Saturday, 16 April 2016



Did the main character need a sidekick?  What would you have done if you were this person in the story?  Write a paragraph where you as the sidekick, help out the main character.

Post it onto your blog with a comment that tells you:
- Title: The Big Block of Chocolate
- Author: Janet Slater Redhead
- Type of Book:  Fiction Book

-How you as the sidekick helped out the main character?
The main character is Miss Jenny and her sidekick that helped her was her sister Sharmein . When Miss Jenny left her chocolate on the table told Sharmein to look after it but she was on her Computer with her earphones on. So her dog came a long and ate it and took it to the backyard When Sharmein never knew. The dog was Thirsty after he left the chocolate lying around . So he left the chocolate lying around and the ants came out of their leaves and started to eat it all in the sun. When Sharmein went to look at the backyard she saw chocolate she was struggling what to do with it. So as Miss Jenny came out to get the washing on the lien she said “ Sharmein what's happening”  Sharmein replied back and said nothing. SO Miss Jenny went to check and it was her big block of chocolate. Miss Jenny said ‘’why did you eat all my chocolate’’. So Sharmein replied back and said it wasn’t me’’ Stop lying said Miss Jenny. So Sharmein went back inside and Miss Jenny told her ‘’That's why you never listen to me I already told you’’. ‘’ No you didn’t tell me anything. ‘’You were on your earphones that time’’. Sorry Miss Jenny. She never forgave her and said I will never buy you chocolate anymore. Doggy and the ants started to laugh while Sharmein was Angry.

This is my holiday reading challenge about sidekick. I had to write How i am as the sidekick helped out the main character.


  1. Hi Mele,
    Wow you sure have explained a lot about your sidekick.

  2. Hi, Mele I like how you explained who your characters sidekick is. Remember the word I is always a capital letter. I am not sure but weren't we supposed to read novels or chapter books?