Thursday, 31 August 2017

My School Made 3D Shape

LI: To create my own 3D shape with a different capacity from volume. This week for maths we are focusing on how to make our own 3D shape out of cardboard. I learnt how to make one and where the tabs generally need to stay in. I learnt all of this by watching a video and trying to see what the net will look like and how it will work out. I worked with Nyjah and Chavda. Nyjah was the camera/editor and Chavda was the person that gave me the equipment to use. In my shape I included the capacity and the volume. The capacity is an object that can hold something.

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  1. Greeting Mele
    l like the way you were talking about what you learned and how you learned it and how you were saying how to make a cube 3D shape and it was easy to make it and l think you should not change things in this because it is better how it is.