Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Ancient and Modern Olympics

Today we are learning how to compare and contrast the ancient Olympic games with the modern Olympic games. We had to write down facts about Ancient and Modern Olympics then we had to compare it together and find out the similarities. We had to add in some images in each circle.

Friday, 26 August 2016

Attributing Olympic Images

 LI: to use Google search to find images / LI: to credit the owner of an image. We had to choose 2 modern photos and 2 ancient photos. After that we had to attrubuti the images. When you attribute the image you need the author, license and the website.

Basic Addition

LI: To add by using tens, hundreds, ones (Place Value). I had to do basic addition level 4 - 2 digits and basic addition level 5 - 3 digits. We had to use the place value abacus to figure the answer. What I need to work on is to try a harder level using the place value abacus.

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Summarising a text

LI: To Summaries a text. This week Mr Wong's group had to work on Find, Draw, Animate and act altogether. Mr Wong had to give us a word then we had to get a photo of it and attribute the photo. Next we had to make a animation on our word.What was difficult for was trying to make a embed video to add on the slide and what I need to improve on is learning how to summaries a text and what Summaries means.


Today we are learning trying to think of how do words work to make a picture in our mind.This week we had to make a slide to make a poetry with our group. In a poetry we have to use a noun, Adjective, add another adjective, add a 3rd adjective, verb, adverb, add an ending,add an adjective to the ending, then add another adjective. I made to poetry's about a wheels chair and a rock. Red- Verb Blue-Noun Green- Adjective Maroon- Adverb. What I need to improve on is to think of a word and try to picture it in our minds. 

Warriors Visit

Today we got a visit from 2 Warrior people called Ryan Hoffman and John Palavi. Their were some photos that Mr Wong took. Everybody really enjoyed it. Their were a lot of stuff to do. What was really interesting for me was getting cool prizes- Water bottles and bags. We had to make a google drawing about our visit and also adding some images. 

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

How To make a non-polluting car

LI: To find the most important text in a idea. This week we read a new story called How to make a non-polluting car. This week we had to read over the story and answering questions so that we know what is the main idea in the text. What was difficult for me was answering some of the questions and what I need to improve on is finding the most important idea in the text.

Monday, 15 August 2016

Car Prak Puzzle

Today we had to maths can dos. I played a game called Car park puzzle. I compete level 1. In this game you have to move the green cars so your car can drive through to the exit. What I need to improve on s trying a different level.

Friday, 12 August 2016

Words webs- How to make a non-polluting car

Today we are learning to find the most important (main idea) in a text. We had to read story called how to make a non-polluting car. We had to read it and list down the words we do not understand. What was difficult for me was try to learn the hard words. Next time I will try and find the definition for the words I dont understand.

Inquiry: Vitamins and Minerals

Today we are learning how to understand what diet means to athletes past and present. This week for Mr Wong's group we had to chose  one of the products. My group was Vitamins and Minerals. We had to add photos of Vits and Mins then we had to attribute the images.

Advertising toys

Today we are learning how to create our own 
(brochure).  We had to write down some of the success criteria and phrases. In a success criteria you need a rhetorical question, emotive language,personal words and repeated language. We had to plan it on a piece of paper after that we had to make a google drawings. What was difficult for me was drawing the drone so I gave it to ta'ani to draw.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Number Stones

Today we are learning how to read before and after numbers to 100 000, To order unit fractions from smallest to biggest. 
How to play number stones: On your turn you have to tell the person that is reading how many stones you want to place then the reader will give you a number to solve and if you get it right you place your number stones on the board. What I need to improve on is learning my 5 digit numbers. But the thing that was difficult for me was trying to get my partner out on number stones.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016


Today we are learning how to read before and after numbers 100 000 and also we are learning how to order unit fractions from smallest to biggest. Today I had to order the fractions smallest to biggest.  I got 2 right before the time stopped. What I need to learn on is to get to know the harder numbers I do not know but the thing that I was good at was ordering the fractions smallest to biggest.

Friday, 5 August 2016

General Knowledge

Today we are learning to find information about the world around us. First we had to insert a photo of the Tonga flag and the capital city of Tonga. What was difficult for me was the blue slides that said If I went... But the thing that I improved on was inserting images and maps.  


Today I played Xtramaths. The yellow means I got it right and the red means I got it wrong. I got 46 right and 1 wrong. What I need to work on it 7 + 8 = But I improved in my results.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Language Features

Today we are learning how to recognize and understand the purpose of advertising (persuasive) language Features. Mr Wong added 3 links to the Te Ika A Maui slide: EB Games Site,Lego friends, and Hot Wheels. We had to take a screenshot of a Toy from one of the sites and add it onto the slide. On the slide we had to label it and write down the three language features of your screenshot. The thing that was difficult for me was trying to find a picture to screenshot. The thing that I improved on labeling my screenshot and writing the language features. 

Basic Subtraction Level 3

Today we are learning to subtract numbers by making tidy numbers. Waikato and Whanganui group had to try level 3 subtracting. What I need to work on is learning how to subtract numbers by making a tidy number. Next time I will improve to try a harder level.

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Neighborhood Niggles Mr & Ms Fritz

Today we are learning to find the most important (main) idea in a text.We had to find the main idea in the text. The difficult thing for me was trying to find a consequence sentence from the text. The thing that i improved on was finding a action in the text.

The Marvelous,Mighty,Mighty Monster Truck!

The Marvellous, Mighty, Monster Truck!

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Today we are learning to show what we already know about the purpose and language of advertising. We had to work in groups of 3. We had to find some sentences that a persuasive and adverting then we had to comment on that sentecne and say why is is advertising. The difficult thing for me was trying to find a sentence to comment on it and the thing that I improved on was trying to find some persuasive sentences.