russians declared war on Austro Hungary and got supported by the country France. After all that had happen  the British and all countries were included  making it a world war. I find this interest because it started from one war and then it became to grow bigger and bigger with all of the other different countries joining.

Today for day 4 I did my first activity. For this activity I had to visit the Museum Website and find out 3 fast facts. It helped me by watching and listening to different videos about the world war. After writing down our facts I had to write down why I found these facts interesting. As you can see that I picked these facts because they were easier for me to list down while listening. 

Monday, 2 October 2017

PBS Blogging- Bonus Activity-Day 3- Ticket Prices

Today for day 3 I did my last activity which was a bonus activity. For this activity I had to make a DLO showing the opening times of Kelly Tarlton's and also all of the ticket prices. For full points I had to get some images and attribute them about Kelly Tarlton.It was difficult writing everything in.

PBS Blogging-Day 3- Activity 2- Kelly Tarlton's

Today for my second activity for day 3 I had to make an info graphic about a sea creature from Kelly Tarlton's. I picked a Penguin because last time I went there a Penguin kept on looking at me and I always looked back. To earn full points I had to grab an image about my sea creature and then attribute it. In the google draw I needed to include there Diet,Habitat,and the appearance of them. 

PBS Blogging- Day 3-Activity 1- Kelly Tarlton's

Today is day 3 for the PBS blogging journey. For this task I had to Visit this Kelly Tarlton's site- the first slide I had to write down how much it would cost me to go to Kelly Tarlton's. It costs me $50 because it says $50 for a child. On the next slide I had to write down how much it would cost for my family to pass to the Aquarium. I decided to do some working out so that people know how I got the number $344.

Sunday, 1 October 2017

PBS Blogging-Bonus Activity- Bunjee Jumping

Image result for bungee jump
I chosen bungee jumping because I'd like to try out new things and also learn new things. I also chose this because it convinces me when I look at the image.
How much it would cost? If you go to Bungee jumping it would literally cost $225 for the adults to jump. If your a student and you have ID to back you up it costs $195. 2 students or adults will cost $700.

Today for this task I decided to do it because it was a bonus activity. For this task I had to find different adventurism activities that I can do in the city and then chose one of them. After that I had to write about why I chose it and how much it would cost to go.