Thursday, 13 September 2018

Vector Wero Park


Today 29 students were lucky enough to visit the Vector Wero Park. Vector Wero Park is a water park where people go rafting in different boats. It was very exciting, because this trip was something new to some of us. Before going into the water we watched a video about The Legend of Maui and the safety instructions about this water park. This water park is located in Manukau. Before getting into the water we were to wear our togs, provided swimming suits, shoes, and helmets. We also grabbed a paddle. To understand what was going on Joe ( instructor) retold the order of what was going to happen in the water. After this happened we were to get into groups of 6 or 5. In my group was Savelina, Joel, Nyjah, and Viva. Our instructor in our boat was Joe. First we went over to another instructor who taught us how to river walk with a partner or with a group. It was great, because we got to work together as a group to walk to the other side of the stairs. Next we were to get into our boats with our instructor and start paddling frontwards or backwards. It was great, because myself and Viva were the captains for our boat. My team supported each other during this event. My favourite thing about today's trip was when we got to playe different activities. At the end there was a activity that was optional for everyone. In this activity we were to jump into the water and start floating on our backs to the other side of the stairs. When we started floating the water went deeper and deeper, but I managed to get there. People who needed help were to grab onto the rope.

A huge thank you to the Vector Wero Park instructors. I would also like to thank Emmy and Marieta's brother who volunteered to help as a caregiver.

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  1. Hi Mele,
    It looks like you had a really fun time at the Vector Wero park! Was the water cold? Had you been there before? I haven't, but it looks like so much fun!

    Keep up the great work!