Saturday, 6 January 2018

Summer Learning Journey Activity 2 Week Two

Today for this activity I had to read about the suffrage movement in New Zealand. New Zealand was the first country to let women have the rights to vote. There were still countries around the world like Saudi Arabia that were not allowed to vote. I think that Saudi Arabia women should be allowed because since New Zealand women has the rights to vote every countries should stand up for themselves and tell the men why they should have the rights to vote. This is not fair because why does New Zealand get to have the rights to vote not other countries.

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  1. Hi Mele,
    I totally agree with you because everyone in this world should have equal rights despite gender, race and religion.
    For this post you are require to:
    "On your blog tell us what you think about the fact that women were not allowed to vote in Saudi Arabia until 2015. Is it fair? Why or why not?"
    I think in this post you are focusing more on the fact that New Zealand was the first country to allowed women to vote.
    However, what we want is for you to comment and register your opinion about how do you feel that only in 2015 the women in Saudi Arabia are allowed to vote? In order for you to gain full points for this activity I need you to do that and let me know.
    Furthermore, consider the possibility to add a picture to your post to support your text and to make it more eye-catching.
    Dig in and keep blogging!

    Kia kaha,