Saturday, 6 January 2018

Summer Learning Journey Activity 4 Day 2 Week Two

Today for this activity I had to watch either 2 of the videos. Gold Rush/The Lion's cage. It has no sound to it so that I don't need to know whats its about. On my blog I had to find out what this movie was about. I think this is about where people live their dreams and they find out what to do into the future times. I enjoyed this video because it stopped and at the same time it showed words to tell what it was doing.


  1. Hi Mele

    My name is Allie and I am the cluster manager for the SLJ in Toki Pounamu on the South Island of the West Coast. So I live in Greymouth.

    Silent movies are really quite funny to watch. Its strange that there is this movie going on and you have to really concentrate on what is happening in the pictures so that you can work out what's going on.
    Sometimes you could have different ideas to someone else that watches it.
    I think I prefer movies with sound as it is more relaxing watching and listening. You don't have to think as hard when you can listen to the story.
    It's a bit like having a book read to you. It is easier to think of the pictures and listen to the words than it is the other way round.

    Good work Mele, I am glad you liked to watch this. Imagine what is would look like in colour and with sound. Its would be quite different.

    Keep up the great work!

    Until next time

    Allie :)

  2. Hello Mele
    Well done on completing this summer learning journey activity. I kind of liked watching those silent movies as I didn't understand most of them but they were funny to watch. Keep up the amazing work Mele.

  3. Hi Mele
    Great job on completing this activity, I like how you specified on the reasons as to why you liked it so much. I have a question though, would you pay money to go and watch the whole film?