Friday, 7 July 2017


NameWeight (kg)
Marieta59.8Our weights
Gorrila-160Boeing 787-27,700Sewing Machine-9.9Desktop Computer-30
54.2+59.8+48.5= 162.559.8 + 48.5 = 108.354.2- 45=9.238.4-8=30.4
LI:To identify the grams/kilograms of our weights.This week for maths we learnt something based on weights. The weights show how heavy we are. We had to use a spreadsheet to write in our kg's and name. As you can see the lightest is Fui and the heaviest is Marieta. At the end we had to add the gorilla,Boeing 787,Sewing Machine and the Desktop Computer's weights. We had to use our weight to combine it together to get as close to one of the 4 choices we chose. Our other 2 choices was optional. So myself,Marieta,Fui and Nyjah decided to choose a Sewing machine and a Desktop Computer.

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