Saturday, 6 January 2018

Summer Learning Journey Activity 1 Day 5 Week 3

In 1990, one of the largest national parks in New Zealand, Tongariro, was listed as a World Heritage Site. It is a truly spectacular place to visit! Thousands of people go to Tongariro every year and hike the Tongariro Crossing. Visit the Tongariro website to learn more about the one-day hike. For this task I had to tell people what I would need to pack if I was going to hike the Tongariro Crossing. What should you bring with you? Write a list of at least 5 items. Here is my answer:
1. Hiking Shoes
2. Water Bottle
3. Sunhat (weather forecast)/ Jumper ( Cold Weather Forecast)
4. Hydrated snacks
5. Phone ring for emergency

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