Saturday, 8 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey-Famous New Zealander-5

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Name:Sonny Bill Williams
Born:3rd August 1985-Auckland
Why is he famous?
He played for the Sydney Roosters first for Rugby League and then started playing for the All Blacks which was one of the best Rugby Union Teams.

2 Facts about Sonny Bill Williams.
1.His current team is the Blues-Rugby Union Team.
2.Sonny Bill Williams is a Rugby player and a heavyweight boxer.


  1. Hi Mele
    Nice facts! You even put in his birth date. Was it easy to find these facts about him?
    Nice work keep going!

  2. Hi Mele,
    Those are 2 interesting facts about Sonny Bill Williams. I never knew he was also a heavyweight boxer.
    - Zahra

  3. Hi Mele,
    you really great facts about Sonny Bill Williams. It is great that you picked one of our rugby greats. Keep It Up!

  4. Hi Mele. The facts you have provided are interesting. I never knew Sonny Bill Williams is a heavyweight boxer. Keep up the great work.

  5. Hello Mele
    The facts about Sonny Bill Williams are great. I didn't know that he was a heavy weight boxer. Did he win a lot of fights? Well done.

  6. Hello Mele, you have found some really interesting facts about Sonny Bill Williams. You are doing an amazing job so keep it up.