Thursday, 24 August 2017

Point of View Charts

My Problem
Dear Teacher,
I am sick of people being late and then missing out on their work. Why?maybe they live far away or maybe there is dozen of different excuses for being late. I decided to start school at 10:00 am. For no better reason either then just wasting maximum of time to learn. Students can be late because they slept it in. For more advice you should tell your parents to set you an alarm. I think that being late is such a slack for people who are being so lazy not attending to school everyday 100%.

Starting school at 10:00 am

That shows students that it is not fair for people that comes in early needing to tell others what they need to do. So instead of students trying to wake up early and lives far away e.g we should be starting school at around 10:00 am.Students want more time to have breakfast and sleep. During that time students should have a little play before starting to learn new/old things. Parents that don't go work have more time to nap before driving their kids to school.  

LI: What is a point of view.
This week for writing we are focusing on point of views. A point of view is telling the person what is the point of the story you/I read. I learnt this by reading 3 articles about trying to find the point of view and backing up some facts and opinions. I also learnt what the point of view would be if you read a story. I learnt this by working in groups and filling in a sheet of paper. It helped me by filling the piece of paper and trying to find the back ups of the fact from opinion. The task was to write about a topic including 2 pieces of paragraphs in it. Once you are finish we had to make sure that the other members in our group disagreed or agreed on out topic.

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