Wednesday, 20 April 2016



If you particularly like one of the settings in your story, draw a picture of it.
Post it onto your blog with the following information.
- Title:The Christmas Hat
- Author: A.J. Wood
- Type of Book: Adventure book
- A line from the book describing the setting “Don’t” worry owl we will take care of you until you are big enough to look after “yourself”.

Screenshot 2016-04-20 at 10.18.39 PM.png
This is my holiday reading challenge task about the setting. I had to draw picture of the people from the setting and I and to match it together with the line.


  1. Hi Mele, I can tell which character is which by looking at the look of their faces. Keep on working hard.

  2. Hi Mele,
    your drawing is really clear. I like the different colours you have used to make your drawing interesting