Tuesday, 29 November 2016


Today for reading I worked with Marieta on a timeline about Richard Pearce and Jean Batten. we had to write it in order. Next time we have to write a timeline about Amelia earhart and The wright Brothers. 

Jean Batten


Jean Batten
Jean Gardner Batten was born on September 15th 1909 in Rotorua, New Zealand. She was one of the great international aviators in the 1930s. Batten made a number of record breaking solo flights across the world.

In 1913 the Batten’s family moved to Auckland. Jean was enrolled to a girl’s boarding school in Remuera. There, she studied piano and ballet. Although she was a talented pianist she become more interested in becoming a pilot.

She moved to England with her mother in 1929 to join the London Airplane Club.After taking her first solo flight in 1930 she earned a private pilot’s license in 1932. People knew that Batten would become so strong in her career of a pilot.

Jean Batten made her first major flight from England to Australia in 1934 and even managed to beat Amy Johnson’s record.She flew back and became the first woman to make a return flight.She flew 16,900 kilometers 10,500 milimeters in 14 days 22 hours and 30 minutes Jean Batten Bock Amy Johnson’s record by over four days.Jean died November 22 1982 in Spain she died from a Animal attack

Today for inquiry we got to choose out of a common craft, epic rap battle or a speech. Me, Angari, Savelina, and Angela made a speech about Jean Batten. each of us had a color to read. On the top you will know who is reading each color. 

Jean Batten

Jean Batten
Jean Batten is one of the New Zealand aviators. She became the best known aviator of New Zealand and did record breaking solo’s across the world. When Batten died the airports workers tried to put her gipsy moth plane on the top and it worked. every time I go to the airport I always see Jean Batten’s gipsy moth plane and it reminds me of her when she died.

And Remember Jean Batten will never be forgotten.

Today for writing Te Ika a Maui and Aoteroa group had to practice writing a conclusion about P.B.S. and then we had to write a real conclusion on our favourite aviator. I choose Jean Batten as my New Zealand aviator.

Monday, 28 November 2016

Free rice

Today I did free rice. I donated 130 grains of rice. Next time I will try and donate more rice to the poor.

Tables Conga

Today for my can do I played tables conga. I did my 2 times tables but next time I will try and do a hader level.

Blog Commenting

Today for blog commenting I did blog commenting on Savelina's blog. I always blog comment every week but I hope you guys do more blog commenting then me. 


Today for maths we had to work with Mr Ashurst on measuring. This week we still focused on measuring and did the same task. we had to get the same people again.

Thursday, 24 November 2016


LI: to accurately collect data LI: to accurately present data LI: to accurately interpret data Today for maths we had to do measuring with Mr Ogilvy's maths group. we had to test Freeman,Jack, and Chris on how accurte they can throw a bean bag (Ball).

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Free rice

Today for my any can do I did free rice. Free rice is a game that you can donate to the poor. I got 130 grains of rice for the poor.

How do we deserve the grains of rice?
First you have to find the meaning of the words and then you will keep on getting grains of rice.

Information report- Jean Batten

Jean Batten was known as a aviator of New Zealand. She broke the best record of flying solo's around the world. Jean Batten was born on September 15th 1909 in rotorua ( New Zealand),and died on November 22nd 1982 in Spain. She had to leave to England and study music there but instead she received a pilot's license. Always remember that Jean Batten was a aviator for New Zealand and the day she died. She is a wonderful aviator that New Zealand will never forget. 

Today for writing we are revising back on a information report. we had to write a introduction about our favourite aviator. I choose Jean Batten because she comes from NZ and also she broke one of the best record of solo flights across the world.

Tables Conga

Today I did tables conga. I played my 2 time tables. I think I did a great job on my tables conga game. 


Today for reading we had to o a Biography on Amelia earhart and Jean Batten. each group was divided into groups of 4 and was named after a famous Aviator.  All of the names we used was Pearce,Batten, Amelia earhart, and The wright Brothers. 

Monday, 21 November 2016

Blog Commenting

Today for the blog commenting column I commented on Koloa's measuring blog post. I hope I will be commenting more in the next few weeks.

Jean Batten

Today for inquiry we got to choose a aviator and make a application about them. I choose Jean Batten and the questions I used was who is she, How did she become famous, and more information about her.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

rocket experiment

Today for Mr Oglivie's inquiry group we are focusing on rockets. Today we made rocket out of materials. we had to make it then launch it outside with Mr Ogilvie.

General Knowledge

LI: find information about the world around us. 
Today for my any can do I did general knowledge. The country I did was Cook Island cause one of my friend are Cook Island. I love learning about the world.

Tables Conga

Today for my any can do I did tables Conga. Last time as I did 2,10 and 7 timetables this time I did my 6 time tables which was easy. I love doing tables conga every time for my can do. 

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

How do planes fly?

Today Mr Wong's writing group worked with a relaver teacher called Mr Lenckby. This week for our task we had to write a explanation text on how do planes fly. we had to write in paragraphs.


Text: High Fliers

Read the text and record key words/phrases that answer these questions:

Who? Richard Pearce and yr 6,7,8 students

What? They used a book about richard Pearce to make a plane editing,filming and camping

Where? At Nelson Auckland Point School, Auckland

When? This story was based on a true story

Why? For a advertisement ad Awards

How? By using a diagram book of a book into a copy of a 3D plane

Summarise the text in 25 words:

Point School

LI: To infer information from the text. 
Today for Mr Wong's reading group we had to summarise a text called High Fliers. I had to answer the 5 w's and the 1 h. This was most about Richard pearce and the wright brothers. At the bottom we had to sumarise the text in 25 words.


Today for maths we had to work on our work sheets again. This week we are focusing on measuring. Last week we got 5 work sheets about measuring. This time there were only 2 worksheets. There was one to do with a string and one to do with a ruler.

Monday, 14 November 2016

Blog Commenting

Today I did blog commenting on Savelina's blog. I blogged comment on Savelina's blog about her measuring. 

rockets experiment

Today for Mr Oglivie's inquiry group we did a experiment about balloons. For our experiment we needed some materials: a Long line attached to each wall- side to side. On each balloon we had to attach the straw with the tape. After we had finished our experiment we had to make a graph to see which balloon went the furthest meters. Next time we will be making a new experiment.

Friday, 11 November 2016

Inference recording

LI: to infer information using clues and prior knowledge. Today for Mr wong's reading group we all had to work together as a group to record our inferring on a sheet. we had to infer a text called How do airplanes fly?.


Today I played tables master. I did my 10 timetables. Next time I will try and do my other time tables. I played this game on a site called Transum.

Tables Conga

Today for my can do I did my time tables on transum. I played it to learn my timetables. But next time I will try and do a different level.


LI: How technology expands human development. How society and environments impact on and are influenced by technology past,present,and future. Today we had to change our groups and topics. This week we had to go back with Mr Ogilive and our new topic was about rockets. We had to focus on the Shape, Propellant, Control and Stages.


 Image result for measuring ruler cm
This week for Mr Wong's maths group we are focusing on measuring from CM. This week we never used our Chromebook but we used a lot of worksheets. There are 4 rules but more. One rule is that you always have to start measuring from the 0 cm. we can't see the o cm but it is at the edge. we learnt a lot about measuring but I reckon that I should learn more.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

structure and language features

LI: to learn the purpose of an explanation text.
LI: to learn the structure and language features of an explanation text.

Today for my must do we had to make a google drawing on the structure and Language features of a explanation text. This week for Mr Wong's group we are focusing on a explanation text. In groups we had to highlight the similarities and the differences between a information report and a explanation text.

Manaiakalani Film festival- Blog Commening

Today Panmure Bridge school went to the Manaiakalani Film Festival. we watched some interesting films from other Tamaki schools. I commented on room 10's called ''Making Choices''. It was really funny and awesome at the same time. I like it how they had problems and then a few minutes later they made good choices. I think room 10 did a good job.

Friday, 4 November 2016

How do things fly?

Today for inquiry I had to make a DLO on how do things fly like a bird,helicopter and a plane. I had to write down what are the forces in flight, How do flying things overcome, how do they over come air resistance and the final question. 

Genreal knowledge

Today for my other can do I had to do general knowledge. My country was Tokelau. It was interesting learning about Tokelau. I had to do most searching for this and getting lots of images. 


Image result for the big tsunami
‘’Yah’’ as Sarah yelled ’’ I can’t wait to go to the beach’’. Every summer day Sarah and her family would always go to the beach near the time square in New York. As they were packing everything they heard that there would be a big tsunami hitting New York, but as Anna (Sarah’s Mum) heard that there would be a Big tsunami happening she said to Sarah, ‘’There is going to be a big tsunami hitting New York so we are not going anymore’’, As Sarah started to cry and said, No we have to go, But as soon as Sarah started crying Anna said ‘’ ok Sarah we can go but we have to come back immediately’’, ‘’And Sarah said Deal’’. They finished packing and walked over to the car.

10 minutes later they arrived to Maraetai beach. As soon as Sarah saw the big waves she hopped out of the car straight away and started splashing in the water. Sarah was having so much fun, until she saw a big tide coming. Anna saw the big Tsunami coming too so she ran to Sarah and carried her to the car. Anna was in a lot of stress and said ‘’OMG Sarah that was so close now we have to go back home and wear warm clothes’’

As they got home they locked all the doors and put on warm clothes as soon as possible. Sarah saw the tsunami coming towards her house so she ran to Anna and hugged her, But as the tsunami stopped it did not hit Sarah’s house. So Sarah said ‘’that was strange I can’t believe that’’ ’’ I know right’’ as Anna replied back.

Jervani (Sarah’s Father) was so nervous and said ‘’now is the time to go to the pools’’. They arrived to the pools and has a swim together as a family. Sarah had so much fun and said ‘’ what a busy day’’.  They had ice cream together as a family and lived happily together as a family.

LI: LI: to plan and write a narrative within a week.

Today My group had to write and narrative and include our success criteria. I did a narrative about a big Tsunami. My success criteria was to use the Topes. T stands for title, o stands for orientation, e stand for event and s stand for solution.

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Tables Conga

Today for my can do I played Tables Conga. I did my 3 timetables and I got all of it right just in time. 


LI: To infer information using clues and prior knowledge.
Today for Mr Wong's reading group we had to infer a text called Awarua the Taniwha of Porirua. we had to infer each page of the text. On each slide it said I think.... ,evidence from the text and your prior knowledge. 

Wednesday, 2 November 2016


Today I did blog commenting. I had to comment on other peoples blog. I commented on 2 blog post- Angela and Angari. I really like commenting on blogs.