Thursday, 22 February 2018

Kiwi Can

Today for Kiwi Can was our 2nd session. Our Kiwi Can teachers today was Mr Matt,Ms Lily, and Mr Latu. Our topic we are learning this term is Fairness and Fair play. Our theme this term is positive relationships.Today I learnt how to follow rules. I know that we should follow the rules because it will just make others think that we aren't playing fair even if were cheating. For example if I was playing tag and I pushed my friend Marieta it wouldn't be fair because my friend will feel sad so that's why we should listen and follow the rules.Today in Kiwi can we played 2 games. The first game we played was a action game. In this game Mr Latu had to point at us and say a word. If we do the right action were in but if we do the wrong action were out. For example if Mr Latu said Buffalo we have to shout it out and do the action. The next game we played was a game with 2 balls. In this game everybody had to make a circle and spread their legs to touch the others as if they were trying to do the splits. The person with the ball had to try and aim it between a persons legs. The last game we played was part of power walking. Everyone was in a circle. Ms Lily numbered us off. Once she calls a number group that group has to run around the circle, go back to their spots and then jump into the hula hoop. Last person in the hula hoop sits back down in their spots. 

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