Sunday, 7 January 2018

Summer Learning Journey Day 3 Activity 2 Week Four

This is what I had to do for this activity:
Speaking of home, where do you live? On your blog, please post a picture of your hometown and provide a list of three things that tourists, like us, could do if we came to visit. What do you like most about your hometown? (Remember the guidelines for being Cybersmart, and never post your address online).

Image result for auckland panmure
New Zealand Auckland Panmure.
What I love most about my hometown is that there is lots of shopping centers to shop. Even though Panmure's shopping center looks small it still has big shops inside to see and buy.
1. Tourist would love to taste new traditional food.
2. Tourist would love to experience our Panmure Library and see how they lay their books out different from us.
3. They could take photos and see how their money looks like compared to New Zealand Money.


  1. Hello Mele
    Great job on finishing this summer learning journey activity. I like how you said that tourists could compare their money with New Zealand money. It's a great idea. Keep up the awesome work Mele!

  2. Hi Mele
    Great job on completing this activity, I like how you added in a picture of a street in Panmure too. I have a question though, what other places could tourists go to?