Friday, 26 February 2016

My Cinderella Retelling

Today I have record myself on we video retelling the story of Cinderella. The story I read was so interesting. The year 5's read Cinderella and the year 6's read Hansel and Gretel. All of people in LS.1 had to watch some fairy tales and write it onto a piece of paper.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Snow White: Retelling Scaffold

Today in LS1 I made a retelling scaffold on Snow white. I had to write the problem, where the place took and the solution. Miss Paton spited us into groups and gave us a narrative book each to read. The narrative books are Chicken Liken, Ginger bread man and Snow White.

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Comment To Jack

This is my comment I made to jacks profile picture.

Narrative Story

One Summer holiday there lived a family called the Williams family. The mother’s name was Melody, the father's name was Nicky and the daughter’s name was Fiona. They lived in New York next to Time Square. The one thing that Fiona hated was the heat in New York. The other thing that Fiona loved was dancing. Every time it was hot in New York Fiona and her parents always liked going to the beach for a swim.  Nicky decided to go for a swim at the beach so he asked his family whether they wanted to go to the beach. Everyone said yes. So they found their swimming things and headed off for the beach.

As they arrived the beach was high tide and Fiona went for a swim straight away. The tide was rough and had big waves. She went passed the flag without the lifeguard knowing. The tide swept her away.

Her father noticed Fiona had been swept away so he ran and told the lifeguard. The lifeguard immediately called other lifeguards for help. They got the rescue boat and out they went searching for Fiona.While Fiona was waiting for the lifeguards to come and save her she felt something that touched her leg so she screamed out  from far away ”Dad I need help”. Nicky didn’t even hear her. So Fiona yelled again “Dad help me”.  Nicky heard her so he said “Wait the life guards are coming to save you”.

As the lifeguards got there on the rescue boat Fiona nearly drowned. One of the lifeguards grabbed her by the hand and lifted  her up to the boat. As they brought her to the sand her parents were happy that they rescued her. Fiona was relieved at the end. They first gave her first aid and thought that she had swallowed a lot of water but she was fine. At last the family were relieved that Fiona was rescued and she appreciated what the lifeguards had done. The family thanked the lifeguards and thought that Fiona would not have made it without the lifeguards.  

This is my narrative story I wrote. I had to write a fiction story about the beach. First I wrote the orientation. I also had to add some characters in my narrative.

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

How to be a successful Digital learner at home

This is my work I did called how to be a successful learner at home. I had to write 10 rules and Miss Paton also took a picture of me to add to my work. I made this by using google drawing.

Favourite T.V. shows in Learning space 1

  I did a Statistical investigation on favourite T.V. shows. I had to ask people in Learning space 1 what their favourite T.V. show was.What I learnt was making a spreadsheet to record my data. In LS1 Lab rats has the most votes which means most people in LS1 likes Lab Rats and Henry danger has the least votes which means least people in LS1 doesn't like Henry Danger. There were not the same votes in my graph.

Adventures Time had 12 votes, K.C. Undercover had 11 votes, Lab Rats had 22 votes, Henry Danger had 5 votes and Kirby Buckets had 7 votes.

Monday, 15 February 2016

Analysing a Narratiive

Today LS1 learnt how to analysis a narrative for writing. we learnt that a narrative story has a begging, middle and end. Also the begging has the hook and the orientation. in every narratives it has characters and a setting. The characters in this story was Bill, Bob, John and China who is a paramedic doctor.  The middle has a problem and the end has a resuloution.

Friday, 12 February 2016

My recount

Image result for tonga islandsMy Time in Tonga
Yeah as I hopped in the plane to go to Tonga I felt so happy. We went to Tonga to see my Dad’s brother who was sick. We started flying at 9:30am. When the plane was about to fly my stomach felt like it was going to explode in the air. As the plane was still flying I played on the iPad so that I could get more relaxed instead of my ears hurting. While I was playing on the iPad my Dad ordered some food for us to eat, before we arrived in Tonga.  When we arrived in Tonga I could feel the hotness coming in the plane so I put the air-con on. As we got off the plane we had to walk inside the airport and hand our passports to them. After that we had to get our suitcases from the other side before we went outside. When we first walked out of the airport my Grandpa gave me a big hug. Then we had to hop in the van to drive to my uncle's house.

When we first got to my Dad’s brother's house we said a prayer. My Dad was crying because he never saw one of his brothers sick. As my Dad finished saying the prayer we went to buy some fruit for my uncle to eat.

When we were about to go to sleep my Dad woke up the whole night to look after his brother, so that he was fine. As the next day started my uncle wasn’t fine, so my Dad lifted him up to face him to the door and he died. My Dad and everyone in the house started crying. So my Dad rang his cousin to come because he is a doctor. He came to our house with a first aid packet to try and see if he could get better but he didn’t.

After that my Dad rang the funeral directors to come on Thursday. Then my Dad went to the shop to buy a white suite for my uncle to wear while he was in the coffin. We had the funeral for two days. The funeral started on Tuesday, so we all had to wear black for 3 months. When the funeral started we first had to sing a Tongan song and then say a prayer. As Thursday started I had to wear a big Tauv’vala- Tongan religious cloth. We all had to go to Hihifo- a place in Tonga and burry him. My Dad was crying because we were going day back to New Zealand the next day. We only stayed in Tonga for 1 week which was very short holiday.
As the funeral finished I said to myself “This is a very sad holiday”.

This is my recount I had to write about what I did in the holidays.

How to be successful learner

These are my rules about how to be a successful learner. I had to write ten rules and also added a picture.

My blogger Profile

Screenshot 2016-02-12 at 4.31.37 PM.png

Malo e lelei my name is Mele. I was born in 2006. I  am a year 5 student at Panmure Bridge school and I am in learning space one. My teacher's name is Mr Wong and Miss Paton. During my spare time I like to Listen to music and reading comic books. My favourite sport is baseball. Also my favourite meal is Burger king. My favourite subject is reading.

How to be a Successful learner at school

This is my work about how to be a successful learner at school we had to write rules so that after that we could take our Chromebook home. I wrote one on google slide.

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Learning Space 1's Birthday's

The Month that was celebrated the most was April.The month that was celebrated the least was December.

November, July and March had the same number of birthday celebrated in. Each Month was celebrated three times.
June and August has seven birthdays celebrated in. Each month’s was celebrated seven times.
The months were celebrated early in the year.
October and January has the same number of birthdays celebrated in. Each Month's was celebrated five times.
May and September has four birthdays celebrated in. Each Month's was celebrated four times.

Today I have been learning to create a graph on our Birthdays. I made this by Using google spreadsheets.