Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Summer Learning Journey day 10

Today for this activity I had to look at a German time table first before I had to make my class one. In LS1 we sometimes have the same days or different days. 

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  1. Hi mele,

    Thanks for making up a copy of your class timetable. I see that you often do your maths, reading and inquiry learning. I also see that you have a morning tea break. What about lunch? Do you get time in the day to stop and eat your lunch? I hope so :)

    I didn't have the chance to do any inquiry learning when I was in school. Instead we studied science, history, geography, physical education, music, and art. Do you ever have PE classes or do any drawing? PE classes were always my favourite - in fact, I became a PE teacher when I got older and I still love to run around!

    I hope that you are having fun running and playing this holiday:)

    See you online again soon, I hope!