Saturday, 6 January 2018

Summer Learning Journey Activity 2 Week Three

In the 1990s, four different individuals served as the Prime Minister of New Zealand – Geoffrey Palmer, Mike Moore, Jim Bolger and Jenny Shipley.
For this task I had to write a short profile of one of our former Prime Ministers. Upload a photo of them with your post. And I had to click on this link to find a copy of the template. This will save the blank template to your Google Drive so that you can fill it in. Post the completed template to your blog to earn points for this activity.
Leading New Zealand
Week 3, Day 5 (Bonus Activity)
Jim Bolger at press conference retouched.jpg
Name of Prime Minister: __Jim Bolger___________________________________
Date of Birth: ___31st May 1935___________________________________________

Political Party: New Zealand National Party
Number of Years as Prime Minister: 1990-1997- 7 years
Three interesting facts about my chosen Prime Minister:
  1. Jim Bolger was born in Opunake in Taranaki.
  2. Jim Bolger married Joan Rideell, and they moved to their own sheep and beef farm in Te Kuiti two years later.
  3. He left Opunake High School at age 15 to work on the family farm.

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