Sunday, 7 January 2018

Summer Learning Journey Activity 2 Day 5 Week Four

This is what I had to do for my task:
Let’s imagine that you’ve just learned to drive, and your family has decided to buy you a brand new car. You are allowed to choose from any of the following designs:

Red-Cadillac-750x443.jpghummer.pngflying car (2).jpg

On your blog please tell us which of the three cars you would choose and why. Here is my answer:
I would pick the black van because it looks big and good for me to drive an easier too.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Mele,

    WOW! You are one activity away from completing the whole programme!

    Good choice of a car! It looks like a very big car to drive, very fancy too. Looks better than my funny little thing I drive :D

    Do you think you would be able to tell us a bit more about why you chose this car?

    For example: I chose the white car, it can FLY!! I would love to have a car that could fly because I would never get stuck in traffic ever again. I would just fly right over the top of everyone and wave goodbye as I go by :)

    Another reason I like this car is because I would never have to buy a plane ticket ever again. I wouldn’t have to wait in hour long lines to get on a flight or wait for my suitcase at the baggage carousel. I bet it would save you heaps of money too!

    What do you think Mele? Imagine a world with flying cars!! Wow….

    I look forward to hear from you soon. :)