Saturday, 8 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey-Keep our neighbourhood clean-10

Image result for rubbish
3 Reasons on how to keep my neighbourhood clean.
1. My whole neighbourhood should pick up rubbish everyday.
2. If my neighbourhood wanted to take care of our streets than it would be easier that we can just pick up rubbish from our own lawns.
3. If we wanna throw rubbish on the floor we should think before we throw cause then maybe we can recycle.

This is another activity I did for the Winter Learning Journey. For this task I had to give 3 reasons based on how I should keep my neighbourhood clean. As you can read my 3 reasons it would be good if you would love to give me feedback on my reasons. To make it better I added a photo of eagles eating our rubbish that we might wanna recycle or not.


  1. Hi Mele and welcome back to the holiday blogging programme. It is so nice to have you back!! I am really impressed by all of the work that you have already put into the programme. Wow - you have completed 10 activities in just one day. That is amazing! You are setting a great example for others to follow...

    You are also demonstrating some good critical and careful thinking about what can be done to protect our natural environments. I think that we should be responsible for ourselves and ensure that we pick up our own rubbish every day. I also agree with you that we should consider recycling items, rather than simply throwing them in the bin. Good idea!

    I like the image that you have chosen to illustrate or highlight the issues that we can have with litter/rubbish. Where did you find the picture? It would be great if you could add a little description of where the photo came from so that we can attribute it fully. Are you able to add a link to the site where you found it?

    Thanks so much, Mele, for posting this thoughtful blog. I hope that we can all be careful and mindful about what we are doing with our rubbish. I hope that we can leave the world as clean as possible for the next generation:)

    Rachel :)

  2. Hi Mele
    Those are some really good reasons! Do you keep places that you go to clean? Also do you think the world would be a lot cleaner if everyone did that?
    Great job keep on going!

  3. Hi Mele,
    I like the three things that we can do to keep our community clean. Keep it up!

  4. Hi Mele. The ideas you have come up with to help our environment will definitely work. Keep up the amazing work.

  5. Hello Mele
    The ideas you came up with are excellent. I like the first one the most. If we want our neighborhood to be clean and tidy, we have to look after it. Keep up the great work.

  6. Hello Mele, you have come up with some really interesting ideas to help make your neighbourhood beautiful. Keep up the excellent work.