Saturday, 6 January 2018

Summer Learning Journey Day 3 Bonus Activity Week Three

For much of the past century, schools in New Zealand taught students in only one language – English. In 1972, Ngā Tamatoa member, Mrs. Hana Jackson, submitted a petition to Parliament to ask the government to include the teaching of Te Reo Māori (the Māori language) and Māori culture in New Zealand schools. We still use petitions to this day when we want an organisation (e.g. a school) to make a change.

Think about your school. What is one thing that you would like change. Would you like to learn about different things? Maybe you think school should only be open 3 days a week?

On your blog, write a letter to your principal to try and convince him/her to make the change. Ensure that your letter is polite and respectful.
Dear Mr Johnson I have been having 5 days of school every week. I think I should have 4 because it would get some time to rest more for our brains before getting back to learning. Even it could be a special time to fare well family . On Friday can still be school time but a fun time like getting together and getting to spend your favorite thing with your best friends. I say this because when kids at Panmure bridge school yr4-8 have a break they still need to do more work e.g summer learning journey which gives them the option to finish everything so that when they get back to school there results retrieve higher.

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