Friday, 1 April 2016

Easter Recount

Easter Recount
‘’Yummy,’’ I said as I saw the chocolates on the plate. My stomach was hungry for chocolates. First Miss Paton split us into four groups and started making Easter eggs. As I was smelling the chocolate I was about to explode in the air.  While the kettle was boiling all I was thinking about was eating those chocolates. First Miss Paton gave each group a saucepan & a plate. Also Miss Paton went around each group to pour some boiling water into the pot. We started mixing the chocolates and it started to melt. As the chocolates was melting we had to pour some melting chocolate into the moulds. The melting chocolate was splashing everywhere on the moulds. After we finished pouring the chocolates into the moulds then we had to go put it into the refrigerator for a day.

The next day we got out the chocolates they felt cold and icy. So each group had to use one plate at a time and get their chocolates out of the moulds. Once we finished then we had to wrap our chocolates into the foil wrap. We got 2 chocolates each. They were so delicious.

Finally we got to take our chocolates home and enjoy them for easter!!

This is my writing recount on how we made Easter chocolates.

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