Monday, 16 January 2017

Summer Learning Journey Day 2 activity 2

Image result for bull fighting
Today for this task I had to write a opinion based on bull fighitng in Spain. When I looked at the images it made me write a agreeing opinion.

I agree with Alex that they shouldn't be doing bull fighting in Spain. I agree with Alex because a lot of people can have bad accidents through their body even though people still want to play it I still want it to be banned. When they are in their cages and the bell is about ring they would get ready and get angry to get hurt or hurt the bull fighter.


  1. Hi Mele,

    So glad to see more students starting to join the programme. Nice!

    I agree with you, Mele, just like you agree with Alex, and I admire that although you agree with him, you've tried to elaborate more on the reasons of banning the sport. I, too, support the idea of banning the sport in Spain, just because of the fact that people and bulls put their lives in danger just to put on a show for people, and to me that's no good.

    Nice work, though! Keep it up!

  2. Hi Mele,

    I completely agree with Willy! We are so excited that you've joined the journey, Mele.

    I also agree with both of you that bullfighting should be banned. I appreciate the rich history that it has in Spain but I feel that it is no longer a suitable sport because it puts the lives of both people and animals at risk.

    Many of the bulls are badly injured or even killed through the process. It seems very unfair to me that we would subject an innocent animal to torture. However, many Spaniards (people from Spain) would disagree with me. Some feel that it is an important part of their culture and is a tradition that must be kept. Others strongly oppose it. In 2013, a survey was conducted in Spain and approximately 29% of people agreed that bullfighting should be kept ( That is only 1/4 of the population.

    I wonder if bullfighting will become so unpopular that one day it really will be banned...

    We'll have to wait and see, won't we?

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Mele and Willy!

    Rachel :)

  3. Hi Mele,

    You are making great progress through your SLJ so far. Well done! Thank you for sharing your opinion about bull fighting. I completely agree with what you have written.

    As well as being high risk to the matadors, the bulls themselves are treated very poorly in the build up to the fight in order to give the matador an unfair advantage. I think it's extremely cruel to treat animals this way, and I would like to see bullfighting stopped altogether!

    Sometimes people continue to do something, even though it may be wrong, because they believe it to be 'tradition'. This means people never question whether or not they are doing the right thing, and I believe that it is extremely important to always try and do the right thing - regardless of what other people might think.

    I'd like to hope that one day bullfighting will eventually be banned, but we can only wait and hope.

    Cheers team!