Saturday, 8 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey-New Zealand People-3

1. Did you know that New Zealand National sports is Rugby-All Blacks and Kiwis.
2.All Blacks won most of there games.
3.Not that much New Zealanders know that Traditional Maori greeting is called Hangi.
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  1. Hi Mele
    Those are some interesting facts! It's interesting to see that most New Zealander people don't know that.
    Great job on finding those facts!

  2. Hi Mele,
    Those are some interesting facts about New Zealand! It's also great seeing you participate in the winter learning journey.
    - Zahra

  3. Hi Mele,
    Your facts great, the one that I like the most is the first one.
    Keep it up!

  4. Talofa Mele!

    You're probably right - not many New Zealander's would know that a traditional Maori greeting is a called a hongi! Unless you are Maori, you probably wouldn't come across it or do it very much. I remember when I was welcomed onto my campus at University, we did a hongi with some of the staff from the University and I had never done one before - it was really interesting!

    Nicky :)

  5. Hi Mele. The facts you have provided are interesting. You have used the wrong their. Remember to check your work before publishing it. Keep up the great work.

  6. Hello Mele
    The facts about New Zealand are very interesting. I had no idea that the traditional Maori greeting is called the hongi. Keep up the amazing work.

  7. Hello Mele, you have found some really awesome facts about New Zealand. You have been doing a great job so keep on going.