Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Hauora Video

LI:  To identify the 4 pillars and them meaning of it. This week for inquiry we are focusing on Hauora. Hauora has 4 pillars to it. Meaning there is a maori name in it too. Taha Hingenargo, Taha Wairua, Taha Whanau, and Taha Wairua. Today our task was to get into groups of 3-4 and then make short videos or animations that show the positive and negative scenarios that is part of the 4 pillars. While the video is going we explani to you telling you what the Maori and English name is for each of the 4 pillars and also the explanation of it.

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  1. Well done to everyone in this group. The information given for the 4 pillars of Hauora is clear and easy to understand. The situations you have used to explain how to be healthy and unhealthy in each was well put together. Excellent stuff.