Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Matariki Ceremony

Today Panmure Bridge School decided to come altogether and do a Matariki ceremony. We celebrated this Matariki ceremony by sharing items, performances, and food. First we sang a waiata with The first performance was from the senior kapa haka. They performed 4 items and one of them were with the wooden sticks. The next performance were the drummers. The drummers did a wonderful work even though they only started practising it today. After that the junior kapa haka group performed 2 items. One of there performances were about the Matariki sisters. Next we had another performance from the ukulele group. They played the song called lean on me. They did really well even though it was only 3 of them performing. The last performance was from the Pacifica group. The girls looked really good in there lava lava's. They were learning how to do the swing side to side. At the end of all the performances Whae Odie prayed. To finish the celebration everyone received 2 sausages each. Did you know that the main thing about this ceremony is to hope that the Gods will give us great hope for the next harvest season. I just want to say a huge thank you to Whae Odie for bringing us together to this wonderful Matariki celebration. 

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