Sunday, 17 April 2016

Soundtrack Holiday Reading Challenge


Music often tells a story.  Can you think of a song that has the same message as your book?  Or you might think of a song that describes your main character, or might be their favourite song.  Describe the link between your book and the piece of music.  Post it onto your blog with:
- Title: Captain underpants Extra Crunchy
- Author: Dav Pilkey
- Type of Book: Non Fiction
- How the music you have chosen fits the story you have read: In the story I chose my main character Captain Underpants. In the story he was Flying all around the world and everybody in the city was laughing except Jennifer the cook. So at the end captain underpants fell from the sky and Jennifer the cook took him to jail and then he started to sing his song called I believe I can fly by R Kelly.
This is my Holiday reading challenge about the Soundtrack. I had to choose a music to fit my story or one of the main character. My main Character was Captain underpants.


  1. Hi Mele,
    I really like how you put the name of the song in your explanation

  2. Hello Mele, I like how you have explained how the song connect to your story. I also like how you said the person who sings the song.