Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Tamaki Community Group

LI: To identify the negative things from using plastic. This week LS1 had an visit from the Tamaki Wrap community group. There names were Liz and Daughter. We had to get into 4 groups. There were tables that had different Teachers at. Each group had to rotate like after 10 minutes. The activities was to use old paper/plastic to make things. The first activity my group started at was how many rubbish we produce on a football field. We had an a football field art paper to look at when we were doing our work at the same time. We tried our best to but unfortunately there was not that much green to find for the football fields. We used the equipment fro LS2. We got to use scissors,vivid,glue and more. We then rotated to a different table. This time we had to decorate the turtles tummy pretending that this was how many bags he ate. But there was more to say.At the really end each person from each group had to showcase what they have been working on with their group. It was really enjoying learning a lot about plastic.

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