Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Can you figure out my holiday?

Today for writing I had to show don't tell. I had to use some of the scenes to make people figure out what I did in my holiday times. I used 2 heard 1 saw 2 felts and 2 wonders. You guys need to try and figure out what I did in my holiday time. At the bottom it shows a picture of what I did so look at it and try to think of what I did. 

Remembering our Summer Holiday?

I heard waves bumping into each other.

I saw shells moving towards the water.

I felt relaxed as if I was the queen.

I felt cooled down like all the breeze was on me.

I wondered what the water was going to feel like, yet I saw the looks on the kids faces telling me it was cold. 

I heard kids splashing everywhere.

I wondered if jumping in the water will calm me down.

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