Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Summer Learning Journey Activity 12 Week One

  1. Nau mai ki Aotearoa - Welcome to New Zealand
  2. ____ is my name - Ko toku ingoa
  3. What is your name? He haka to ingoa
  4. He pai taku ki te takaro i te whutupaoro. I like to play rugby leauge
  5. Where do you come from? No hea koe?

This week for this activity I had to use google translate to translate these Maori phrases.

Summer Learning Journey Activity 11 Week One

Today I did another activity. For this task I had to choose one of the Maori games and tell the name of it, the goal for the person to do, and two rules.The game that I found out was Poi Toa Tag. I decided to do this game because it was easier to listen to the video and see the materials that they need to play this game. I had to find out if it was a cool game for me or if it wasn't. The goal for this game is to try eliminate everybody out, to play you would need to get a poi, and in this game you need to try and hit everybody else poi to get them out.

Summer Learning Journey Activity 10 Week One

Today for this activity I had to find my favourite Maori waiata. I had to research for a Maori song that I really love to listen to and why.

Here is my answer:
My favourite music is E te iwi e. I love this waita so much because we sing it in our school and even since the Kapa Haka group sings it I get along with sinning it too. If you wanna listen to my favourite Maori Waita click here.

Summer Learning Journey Activity 9 Week One

Today for this activity I had to pick three people in my family that I am close to. I am close to everybody in my family but three that I am close to. I had to ask them two favourite things to doing summer times and 2 fun facts about each person.

Here is my answer:
2 things they all love to do in summer.
Mum: Gym & Shopping
Dad: Drinking Kava & Go places
Youngest Brother: Play rugby & sings

2 fun facts about them:
Mum: Good at cooking and good at being a midwife.
Dad: Good at playing ukulele & listens to Tonga radio everyday
Youngest Brother: Loves to play the drums & plays rugby.

Summer Learning Journey Activity 8 Week One

Ko _________Maungarei_______________ te maunga    The mountain that I affiliate* to is…
Ko _________Tamaki____________ te awa          The river that I affiliate to is….
Ko ________________________ te waka The waka that I affiliate to is…
Ko ________________________ tōku tīpuna My founding ancestor is…
Ko ________________________ tōku iwi          My tribe is…
Ko ________________________ tōku hapu My sub-tribe is…
Ko ________________________ tōku marae My marae is…
Ko ___________Tonga_____________ ahau I am from…Tonga
Ko_____Elani___ rāua ko ____Solomone_______ōku mātua  My parents are Elani… and Solomone

Ko ___________Mele_____________ tōku ingoa. My name is Mele

This week for this activity I had to write down my pepehea. I only wrote in the things I have but the rest I dont know. The blank spaces shows that I dont have it in my personality. This pepehea is a great way of identifying myself and my family too. Click here to watch me saying my pepehea.

Summer Learning Journey Activity 7 Week One

Image result for large family
Today for this activity I had to write about how I would feel if I had a large family and would I enjoy being with them why or why not. I did this because back in the 1800's most families were pretty big growing up now they have a lot of brothers and sisters to visit. It's just how my mother grew up. They had 13 kids altogether which was a large family.

Here is my answer: 
It would be a good opportunity to have a large family but for me I would say no because there would be to much to care for and when your parents are busy their might be to much kids running everywhere when doing something that is really important. For example if there was 3 little babies 5 older kids and 4 primary kids mum would be so busy using petrol to drive them to college,kindergarten, and primary, even mum would need to buy a lot of lunch every time for kids to eat. 

Summer Learning Journey Activity 6 Week One Bonus Activity

This week for this activity was my 6th activity for week one. For this activity I had to find out what my favourite meal is but I decided to do this because It's my favourite thing out of anything else. Back in the 1800's most Maori's were on diets so the only thing they could eat was food from the sea - fish and things from plants - kumara. This is a traditional drink in Tonga called otai. In this meal it has fruits and favoured flavour inside. I love this drink so much because it's good for summer and it also makes you full rather than just eating. You can make otai using different types of fruits. If you wanna make Watermelon and pineapple otai click on this link to find out how to make it.

Summer Learning Journey Activity 5 Week One

Today for week one I decided to do another Summer Learning Journey activity.For this activity I had to draw a picture of my dream job. I did this because back in the days in New Zealand the men and women would often marry at a young age. Women were expected to have babies and take them to a caring home. These days they had strick expectations to do. My dream job I drew was a midwife. A midwife is just like a doctor but their role is to look after patient and get their babies out. After a week they go and visit them to see if the mother and baby is doing alright.

Monday, 18 December 2017

Summer Learning Journey Activity 4 Week One

Today for this activity I had to compare the Wharepuni house to my house. On my blog I had to write down two similarities and two differences between a Wharepuni house and my house.

This house has carving to it but my house doesn't.
A Wharepuni has a carving in the middle of their house but my one doesn't.

Both houses have a door and windows.
Both houses has a roof and walls.

Summer Learning Journey Bonus Activity Week one Activity 3

Today I did my 3rd activity. For this activity I had to watch a short video about Waka Ama sports. On my blog post I had to write about if I wanted to do this when I grow up or not. If I didn't I would need to write the reason why or If I wanted to I would need to write it based on why I wanted too. My answer is at the bottom.

Answer: I would not want to be a Waka Ama racer on day because I love rugby more better and I would not want to leave everything I have experienced in rugby. It look so fun to get going and using all the strength to push, but I still love the sports I play. The reason why I wouldn't do this because I have no interest doing this and I have never done this before. 

Summer Learning Journey Activity 2 Week one

This week for this activity I had to write a letter to a friend imaging I was one of the people leaving my home on a Waka. I had to write a letter about leaving home to a country 1000 miles away. In this letter I had to write how I would feel like and more. If this actually happens I would feel really nervous. 
Dear Friend,
I am one of the people who are leaving my home base, to try out a new country. I dont know what will be happening to me and what I will be doing. I dont know what it's going to be like in a new country. I will be sure to think about you more and more. I've wanted to send this to you because I've already been farewell by my family but you weren't there. I hope to get their safely before a bad weather forecast. At the moment I feel sad to leave. Love Mele.

Summer Learning Journey Activity 1 Week One

This week is a time to do Summer Learning Journey activities. This was my first activity to do. For this activity I had to read a short story about famous main in Maori Mythology called Maui. I had to create a DLO (Digital Learning Object) showing 3 facts that I learnt about the interesting man I read about. I decided to create a google drawing to show other what I made for this activity.This book was called Maui and the Giant fish. Here is the link at the bottom if you wanna read about it.
I also had to write down any other stories I heard about Maui. At the moment I've heard a lot about Maui but one of the stories I've known for a long time is called Maui and the Sun. This book was about when Maui had a plan to slow the sun's passage through the sky.

Thursday, 14 December 2017


LI:To use a range of comprehension strategies to go deeper into a text.This week for writing we had to get into groups and decide who wants to research one of the following categories that a put together as a newspaper. It was either National,International,Sports,Business,or entertainment. We used different sites to find news about our topic. The news we found was suppose to be from the 5th of the Dec to the 11 of Dec. We had to create a bulletin that represents the information we wrote about and includes attributed images. This week I decided to do sports ( Cricket game West Indies Vs Black Caps). 

That's My Money

LI: To do more activities to earn money. This week for maths we did the same task. Right now I have $250 and 40 cents. I joined the mentor program to help people with no money and people that is on negatives. This week I did 10 activities to earn more money and to pay my income tax,insurance level, and work space. We had prize giving for the people who got over 100 and people who finished in 1st,2nd, and 3rd. The prizes we got was Moro and Fredo chocolate from Mr Wong. Jack came first, Marieta came second, and Karlos came 3rd. They got 3 chocolates each but people over 100 got 1 chocolate. We are going to do another prize giving on Friday. At the moment Jack is leading by $500,Marieta 2nd with $294, and Karlos 3rd place with $293. There was 2 spinners with lotto and disaster. This week for disaster we go no one and for lotto no one was lucky to get their number. 

What would happen if we had no food services.

LI: To create a vlog about one of the 3 scenarios. This week for inquiry we had to pick one of the following scenarios: No Food services, No Health Services, and Government services has been lost. First I created a google document to write down my script on what I was going to say. After that I used Screen castify to create my own video about no more food services in our world. Think about what would our local community do? At the bottom shows my script on what I said because you can't heard me that much.

Kiwi Sport

This week for Kiwi Sport was our last session with Kevin. We had so much fun with Kevin and loved learning new skills with him too. The first thing we played was octopus. We had to 2 rounds and then we started playing different types of games. The next thing we did was learn a new trick shot. For this trick shot we had to put the shuttle on the racket and spin in over and try not to make it fall. The other thing we did was play single in's and out's. In this game we had to use any serve and start playing a rally. First person to get 1 point wins and the person that lost goes to the back of line. There was 3 courts but 7 on each court. The next game we played was doubles ins an outs it was the same as singles ins and outs but you needed a pair and first to get 2 points.

Christmas Poem

LI: To rewrite a Christmas story. This week for Mr Ogilvie's writing group we had to rewrite a Christmas poem that was written by Clement Clarke Moore. For this story we had to make the end of the lines rhyme. For this story we had to put 'twas the night before Christmas at the beginning and at the end we had to write happy Christmas to all and all good night. To make this story I watched 1 video but was a version of a kiwi's Christmas. Since it's summer the video said that Santa was wearing shorts,singlets, and sandals.

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Free Rice

Today for other I decided to play free rice. In this game there was a word that I had to find was similar to it. So for example it said what is another word for gem I would say jewel. At the moment I had donated 60 grains of rice.

Jet Ski Addition

Today for can do I decided to play Jet Ski Addition. In this game I had to answer addition answers. If I got it right I move forward but if I get it wrong I stay fr about 5 seconds and then go after and start answering after. As you can see that I came first for the Jet Ski Addition game. This game helps me answer faster when doing addition problems.

Blog Commenting

Today for blog commenting I commented on Marieta's writing task. Her task for writing was to make an illustration for the story they wrote. So I went over and started commenting about her work.

Keyboarding Drills

Today for keyboarding drills I decided to do keyboarding drills level 1. I learnt how to use the correct fingers at the right time.

Thursday, 7 December 2017

Planet Narrative

This week for writing we did a planet narrative. First we planned it out together as a class. For this weeks task we had to write a narrative about a group of people who lived far away. We had to use on a planet, one day, the next day, and finally. We had to get into 3 groups and illustrate our story using 4 slides. The characters were Florb (Girl), Umm ( Boy), Broley ( Giant Slug).


This week for Kiwi sport was our 2nd to last session with Kevin. The first thing we did was play stuck in the mud for a warm up game. There were 2 taggers trying to tag the rest of us. The next thing we did was learn a new skill called back hand lift. So lift means opening it up and wack it to make your opponent run to the back of their court. We had to throw it 5 times each while the other person catches. After that we did rally's. We needed to use our back hand serve and also our racket leg at the front. The last thing we did was play a couple of games. The first game we played was singles ins and out. So it was 1 versus the other person on 1 court. After that we play doubles ins and outs. It was 2 vs 2 on the same court.

Daily Information

This week for reading we have been looking at the 6 news categories. National, International, Business, Sports, Entertainment and Weather. This week we had to get into groups and create a DLO or website including each of the topics but except for Weather. The leaders/editors of the groups were the people from Rudolph the Reading Reindeers. Victoria, Nyjah, Jack, Alex and Joseph but on the day that we were organizing who is in which group, Joseph was away. I was in Victoria’s group. In my group I had Jonathan, Karlos, Matthew and Xavier. First we discussed who would be doing which category, what we were going to use to put all our information on and the title of our news paper. We agreed that we would be using a google slides and the title of our news paper would be - Daily Information. Victoria’s job as editor was to make sure we were doing our work correctly/properly, make sure our information is true and make sure it is not all copy and pasted. Victoria worked on Entertainment, Xavier and Karlos worked on Business, Matthew worked on national, Jonathan worked on international and I worked on Sports. The newspaper had to include an attributed image so it could help the reader understand or have a view of what is going on or what it is, the date and a title for the newspaper. Also, the event had to have happened anywhere from the 28th of November to the 4th of December.

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

That's My Money

LI: To manage profits and finances. This week for maths we did a lot of activities for money. The title of this whole thing was called That's my money. Each person in Mr Wong's maths groups had a bank account list of the things they did. So once they did activity we put it in and it sums up the amount of money they have. So for example if someone did a daily basic fact task sheet with answers they would get $14. The first thing we do every time we do maths is put in our working space and also our insurance.

3 Community Roles

LI: To interact with all the roles in the community. This week for inquiry we had to pick 3 roles and write down what they do for training, what their main role is, and do they have different roles. I picked Doctor,Ambulance, and Police. I had to also find fact for each of them. To make it better I decided to add a photo for each roll and attribute it too.

Keyboarding Drills

This week for keyboarding drills I decided to do level 1. I was really good at it. But some bits not. I learnt the fingers we had to use on the right keys. 

Kiwi Can

This week for kiwi can was a kiwi can fun week. All we did was play game for the whole session. The first game we played was called zap,zip,bing. Zap was to throw across, zip was to pass to the person next to you, and bing was to throw to anyone. The other game we played was called rolly. Everybody had to spread their legs and the person with the ball had to try and throw between their legs. No one was out. The other game we played was called block. In this game one person had to be in the middle blocking the cone from getting hit. Everyone else had to work together and try to hit the cone. Next we played a tag game. The teams were non bibs and bibs. When Ms Lily picked a group of number that  group of number had to run with the ball and try to tag the other team with out running. They could only take 2 steps. The last game we played was a tower game. Each team had to build a tower. In this game there had to be one person looking after our tower from falling down while the other team had to throw the ball and try to make it fall.

Blog Commenting

This week for blog commenting I commented of Victoria's maths can do work. As you can see that I've publish a smart comment to her. If you would like to comment and go through her work click her.

Tables Conga

This week for can do I decided to play tables conga. Tables Conga is a game where I had to try and collect the 2 timetables but if the (X) Viruses catch me I had to start again.

Jet Ski Addition

Today for other I decided to play Jet Ski Addition. In this game I had to answer maths equations and if I get it right I can go forward, but if I get it wrong I stop for about 5 seconds.

Friday, 1 December 2017

Decide my Flip

LI: To design and conduct a statistical survey. This week for maths we decided to do decide my flip. For this activity we had to get into pairs. After that we had to use a coin and the wheel decider online. The most point we did this for was to see if the wheel decider online- was random or not random. I learnt how to make a graph using new tools, I also learnt how to sum up my flips and decides. We had to try and make 200 wheel decides and coin flips each. So while my partner was doing coin flip 100 times I had to do wheel decided 100 times. When I finished doing wheel decide I swap over with my partner while she does wheel decided and I do coin flip. So altogether we did 200. At the end everybody had to gather all of their data together and make a pie graph.