Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Kiwi Can

LI: To self control out body. Starting from 3 weeks out topic is called Resilience. Resilience means bouncing back and coping with other challenges. All of the activities we played included self controlling ourselves. The first game we played was Bip Bop bounce. So the game is someone has to be the caller in the middle and they have to say big bop bounce pointing at the person. The opnoment has to say band before the teacher says BOUNCE. If they say bounce and point at you, you are not allowed to say anything. If you're slow you sit down-OUT. Our next game we played was called rabbits and rats. There will be 4 bean bags and then once the talker calls you team that team will then run, grab it and then run back to there place. If the other team tags you when you're about to touch the bean bag you loose. 

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