Thursday, 16 August 2018

Kiwi Can

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This week for Kiwi Can was a another session with our Kiwi Can tutors Miss Lily and Mr Matt. This week for Kiwi Can we have been learning about problem solving. Problem solving is our new theme this term. Problem Solving means solving the problem. Our topic this term is still goal settings. Goals settings is when you set challenging goals for yourself to achieve. All the game we played was all about problem solving and working together as a team like communicating and talking. The game we played was called tangled. In this game there were 2 teams competing. The goal of the game was to untangle our hands and collaborate at the same time. The other game we played was called rock, paper, scissors. The point of this game was to see the last man standing. The last game we played was a activity that included Mr Matt and Miss Lily holding the rope. The point of this game was to use our thinking skills to help our class mates get over the rope without touching it or going under it. My teams strategy was to make one person go on their knees while the others climb on that person and jump to the other side. Finally we played a game of GKQ. 

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