Saturday, 6 January 2018

Summer Learning Journey Activity 2 Day 5 Week Two

Today for this activity I had to Compare the pictures of common clothing from the late 1940s to what we wear now (in 2017/2018). Are they similar or are they quite different? On your blog tell us which of the two styles you prefer and why. The pictures above were taken over 65 years ago! What do you think people will be wearing 65 years from now?

They are really different to each other. The kids wear a puffy dress and the boys wear shorts,tie, and jumper but the elders wear something different. I would rather prefer the kids one because it looks better on me.


  1. Hi Mele

    It's Allie again from the SLJ team.

    The fashion of the 1940's is certainly very different from the fashion of today. The picture show very formal clothes that both young and older are wearing.
    The ladies outfits look very hot and itchy to wear. And they are all wearing hats with belts around their dress/tops. I think they look uncomfortable. And that's why I think that the clothes we wear today are much more casual and comfortable than back then.
    So I would prefer the fashion of today. What about you?
    You didn't tell us which on you prefer.
    Then you need to tell us what you think the fashion will be like in 65 years from now?
    I think we will be wearing shiny silver jumpsuits!! They will keep us cool on a hot day and warm on a cool day. Sound like fun !!
    What will you be wearing?
    If you can tell me the answer to that we will be able to give you full points.

    Look forward to hearing your answer for this one!

    Until next time

    Allie :)

  2. Hi Mele
    Well done on finishing this summer learning journey activity. I prefer the modern day clothing than the olden day cloths because they don't look like something I'd like to wear. Keep up the amazing work Mele!

  3. Hi Mele
    Great job on completing this activity, I like how you explained what you had to do really well. I have a question though, does anyone in your family like the way that the clothes looked?