Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Morning Routine Explanation

This week for writing Ms Kirkpatrick's group had to write a explanation about our own morning routine. We had to include the language features and the structure too. First we had to add the 3 bullet points talking about the three main points we were talking about in our 3 paragraphs. After that we had to write in the introduction, 3 paragraphs, and then the conclusion.

Morning Routine

  • Getting Ready
  • Breakfast
  • Leave

Morning Routine Getting Ready Breakfast Leave I love to have a morning routine. It helps me get organised and ready for new learning at school. This is my morning routine. 

 First I wake up from my alarm. This is my time to pray for about 10 minutes. After praying I go to the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth. The mouthfresh I use is as spicy as chilly. Next I go to my room and start to iron my uniform, I put it on my uniform and start to make breakfast. 

 After I pour in the cereal to my bowl and add milk. I add in my bananas to make it more delicious. While eating my breakfast I watch the news to see what has been happening. Soon I wash my bowl and leave it there to dry. Since I finished having breakfast I start making my lunch. Looking at my lunch makes me feel as if I hadn’t eaten anything in years. 

 Finally I get to pack my chromebook. Before putting my chromebook inside my case I make sure that it's fully charged and shut down. A while later I get in the car ready to leave to school. My mum drops me at school and gives me a hug before I leave so that I can have a great day at school with my wonderful teachers. When I leave it's like I'm leaving for a different country.

 Being able to wake up, organised and knowing what to do already. I come to school early every time. This lets me learn what I need to know. If I never had a routine I would come late not knowing what to do! Would you like to have a morning routine like mine?

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