Saturday, 6 January 2018

Summer Learning Journey Week Three Day 2 Activity 2

1. When People favorite songs come on they get
really crazy.
2. The first hit song was ''love me do'' in 1962
3. 1. The Beatles were first created in Liverpool in 1960. 

Today for this activity I had to find 3 interesting facts about the rock band - The Beatles. 


  1. Hi Mele

    It's Allie again from the SLJ team!

    Beatle-Mania must have been the craziest thing to see back in the 60's. Imagine everywhere that you went there were thousands of girls screaming at you all the time.
    I think that not only when their favourite songs came on but people went crazy all the time!
    Can you think of any group today where the fans are this crazy?

    I really like the song' love me do ' it would be one of my favourite Beatles songs. I also like 'Hey Jude".
    Do you know and other Beatles songs? Have you heard of them before?

    There music is still really popular with lots of people today. It has stayed popular like that since way back in the 60's.

    Well done Mele, you have told us three very important facts about the Beatles.

    Until next time

    Allie :)

  2. Hello Mele
    Well done on completing this summer learning journey activity. The Beatles were certainty popular back then. Keep up the amazing work Mele!

  3. Hi Mele
    Great job on completing this activity, I like how you chose to research one of their songs too. I have a question though, was it easy to do the research?