Sunday, 9 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey-Poem-15

For this activity I had to write a poem.
I had to image that I went on the first waka to arrive at Shag Point. You had never been to New Zealand before and you had no idea what to expect. Write a poem describing how you would have felt when you arrived in New Zealand. Would you have been excited or scared? I would have felt pretty nervous, I reckon…

I felt so frighten

As I arrived the sun was so brighten

Lots of people talking

When I started walking

There had been no on I knew

As someone came behind me saying boo

Scaring me away

I had a terrifying day.
Written By Mele Latuila


  1. Hi Mele,
    I really like your poem, it is really great.
    Keep It up!

  2. Hi Mele
    Nice poem! Would you also feel annoyed at the person who said boo?
    Great work

  3. Hi Mele. Great poem. I would also be scared and nervous. Keep on working hard.

  4. Hello Mele
    Great poem. I like how you rhymed most of the words at the end of your sentences. Keep up the fantastic work.

  5. Hello Mele, awesome people. I like how you have added some rhymes into your poem. You have been doing a great job completing the activities so keep on going.