Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Kiwi Can

This week for kiwi can was a kiwi can fun week. All we did was play game for the whole session. The first game we played was called zap,zip,bing. Zap was to throw across, zip was to pass to the person next to you, and bing was to throw to anyone. The other game we played was called rolly. Everybody had to spread their legs and the person with the ball had to try and throw between their legs. No one was out. The other game we played was called block. In this game one person had to be in the middle blocking the cone from getting hit. Everyone else had to work together and try to hit the cone. Next we played a tag game. The teams were non bibs and bibs. When Ms Lily picked a group of number that  group of number had to run with the ball and try to tag the other team with out running. They could only take 2 steps. The last game we played was a tower game. Each team had to build a tower. In this game there had to be one person looking after our tower from falling down while the other team had to throw the ball and try to make it fall.

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