Thursday, 14 December 2017

That's My Money

LI: To do more activities to earn money. This week for maths we did the same task. Right now I have $250 and 40 cents. I joined the mentor program to help people with no money and people that is on negatives. This week I did 10 activities to earn more money and to pay my income tax,insurance level, and work space. We had prize giving for the people who got over 100 and people who finished in 1st,2nd, and 3rd. The prizes we got was Moro and Fredo chocolate from Mr Wong. Jack came first, Marieta came second, and Karlos came 3rd. They got 3 chocolates each but people over 100 got 1 chocolate. We are going to do another prize giving on Friday. At the moment Jack is leading by $500,Marieta 2nd with $294, and Karlos 3rd place with $293. There was 2 spinners with lotto and disaster. This week for disaster we go no one and for lotto no one was lucky to get their number. 

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