Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey-Interviewing My Mother-20: Bonus Activity

This was a bonus activity I had to do this by making another google draw about an family member. I had to pick someone and have a real interview with them about 5 things they love. I decided to interview my mother Elani. As you can see these are the five things she loves doing in outdoor times. She mostly love running.


  1. Hi Mele!

    Your mum sounds like she is very active! I also love going on bush walks. I used to live in Taupo and theres lots of bush walks to do there around the lake. They always lead back to the lake which is so nice! What do you like doing in the outdoors?

    I look forward to reading more of your blog!

    Nicky :)

    1. Thank you very much Nicky for giving me feedback on one of my Winter Learning Journey activities. One of the things I love doing in outdoors is playing Rugby Leauge.

  2. Hi Mele.
    It's great that you're participating in the Winter Learning Journey, and are doing extra activities. Your mum must be very physical and energised. See you after the holidays Mele.

    - Jack

  3. Hi Mele,
    I really like you chose to do your mother I know other people did their siblings. Keep It up!

  4. Hi Mele
    Your Mum likes doing many cool things outside! What five things do you like doing outside?
    Great job

  5. Hi Mele. Your mum does a lot of interesting things outside. The thing I like to do most outside it to play Soccer. Keep up the amazing work.

  6. Hey Mele
    Great job doing all the winter learning journey activities. The thing I like to do outside the most is play handball. Keep up the amazing work.

  7. Hello Mele, it sounds like your mum is an outside person. The things I like to do outside are playing sports like basketball and handball. Keep on working hard.